Effect Last updated April 05, 2021


Used in Create Effect. The type of effect to be created.


  • Bad Aura
  • Bad Aura Sound
  • Beacon Sound
  • Cloud
  • Decal Sound
  • Energy Sound
  • Good Aura
  • Good Aura Sound
  • Light Shaft
  • Orb
  • Pick-up Sound
  • Ring
  • Smoke Sound
  • Sparkles
  • Sparkles Sound
  • Sphere

Extension Options

Beam Sounds

To see how these effects sound, see the Beam Sounds Reference Sheet.

  • Orisa Amplifier Sound
  • Orisa Halt Tendril Sound
  • Mercy Boost Beam Sound
  • Mercy Heal Beam Sound
  • Junkrat Trap Chain Sound
  • Echo Focusing Beam Sound
  • Moira Grasp Connected Sound
  • Moira Orb Damage Sound
  • Moira Orb heal Sound
  • Moira Coalescence Sound
  • Zarya Particle Beam Sound
  • Omnic Slicer Beam Sound
  • Winston Tesla Cannon Sound
  • Symmetra Projector Sound

Buff and Debuff Sounds

To see how these effects sound, see the Buff and Debuff Sounds Reference Sheet.

  • Ana Nano Boosted Sound
  • Baptiste Immortality Field Protected Sound
  • Echo Cloning Sound
  • Lucio Sound Barrier Protected Sound
  • Mei Frozen Sound
  • Mercy Damage Boosted Sound
  • Sigma Gravitix Flux Target Sound
  • Sombra Hacking Sound
  • Sombra Hacked Sound
  • Torbjörn Overloading Sound
  • Widowmaker Venom Mine Target Sound
  • Winston Tesla Cannon Target Sound
  • Winston Primal Rage Sound
  • Wrecking Ball Adaptive Shield Target Sound
  • Wrecking Ball Piledriver Fire Sound
  • Zenyatta Orb Of Discord Target Sound*

Buff Status Effects

To see how these effects look, see the Buff Status Effects Reference Sheet.

  • Heal Target Active Effect
  • Heal Target Effect
  • Ana Biotic Grenade Increased Healing Effect
  • Ana Nano Boosted Effect
  • Baptiste Immortality Field Protected Effect
  • Echo Cloning Effect
  • Lucio Sound Barrier Protected Effect
  • Mercy Damage Boosted Effect
  • Reaper Wraith Form Effect
  • Soldier:76 Sprinting Effect
  • Torbjörn Overloading Effect
  • Winston Primal Rage Effect
  • Wrecking Ball Adaptive Shield Target Effect
  • Wrecking Ball Piledriver Fire Effect

Debuff Status Effects

To see how these effects look, see the Debuff Status Effects Reference Sheet.

  • Ana Biotic Grenade No Healing Effect
  • Ana Sleeping Effect
  • Ashe Dynamite Burning Particle Effect
  • Ashe Dynamite Burning Material Effect
  • McCree Flashbang Stunned Effect
  • Mei Frozen Effect
  • Sigma Gravitic Flux Target Effect
  • Sombra Hacked Looping Effect
  • Widowmaker Venom Mine Target Effect
  • Winston Tesla Cannon Target Effect
  • Zenyatta Orb Of Discord Target Effect
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