Beam Last updated March 27, 2021


Used in Create Beam Effect. The type of effect to be created.


  • Bad Beam
  • Good Beam
  • Grapple Beam

Extension Options

To see how these effects look, see the Beam Effects Reference Sheet.

  • Brigitte Flail Chain Beam
  • Echo Focusing Beam
  • Junkrat Trap Chain Beam
  • Mercy Heal Beam
  • Mercy Boost Beam
  • Moira Orb Heal Beam
  • Moira Orb Damage Beam
  • Moira Grasp Connected Beam
  • Moira Coalescence Beam
  • Orisa Halt Tendril Beam
  • Symmetra Projector Beam
  • Symmetra Turret Beam
  • Torbjörn Turret Sight Beam
  • Winston Tesla Cannon Beam
  • Zarya Particle Beam
  • Omnic Slicer Beam
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