Workshop Extensions - Buff and Debuff Sounds Reference Sheet Last updated February 23, 2021

These sound effects were recorded with the Color set to Color(White). Most of these sound effects have slight variations between Color(Team 1) and Color(Team 2). Color(White) always acts as if it is a sound from the enemy team.

Most of these sound effects have an "start" sound, which is then followed by an infinite loop of the follow up sound. Some of these also have a "exit" sound that plays when the effect is removed. This exit sound is not recorded in these examples.

Ana Biotic Grenade Increased Healing Sound

Ana Biotic Grenade No Healing Sound

Ana Sleeping Sound

Ana Nano Boosted Sound

Baptiste Immortality Field Protected Sound

Echo Cloning Sound

Lúcio Sound Barrier Protected Sound

Mei Frozen Sound

Mercy Damage Boosted Sound

Reaper Wraith Form Sound

Sigma Gravitic Flux Target Sound

Sombra Hacking Sound

Sombra Hacked Sound

Sombra Translocating Sound

Soldier: 76 Sprint Start Sound

Torbjörn Overloading Sound

Widowmaker Venom Mine Target Sound

Winston Tesla Cannon Target Sound

Winston Primal Rage Sound

Wrecking Ball Adaptive Shield Target Sound

Wrecking Ball Piledriver Fire Sound

Zenyatta Orb of Discord Target Sound

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