Workshop Extensions - Beam Effects Reference Sheet Last updated February 23, 2021

Colors are shown as "Team 1" first "Team 2" second, if there are variations per team. All beams are the same size and screenshots are taken from the same distance and viewing angle.

Brigitte Flail Chain Beam

Echo Focusing Beam

Junkrat Trap Chain Beam

Mercy Heal Beam

Mercy Boost Beam

Moira Orb Heal Beam

Moira Orb Damage Beam

Moira Grasp Connected Beam

Moira Coalescence Beam

Orisa Halt Tendril Beam

Symmetra Projector Beam

Symmetra Turret Beam

Torbjörn Turret Sight Beam

Winston Tesla Cannon Beam

Zarya Particle Beam

Omnic Slicer Beam

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