Start Forcing Player Outlines Last updated July 22, 2020


Starts forcing the visibility and color of Player Outlines for the specified Viewed Player or Players from the perspective of one or more Viewing Players.


Name: Viewed Players
Description: The Player or Players who will have their outlines modified.

  • Player
  • Array: Player Default: EVENT PLAYER

Name: Viewing Players
Description: The Viewing Player or Players for whom the viewed Player's outlines will be modified.

  • Player
  • Array: Player Default: All Players

Name: Visible
Description: Whether or not the specified Player Outlines should be visible.
Type: Boolean
Default: true

Name: Color
Description: The color of the specified Player Outlines if they are visible. If a particular team is chosen, the color will either be Red or Blue, depending on whether the team is hostile to the viewer.
Type: Color
Default: White

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