Start Assist Last updated November 16, 2020


Starts granting assist credit toward to one or more Assisters when one or more Targets are eliminated. A reference to this damage modification can be obtained from the Last Assist ID value. This Action will fail if too many assists have been started.


Name: Assisters
Description: The target Player or Players who will receive assist credit.

  • Player
  • Array: Player Default: EVENT PLAYER

Name: Targets
Description: The Player or Players whose eliminations will grant assist credit to the Assisters. If the Target or Targets are allied to the Assister, this will be a defensive assist. Otherwise, this will be an offensive assist.

  • Player
  • Array: Player Default: ALL PLAYERS

Name: Reevaluation
Description: Specifies which of this Action's Inputs will be continously reevaluated. This Action will keep asking for and using new Values from reevaluated Inputs.
Type: ChaseRateReeval
Default: Assisters and Targets

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