Workshop Extensions - Kinetic Explosion Effects Reference Sheet Last updated April 02, 2021

Please note that these effects aren't just static, they are an animation. As a result these screenshots aren't accurate, or don't provide the full picture.

Ana Biotic Grenade Explosion Effect

Ashe Dynamite Explosion Effect

Baptiste Biotic Launcher Explosion Effect

Bastion Tank Cannon Explosion Effect

Doomfist Rising Uppercut Leap Effect

Doomfist Rising Uppercut Impact Effect

Doomfist Meteor Strike Impact Effect

Junkrat Frag Launcher Explosion Effect

Junkrat Concussion Mine Explosion Effect

Junkrat RIP Tire Explosion Effect

McCree Flashbang Explosion Effect

Pharah Rocket Launcher Explosion Effect

Pharah Concussive Blast Effect

Pharah Barrage Explosion Effect

Reinhardt Fire Strike Target Impact Effect

Sigma Accretion Impact Effect

Widowmaker Venom Mine Explosion Effect

Winston Jump Pack Landing Effect

Wrecking Ball Piledriver Impact Effect

Wrecking Ball Minefield Explosion Effect

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