Workshop Extensions - Explosion Sounds Reference Sheet Last updated April 22, 2021

These sound effects were recorded with the Color set to Color(White). Most of these sound effects have slight variations between Color(Team 1) and Color(Team 2). In most cases this variance comes down to volume or bass. In some cases the sound can be quite different. Color(White) always acts as if it is a sound from the enemy team, which are the loudest. The position was set to Position Of(Event Player). In many cases when the position is set to Event Player the sound is slightly different, or there is no sound at all.

Ana Biotic Grenade Explosion Sound

Ashe Dynamite Explosion Sound

Baptiste Biotic Launcher Explosion Sound

Bastion Tank Cannon Explosion Sound

Brigitte Repair Pack Impact Sound

Brigitte Repair Pack Armor Sound

Brigitte Whip Shot Heal Area Sound

DVa Micro Missiles Explosion Sound

DVa Self Destruct Explosion Sound

Doomfist Rising Uppercut Leap Sound

Doomfist Rising Uppercut Impact Sound

Doomfist Meteor Strike Impact Sound

Echo Sticky Bomb Explosion Sound

Junkrat Frag Launcher Explosion Sound

Junkrat Concussion Mine Explosion Sound

Junkrat RIP Tire Explosion Sound

Hanzo Sonic Arrow Initial Pulse Sound

Lúcio Sound Barrier Cast Sound

McCree Flashbang Explosion Sound

Moira Fade Disappear Sound

Moira Fade Reappear Sound

Orisa Halt Implosion Sound

Pharah Rocket Launcher Explosion Sound

Pharah Concussive Blast Sound

Pharah Barrage Explosion Sound

Reinhardt Fire Strike Target Impact Sound

Sigma Hypersphere Implosion Sound

Sigma Accretion Impact Sound

Sombra Logo Sound

Sombra Translocator Disappear Sound

Sombra Translocator Reappear Sound

Sombra EMP Explosion Sound

Symmetra Teleporter Reappear Sound

Tracer Recall Disappear Sound

Tracer Recall Reappear Sound

Widowmaker Venom Mine Explosion Sound

Winston Jump Pack Landing Sound

Wrecking Ball Piledriver Impact Sound

Wrecking Ball Minefield Explosion Sound

Zarya Particle Cannon Explosion Sound

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