Projectile size of all weapons and abilities Last updated December 28, 2020

All credit for the values in this wiki go to SchWiniX. View his original post on the Overwatch Forums here: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/overwatch/t/projectil-hitbox-sizes-width-table/454600

Verify the values found in this article with the following Workshop code: 7QW6W

This articles details the radius of every single projectile in the game. The videos show the projectile size as diameter, the values listed here are listed as radius to match the Workshop.

Hero Ability Type Radius Clip
Ana Sleep Dart Ability 0.2m
Ana Biotic Grenade Ability 0.2m
Ashe Dynamite Ability 0.0m
Baptiste Biotic Launcher Secondary Fire 0.0m
Bastion Configuration: Tank Ult 0.3m
Brigitte Whip Shot Ability 0.0m
D.Va Light Gun Pilot 0.25m
Echo Sticky Bombs Secondary Fire 0.15m
Echo Focusing Beam Ability 0.2m
Genji Shuriken Primary Fire 0.1m
Hanzo All - 0.1m
Roadhog Scrap Gun Secondary Fire 0.0m
Roadhog Chain Hook Ability 0.0m
Junkrat Frag Launcher Primary Fire 0.2m
Junkrat Concussion Mine Ability 0.2m
Lucio Sonic Amplifier Primary Fire 0.15m
Mei Endothermic Blaster Secondary Fire 0.15m
Mercy Caduceus Blaster Primary Fire 0.25m
Moira Biotic Orb Ability 0m
Orisa Fusion Driver Primary Fire 0.1m
Pharah Rocket Launcher Primary Fire 0.2m
Pharah Concussive Blast Ability 0.0m
Reinhardt Fire Strike Ability 0.85m
Sigma Hyperspheres Primary Fire 0.2m
Sigma Accretion Ability 0.9m
Soldier: 76 Helix Rockets Ability 0.2m
Symmetra Photon Projector Primary Fire 0.2m
Symmetra Photon Projector [Full] Secondary Fire 0.5m
Torbjörn Rivet Gun Primary Fire 0.1m
Torbjörn Molten Core Ult 0.2m
Tracer Pulse Bomb Ult 0.2m
Widowmaker Venom Mine Ability 0.2m
Zarya Particle Cannon Primary Fire 0.15m
Zarya Particle Cannon Secondary Fire 0.2m
Zarya Graviton Surge Ultimate 0.2m
Zenyatta Orb of Destruction Primary Fire 0.15m
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