Player Dealt Damage Last updated July 11, 2020

This event type triggers for a player when they deal damage to another player or themself and the Conditions evaluate to True.


  • Team - The team(s) checked by the event.
  • Player - The player(s) checked by the event based on slot number or hero.

Contextual Values

  • Event Player - The player that triggered the event. In this case, the damage dealer.
  • Event Damage - The amount of damage dealt by Event Player.
  • Attacker - The player dealing damage. In this context, it has the same value as Event Player.
  • Victim - The player receiving damage. Will have the same value as Attacker when dealing damage to themself.
  • Event Was Critical Hit - Whether the inflicted damage was a headshot.
  • Event Ability - The ability used by the Attacker.
  • Event Direction - The incoming direction from the source of damage to the Victim.
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