Dynamic Effect Last updated July 07, 2021


Used in Play Effect. The type of effect to be created.


  • Bad Explosion
  • Bad Pickup Effect
  • Buff Explosion Sound
  • Buff Impact Sound
  • Debuff Impact Sound
  • Explosion Sound
  • Good Explosion
  • Good Pickup Effect
  • Ring Explosion
  • Ring Explosion Sound

Extension Options

To see how these effects look, check out their respective articles at Workshop Extensions.

Buff and Debuff Sounds

  • Ana Biotic Grenade Increased Healing Sound
  • Ana Biotic Grenade No Healing Sound
  • Ana Sleeping Sound
  • Reaper Wraith Form Sound
  • Sombra Translocating Sound
  • Soldier: 76 Sprint Start Sound

Buff Status Effects

  • Heal Target Active Effect
  • Sombra Translocating Material Effect

Debuff Status Effects

  • McCree Flashbang Stunned Effect
  • Sombra Hacked Starting Effect

Energy Explosion Effects

  • Brigitte Repair Pack Impact Effect
  • Brigitte Repair Pack Armor Effect
  • Brigitte Whip Shot Heal Area Effect
  • D.Va Micro Missiles Explosion Effect
  • D.Va Self-Destruct Explosion Effect
  • Echo Sticky Bomb Explosion Effect
  • Hanzo Sonic Arrow Initial Pulse Effect
  • Lúcio Sound Barrier Cast Effect
  • Moira Fade Disappear Effect
  • Moira Fade Reappear Effect
  • Orisa Halt Implosion Effect
  • Sigma Hypersphere Implosion Effect
  • Sombra Logo Effect
  • Sombra Translocator Disappear Effect
  • Sombra Translocator Reappear Effect
  • Sombra EMP Explosion Effect
  • Symmetra Teleporter Reappear Effect
  • Tracer Recall Disappear Effect
  • Tracer Recall Reappear Effect
  • Zarya Particle Cannon Explosion Effect

Explosion Sounds

  • Ana Biotic Grenade Explosion Sound
  • Ashe Dynamite Explosion Sound
  • Baptiste Biotic Launcher Explosion Sound
  • Bastion Tank Cannon Explosion Sound
  • Brigitte Whip Shot Heal Area Sound
  • Brigitte Repair Pack Impact Sound
  • Brigitte Repair Pack Armor Sound
  • D.Va Micro Missiles Explosion Sound
  • D.Va Self-Destruct Explosion Sound
  • Doomfist Rising Uppercut Leap Sound
  • Doomfist Rising Uppercut Impact sound
  • Doomfist Meteor Strike Impact Sound
  • Echo Sticky Bomb Explosion Sound
  • Junkrat Frag Launcher Explosion Sound
  • Junkrat Concussion Mine Explosion Sound
  • Junkrat Rip-Tire Explosion Sound
  • Hanzo Sonic Arrow Initial Pulse Sound
  • Lúcio Sound Barrier Cast Sound
  • McCree Flashbang Explosion Sound
  • Moira Fade Disappear Sound
  • Moira Fade Reappear Sound
  • Orisa Halt Implosion Sound
  • Pharah Rocket Launcher Explosion Sound
  • Pharah Concussive Blast Sound
  • Pharah Barrage Explosion Sound
  • Reinhardt Fire Strike Target Impact Sound
  • Sigma Hypersphere Implosion Sound
  • Sigma Accretion Impact Sound
  • Sombra Logo Sound
  • Sombra Translocator Disappear Sound
  • Sombra Translocator Reappear Sound
  • Sombra EMP Explosion Sound
  • Symmetra Teleporter Reappear Sound
  • Tracer Recall Disappear Sound
  • Tracer Recall Reappear Sound
  • Widowmaker Venom Mine Explosion Sound
  • Winston Jump Pack Landing Sound
  • Wrecking Ball Piledriver Impact Sound
  • Wrecking Ball Minefield Explosion Sound
  • Zarya Particle Cannon Explosion Sound

Kinetic Explosion Effects

  • Ana Biotic Grenade Explosion Effect
  • Ashe Dynamite Explosion Effect
  • Baptiste Biotic Launcher Explosion Effect
  • Bastion Tank Cannon Explosion Effect
  • Doomfist Rising Uppercut Leap Effect
  • Doomfist Rising Uppercut Impact Effect
  • Doomfist Meteor Strike Impact Effect
  • Junkrat Frag Launcher Explosion Effect
  • Junkrat Concussion Mine Explosion Effect
  • Junkrat Rip-Tire Explosion Effect
  • McCree Flashbang Explosion Effect
  • Pharah Rocket Launcher Explosion Effect
  • Pharah Concussive Blast Effect
  • Pharah Barrage Explosion Effect
  • Reinhardt Fire Strike Target Impact Effect
  • Sigma Accretion Impact Effect
  • Widowmaker Venom Mine Explosion Effect
  • Winston Jump Pack Landing Effect
  • Wrecking Ball Piledriver Impact Effect
  • Wrecking Ball Minefield Explosion Effect
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