Random chance to trigger an action Last updated July 27, 2020

In this short tutorial we will go over a very simple way to have an action (or multiple actions) trigger with a random chance.

Essentially all we need is an If action. If statements are used to compare 2 values, and if they are the same the action(s) inside of the If statement are executed.

For the first value in the Compare inside the If we set Random Integer. An integer is a number without decimals. The first value will be set to 1, the second value is set to chance we want it to occur. Set it to 4 for a 1 in 4 chance. the higher the value, the lower the chance of it happening.
For the second value in the Compare we can set it to any number between 1 and the value you chose. But for the sake of simplicity lets just set it to 1.

And that's all!

    If(Random Integer(1, 4) == 1);

Make sure to close off the If action with End to indicate which values are inside of the If statement.

    If(Random Integer(1, 4) == 1);
        // Your actions

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