Get input from a Spectator Last updated May 01, 2021

If the Host of the Lobby is in a Spectator slot, you can still read input from them via Is Button Held. For example, Is Button Held(Host Player, Interact) would return True if the spectating Host pressed E (or their bound Move Up button).

You can also detect inputs from any spectator as long as these inputs are checked in a field of a visual element using the Local Player value. Make sure the Local Player is a spectator using Not(Entity Exists(Local Player)). For example, you can make a HUD text appear to a spectator when they hold their Move Up button by putting the following code in the Visible To parameter:

    Not(Entity Exists(Local Player)),
            Is Button Held(Local Player, Button(Interact)),
            Local Player,

Here are the Workshop buttons with their corresponding spectator input:

Button pressed by spectator Button detected by workshop
Move Down (default Q) Ability 1
Move Up (default E) Interact
Move Fast (default Shift) Secondary Fire
Move Slow (default Control) Primary Fire
Spectate Lock On (default Left Click) Ability 2
Modify FOV (default B) Jump
Disable Camera Blending (default Z) Ultimate
??? Crouch
??? Reload
??? Melee
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