Tbh i think im leaving the workshop behind for good, its been abandoned and i've started learning better things like Unity and also Started Modding Minecraft.

so unless blizzard has a Ace up their sleeve for the workshop, i dont think im gonna return.

Chaos Mod

A Chaos Mod Inspired By The Gta V Chaos Mod, With 100 Effects (All Listed With A Description On The Page)

Fun Enough That I Myself Have Played With Random People In A Public Lobby For 5 Hours Straight And Never Get Board.

All Effects Can Be Customised And Even Disabled From The Workshop Settings Tab.

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The Mouse usually spawns off-screen despite there being multiple resets when loading in.
Just press Interact (L3/F, i think there the default) to reset the Mouse to the middle of your screen

A Chess Gamemode within Overwatch that can play not only the base Chess gamemode but also many different Variants (including mixing them), it also supports local play.

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Workshop Codes made by Spiderman31807 - Page 3

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