All Of My AI Will Have Pathfinding Capability

Just a 15 Year Old (As Of Writing In 2023 before My Birthday) With No Irl Or Online Friends Who Never Leaves He's Room Because He Dropped Out of School So he Has WAY Too Much Time

Soldier: 76 AI

This Description Is Not For Soldier: 76 AI But The Hero AI Collection
Soldier: 76 AI Is Shown Because It Was The First Made

Has Pathfinding That I Made Myself In 2022, Doesn't Include Chokepoint Nodes Unlike My Universal AI, The Chokepoint Nodes Were Made To Help The AI From Getting Stuck By Instead Of Pathing To The Objective Path To The Chokepoint Then The Objective

Each Hero Will Have Full Ability Support, Including Destruction Of Enemy Ability's, Or I Wont Upload It

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