In-Game Description
A Total Of 97 (69 For Bots) Customisable Effects And A Custom Next Effect Timer From 5s To 5m.

Inspired By GTA V Chaos Mod As You Can Tell By Some Of The Effects.
(I Know Of Said Mod From Watching Darkviper)

For Details On Bugged/Wierd Effect Behaviour, Vist The Description At "Workshop.Code/3123G"

Previous (Outdated) Video Thats Was Much More Chaotic

Each Player (Or Bot) Will Receive A Random Effect Every (By Default) 15s
(While The Timer Is Fixed For All Players The Effects Given Is Different For Each Player)

Every Effect Has The Same Chance Of Being Picked So 1/90

Currently 97 Effects, Im Only Making 100, If You Like You Can Suggest Some By Commenting
(Right Now Im Out Of Elements So I Need To Find A Way To Get More Before Adding Anything)

(In Order Made)

{Time} = Custom Duration
{Amount} = Custom Amount

  1. Randomise Hero, Changes The Hero To A Random Hero For {Time} With A Echo Duplicate Effect
  2. Randomise Ultimate Charge, Change Ultimate Charge By Number From -{Amount} And {Amount}
  3. Subtract Ultimate Charge, Subtract Ultimate Charge By Number From 0-{Amount}
  4. Add Ultimate Charge, Add Ultimate Charge By Number From 0-{Amount}
  5. Hacked, Hack Player For Random Duration Between 0.25-{Time} (Disables Abilities)
  6. Burning, Apply Dynimite Effect/Damage To Player For Random Duration Between 0.25-{Time}
  7. Knocked Down, Knock Down Player For Random Duration Between 0.25-{Time}
  8. Asleep, Player Sleeps For Random Duration Between 0.25-{Time}
  9. Frozen, Freeze Player For Random Duration Between 0.25-{Time}
  10. Unkillable, Can't Go Below 1HP For Random Duration Between 0.25-{Time}
  11. Invincible, God Mode For Random Duration Between 0.25-{Time}
  12. Phased Out, Phase Out Player For Random Duration Between 0.25-{Time}
  13. Rooted, Root Player For Random Duration Between 0.25-{Time}
  14. Stunned, Stun Player For Random Duration Between 0.25-{Time}
  15. Increased Healing, Applys Friendly Biotic Grenade Effect For Between 0.25-{Time}
  16. No Healing Applys Enemy Biotic Grenade Effect For Between 0.25-{Time}
  17. Wallhacks, Displays Red Outline Of Enemys Through Walls For {Time}
  18. OHKO, (One Kit Knock Out) Sets Health To 1 And Disables Healing For {Time} Once {Time} Has Expired The Health You Had When The Effect Applyed Will Be Restored
  19. Help My W Key Is Stuck, Forces Full Throttle Forward For {Time}
  20. Disable Random Direction, Randomise Between {Left, Right, Forward, Backward} And Disable That Throttle Direction For {Time}
  21. Cruise Control, Can't Go Slower Than The Highest Speed You've Had During Effect For {Time}
  22. Suicide, Kill The Player (Can Be Prevented By Damage Sponge)
  23. Teleport To Spawn, Teleport The Player To Spawn
  24. Teleport To Objective, Teleport The Player To Either The Point Or Payload If Available. Push Robot Counted As Payload In The Workshop
  25. Teleport To Random Player, Teleport To The Location Of A Random Player (That Isn't in Spawn)
  26. Teleport To Random Location, Teleport To Random Walkable Location Within 100 Meters
  27. Fake Teleport, Use Random Enabled Teleport Effect Wait 1-4 Seconds Then Teleport Back. If Fake Fake Teleport Enabled 50/50 Chance To Teleport Back After 1-4 Seconds
  28. Scale Random, Start Scaling The Player Scale To 0-10 For {Time}
  29. Scale Big, Start Scaling The Player Scale To 3 For {Time}
  30. Scale Small, Start Scaling The Player Scale To 0.33 For {Time}
  31. Slippery, Increased Speed By 25% And Start Sliding In Last Direction You Had Velocity In For {Time}
  32. No Gravity, Set Player Gravity To 0% For {Time}
  33. Use Random Ultimate, Changes The Hero To A Random Hero With A Echo Duplicate Effect. Once Swapped Automatically Use Ultimate. After Ultimate Finished Swap Back To Orignal Hero
  34. Infinite Ammo, Sets Ammo To Max Ammo When Its Not Max Ammo During {Time}
  35. Refill Ammo, Set Ammo To Max Ammo
  36. Refill Health, Set Health To Max Health
  37. Teleporter Malfunction, Wait 1-5 Seconds Teleport To Random Walkable Location Within 20 Meters And Repeat During {Time}
  38. Misclick, Press Random Button (Including Ultimate If Enabled)
  39. Heavy Hitter, Deal 3x Melee Damage For {Time} (Rein And Brig Included)
  40. Invisibility, Turn Invisible For {Time} (Barrier Also Invisible)
  41. Strong Gravity, Set Player Gravity To 300% For {Time}
  42. Gravitational Pull, Suck Players Toward You At Very Fast Speeds During {Time}
  43. Reverse Gravity, Start Flying Upwards For {Time}
  44. Weird Pitch, Randomise Player Voice Pitch From 0-2 Every 0.1-0.5 Seconds (1 Is Default Pitch)
  45. Seer, Look Out From A Random Players Eyes For {Time}
  46. Emote, Play Random Equipped Emote
  47. Damage Sponge, Deal And Take No Damage For {Time}
  48. Only Headshots, Only Receive Headshot Damage During {Time}
  49. Only Crits, Only Deal Headshot Damage During {Time} (Including If Normally Can't)
  50. No Crits, Can't Deal Headshot Damage During {Time}
  51. Ragdoll, Kill The Player Wait {Time} Then Resurrect And Restore Health
  52. Large Ragdoll, Scale The Player To 3 Then Do Ragdoll And After Finished Restore Normal Size
  53. Small Ragdoll, Scale The Player To 0.33 Then Do Ragdoll And After Finished Restore Normal Size
  54. Location Swap, Teleport To A Random Player And They Teleport To Where You Were (Can Include Players In Spawn)
  55. Hero Swap, Become The Hero Of A Random Player And They Become The Hero You Were
  56. Phantom, Disable Wall/Ceiling Collisions For {Time}
  57. No Huds, Disable All On-Screen Huds (Espect Workshop Huds) For {Time}
  58. No Objective, Disable On-Screen Objective Hud And In-World Objective Icon For {Time}
  59. U-Turn, Turn The Player 180*
  60. Armor Up, Gives {Amount} Of Temporary Health For 10 Seconds
  61. Thorns, Any Damage Taken 50% Will Also Be Dealt Back During {Time}
  62. Vampire, Any Damage Dealt 50% Will Also Be Healed
  63. Pacifist, Any Damage Dealt Will Be Reflected Back At You During {Time}
  64. No Arc, Sets Projectile Gravity To 0% For {Time}
  65. Strong Arc, Sets Projectile Gravity To 300% For {Time}
  66. Slow Projectile, Sets Projectile Speed To 25% For {Time}
  67. Hitscan, Sets Projectile Gravity To 0% And Projectile Speed To 500% (Max) For {Time}
  68. Snail, Set Player Speed To 25% For {Time}
  69. Hammer Time, Become Torbjörn And Forced To Use Hammer (With 3x Damage) For {Time}
  70. Thrid Person, Enter A Thrid Person Camera For {Time}
  71. Mind Control, Take Control Of A Random Enemy Or Ally Player For {Time} (Camera Is Thrid Person)
  72. Long Jump, Adds Forward Momentum To Your Jump For {Time} (Travels About 5-8m)
  73. Script Kiddie, Gives The Player An Advanced Aimbot For {Time}
  74. Daylight Burns, In Reality This Should Of Been The Vampire Effect.. You Burn When You See The Sky During {Time} (Cant Check If Its A Night Map So Still Burns On Them)
  75. I Always Come Back, If Killed During {Time} Resurrect On A Quarter Of Your Max Health (Effect Does Not Get Canceled On Resurrect)
  76. Low Gravity, Mimics The Gravity In The Low Gravity Arcade Mode For {Time} (25% Gravity)
  77. No Cooldowns, When Any Ability Is On Cooldown Remove The Cooldown During {Time} (Also Applies To Charge And Resource Abilities)
  78. Freecam, Enter A Freecam Where You Cant Do Anything After {Time} The Freecam Ends And Your Hero Is Left Where The Camera Was Ended At
  79. Swap Team, Swaps Team With A Random Player On The Other Team If There Is No Available Player But There Is A Slot On The Other Team Just Swaps Without Swapping A Enemy (It Also Saves Then Loads Your Hero Once You Spawn In Again)
  80. Speed Is Key, 300% Movement Speed For {Time}
  81. Care Package, Random Remote Unit Untill Either Death Or {Time}
  82. Your The Bomb, Explode On Death If Killed Within {Time}
  83. Invert Current Velocity, Invert Current Velocity
  84. Objective Bound, Stuck On The Objective For {Time}
  85. Verp, Trigger Last Effect Used (With Verp Filtered Out)
  86. Invert Movement, W Backward, A Right, S Forward, D Left
  87. Linked Sensitivity To Movement, Set Sensitivity To Speed*100, Normal Speed Is 5.5m/s Meaning While Walking Your Sensitivity Will Be 550% (6m/s 600% For Tracer/Genji) For {Time}
  88. Low Sensitivity, Set Sensitivity to 25 For {Time}
  89. High Sensitivity, Set Sensitivity to 300 For {Time}
  90. Random Sensitivity, Randomise Sensitivity Between 10-500
  91. Split Personality, Swap The Player To A Random Hero With Random Stats The Player Can Swap Between This Hero And The Original Hero With Interact, After The {Time} You Can Not Swap And Are left On Whatever You Were Currently Swapped To
  92. Hide Effects, Any Current And Furture Effect Have Each Character Replaced With ? For {Time}
  93. Replaced Spawn, You Respawn Where You Were When This Effect Triggered, Next Time You Die
  94. Visual Hallucination, Plays Random Effect With Random Color And Size Nearby That Only You Can See
  95. Audio Hallucination, Plays Random Sound With Random Volume Nearby That Only You Can Hear
  96. Realism Mode, Randomise A Limited Amount Of Ammo And Abilities Uses And You Also Take Fall Damage During {Time}
  97. Ride Random Player, Attach The Player To The Head Of A Random Player For {Time} (This Effect Will Prematurely End If The Random Player Dies)

Bugged/Weird Effect Behaviour

  • Armor Up Uses Temp Health Instead Of Temp Armor I Did This Because Temp Armor/Shield
    Is Bugged And Displays As Empty Health On The Healthbar (Fuctions The Same)

  • Use Random Ultimate May Not Cancel On Some Heros When Ultimate Ended, This Is A Failsafe Timer Before It Can End (Custom For Each Hero) Because Some Ultimates Count As Over Once Casted Such As Pulse Bomb, Rampage, Dragonstike, Etc

  • Infinite Ammo Will Not Refill While Firing, This In Intented As Changing The Ammo While Firing Non-Single Fire Weapons Causes Them To Stop Firing For A Brief Moment, In Genji's Case When Firing Primary Fire He Would Only Get 1 Shuriken As It Got Canceled Before The Other 2 Came Out

  • Emote Only Seems To Use The Right And Down Emote And Also Sometimes Just Does Nothing, This Is Not On My End As I Tested It On Its Own And It Still Did It, Blizzards Problem

Players | 1 - 10
Categories: Minigames, Miscellaneous
Heroes: D.va, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Ramattra, and 32 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 2.2



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