This Simple Little Script Makes A Hud For The Following Data.

  1. Is Firing Primary
  2. Is Firing Secondary
  3. Is Using Ability 1
  4. Is Using Ability 2
  5. Is Using Ultimate
  6. Is In Air
  7. Is On Ground
  8. Is Jumping
  9. Is Crouching
  10. Is Meleeing
  11. Is Reloading
  12. Is In Alternate Form
  13. Is Alive
  14. Is Dead
  15. Is Moving
  16. Is Standing
  17. Is On Wall
  18. Is On Objective
  19. Is Portrait On Fire
  20. Cooldown Ability 1
  21. Cooldown Ability 2
  22. Cooldown Secondary
  23. Cooldown Jump
  24. Cooldown Crouch
  25. Cooldown Interact
  26. Cooldown Melee
  27. Charges Ability 1
  28. Charges Ability 2
  29. Charges Secondary
  30. Resource Ability 1
  31. Resource Ability 2
  32. Resource Secondary

It Also Logs Every Change In Any Of Those With The Event Player Name Attached To The Log,
There Is Also A Filler Log Thats Empty, Every Second, To Make Things A Little Easier To Read.

While Testing While I Already Knew Dva "Is Firing Primary" Wouldn't Work While In The Mech, I Didn't Know That After The Mech Spawns During Call Mech D.Va Is Classed As "In Air" Until The Animation Is Finished. (Could Be Used To Detect Using Call Mech)

I Personally Will Use This To Test What Blizzard Data Is Broken For Heros So I Dont Have To Makeshift A Worse Version Of This In Whatever Script I Would Currently be Working In.

(List Was Made About A 2 Months Ago, Then Updated For illari, And Was Copied Pasted) Things I Already Know Are Broken Are

(List Outdated)

Glitched Max Set Ammo

  1. Ramattra
  2. Bastion
  3. Reaper

Glitched Set Ammo

  1. Ramattra

Set Max Ammo Unique Interaction

  1. Orisa Sets The Invisible Ammo, Overheat Ratio
  2. Kiriko Sets Healing Ofuda To Double Inputed Value

Set Ammo Unique Interaction

  1. Orisa Sets Current Overheat Ammo (If Ammo Same As Max Ammo Than 0% Overheat If Ammo Set To 0 Than 100% Overheat)
  2. Lifeweaver (Thorn Valley Only) Sometimes Sets Ammo To 2000 (I Think Mabey If Inputed Value Is Not 0 I Didnt Test That)

Glitched Ammo Tracking (Ammo Data From Blizzard)

  1. Kiriko Healing Ofuda And Kunai
  2. Lifeweaver Healing Blossom And Thorn Valley

Glitched Workshop Tracking (Cooldown Data From Blizzard)

  1. D.Va Micro Missle
  2. Junker Queen Jagged Blade
  3. Ramattra Void Barrier
  4. Roadhog Take A Breather
  5. Zarya Particle And Projected Barrier
  6. Sojurn Railgun (Has No Data But Should Probably Be Socondary Resource)
  7. illari Solar Rifle Secondary (Has No Data But Should Be Socondary Resource)
  8. Solider: 76 Helix Rockets
  9. Symmetra Turret
  10. Tracer Recall
  11. Baptiste Immortality Field
  12. Lifeweaver Rejuvenating Dash
  13. Reinhardt Fire Strike

Unintended Interactions

  1. illari Always Has Firing Primary Data True
  2. D.Va Never Has Firing Primary Data True While In Mech
Players | 1 - 10
Categories: Tools
Heroes: D.va, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Ramattra, and 33 more...
Maps: Circuit Royal, Dorado, Havana, Junkertown, Rialto, and 22 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.1



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