Island Party - Heroes Minigames 🏝️🎉

Island Party - Heroes Minigames 🏝️🎉

Play fast rounds of 23 classic and new games as minigames and score points such as Widow HS only, McCree Hot Potato, Zen Sparta, Echo Rings...

Join my https://discord.gg/CgzHzEe to choose the next minigame or give feedback
It's free!

Gameplay footage of v3.1.1 by Mr. Fruit

Hero Gamemode Play it more on Creator State
Ana Paintball 1950N Toothpaste Play it now
Ashe Shooting Gallery ????? ????? Vote for it
Baptiste Jumps ????? ????? Vote for it
Bastion World of Tanks 33NKS Jokaes Play it now
Brigitte Boop 55MMT / ZYDQM Farron / Block Play it now
Doomfist Doom Sumo ZWE5E / 2A2YA Crebos & Caluminium / KikuGie Play it now
Dva Air Race DV5CA Jokaes Play it now
Echo Rings XECF0 Jokaes Play it now
Genji Dash BBQ9Z Gantz Play it now
Hanzo Smash Bros ????? ????? Vote for it
Lúcio Snot Collector KAJAB Jokaes Play it now
McCree Hot Potato 9J4NE Kevlar Play it now
Mei Snowball MQCCY Mitsiee Play it now
Mercy 1 Punch YWKSZ & AB7DJ Parachor Play it now
Pharah Pharmercy Simulated DKKKD Seita Play it now
Reinhardt Last Man Bouncing KXQZ1 Kevlar & Jinko Play it now
Reaper Soul Hunter ????? ????? Vote for it
Roadhog 12 Hooks 1 Hole DK0DP Block Play it now
Sigma Dodgeball 8P769 / AN5P7 Pug / Voxcae Play it now
Soldier: 76 Sprint Racing STJTC Darwin Play it now
Sombra Hack To Kill YJK0D6 TehFoot Play it now
Symmetra Teleport to the color BANWB TehFoot Play it now
Torbjörn Hammer only PHGM1 Jokaes Play it now
Tracer Steal the crown 0X8N0 Kevlar Play it now
Widowmaker HS Only EA5XD Toothpaste Play it now
Winston Monkey Sumo APE6V Jokaes Play it now
Wrecking Ball Aerial Ball Golf ????? ????? Vote for it
Zenyatta Sparta ZENPM Jokaes / OC by Darwin Play it now


 Bastion's World of Tanks

Example of credit

Example of credit

Version scheme => mayorUpdate.minorUpdate.fix-nMinigames[.prerelease]

Players | 1 - 12
Heroes: D.va, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, Winston, and 18 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 3.1.1-23



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