Snowball Deathmatch; but as McCree, Pharah, or Mei

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The rules are very similar to the latest Mei Snowball Deathmatch gamemode.

  • You have limited ammo capacity (up to 3), and start with only 1 bullet
  • Find more ammo on the map and [Crouch] to pick it up
  • Unlike Snowball Deathmatch, picking up ammo takes no time at all
  • A "!" above someone's head means they have atleast 1 bullet
  • You can activate a shield that allows you to "catch" bullets by pressing [Interact]
  • This shield has a 1 second duration and a 2 second cooldown
  • Catching a bullet restores 1 ammo
  • Killing someone grants 20% Ultimate Charge, Catching a bullet grants 10% Ultimate Charge
  • Your ultimate does what your ultimate has always done (Except for Mei), except it also fully replenishes your ammo
  • You cannot use your shield while using your Ultimate, leaving you very vulnerable

Ammo is spawned randomly across the map. Note: On rare occassions ammo can spawn on an unreachable location or will not be able to be picked up even if you are clearly standing on it.
The amount of Ammo spawn points vary per map, depending on their size.


  • Castillo
  • Black Forest
  • Black Forest (Winter)
  • Necropolis
  • Ecopoint: Antarctica
  • Ecopoint: Antarctica (Winter)

This follows the usual Deathmatch ruleset. 1 kill = 1 point. First to 15 points wins. Don't forget to actually start the gamemode if the lobby is not yet full. You can still play in "waiting for players" mode if you wish.


  • McCree
  • Pharah
  • Mei

By default only McCree is enabled. You can enable others in Settings > Heroes > Hero Roster. I do not recommend enabling multiple heroes at once. McCree will dominate everyone. Only enable 1 hero at a time.


As McCree the game plays out a little different. Since everyone is hitscan, expect to die more. Clever movement will be key here. Your Combat Roll only has half it's original cooldown. Flashbang is disabled.


As Pharah most of the battle takes place in the air (of course). You are most vulnerable when landing to pick up ammo. This is a good mode to practice your direct shots since missing will likely mean you will need to land. Jump Jet only has half it's original cooldown.


Mei is as closely recreated to the original gamemode as I could. Left click is disabled. You can only fire with Right Click. Your Ultimate functions very similar to how it would in Snowball Deathmatch. When acticated you have infinite ammo for 7 seconds.

Categories: Free for all, Minigames
Heroes: Cassidy, Mei, Pharah
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Current version: 1.2



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