By KevlaR and Jinko, creators of McCree's Hot Potato and Enhanced Ana Paintball

The mode:

  • Each player is Reinhardt.
  • The arena is a shrinking, bouncy balloon way up in the sky. Don't fall!
  • Every hit you land knock your victims away from you.
  • Your charge ability makes you fly. Cancel it by pressing the button again.
  • Your shield ability is replaced by a spinning ability.
  • Your ultimate ability makes you stronger: you stun other players and move faster.
  • Crouching makes you bounce less high.
  • If two players charge each other, they'll create a huge explosion that will knock back every other player.

12 maps. 12 players. Maximum chaos. Maximum fun.

The rules:

  • The ultimate scales with the amount of players alive: the less people alive, the faster it charges but the shorter it lasts.
  • Earning a kill gives one point.
  • The last player alive at the end of a round earns two points.
  • If the time runs out while a round is in progress, Overtime will activate until the round ends.
  • If some players are tied when a match ends, they'll have to play a Tie Breaker round.

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