Ana Paintball | Toothpaste mod

Ana Paintball, Toothpaste modifications:

  • Hardscope limited to one bullet and 1.5s aiming time
  • Aiming down sights for a will show a indicator for the enemy where you are aiming
  • Nano boost killstreak. Makes you survive one extra hit
  • Jump pads around the map to give lowground options
  • Teleport portal to balance out bad spawn location, and give more risk to campers
  • Matches are endless, have no time limit. Great for 'While you Wait'
  • Performance based score (because the game is endless)
  • Stats UI under score
  • Paint splatter effects on kill (Paintball right?)
  • Killstreak notifications
  • No annoying railings thanks to my invisible Hamster AI at the start of the game (he needs player slot 12 for a few seconds to do his thing, but continues later if occupied)
  • Highest lobby killstreak gets crowned under killfeed

Most recent update:

Scoreboard Improvements

The problem with the previous score system was that it was too static and didn't provide much competition to do better.
It favoured new joining players much more than existing players because of the rapid changing KDR, allowing them to skyrocket into the leaderboard, while not performing 'better'. If a already playing user were do the exact same thing, their score would barely change.

To fix this;
I have clamped down the amount of points you earn from stats alone to make room for an additional scoring system, Code name 'Style Points'.
This new scoring system is based your current performance, and will reward you for when you put extra effort into Areal and Sleep Dart eliminations.
'Style Points' degrade over time and require you to continuously work to keep your score at the top.
As a much needed upgrade for the professional tryhards, the new score system 'Style Points' has no score cap, and degrades almost entirely linearly.

Scroll down for the change logs


  • BTAG: Toothpaste#21764
  • Discord: DarrenVs#0001
  • Twitch: twitch.tv/CrossVs
  • Everyone testing and playing Ana Paintball with me ♥
Categories: Free for all
Heroes: Ana
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 3.7.5



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