1v1 Pharah Arena + Pharah Bot ⚔️

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New features:

  • 1-6 Players, Pharah bot will appear by default if you are alone in the game.
  • Queue System: Winner stays and Loser goes to the end of the Queue, first person spectating
  • You can decide if the Pharah bot stays in the queue rotation or only shows up when you are the only player remaining
  • Flying start in the air and the option to start from the ground
  • Option to enable or disable Mercy Pocket
  • Sudden death: if nobody dies in 30 seconds players will gain 100% damage buff
  • Improved the Pharah bots flying, shooting and added new plays
  • Previously known as Pharah 1on1 practice tool

Mercy Pocket simulated:

  • 30% Damage buff while at full HP
  • 55 Hp/s heal 0.3s after taking damage
  • Go to Workshop Settings to enable or disable the Mercy pocket

You can modify the following in Workshop Settings:

  • You can enable or disable the Mercy pocket
  • You can enable the bot while other players are playing (so you can take turns against the with a friend for example) or you can disable the bot and the bot will only spawn if you are alone
  • You can change the starting positions to start from the ground or a flying start in the air (Rocketjump script will be available when against the bot)
  • You can change the Sudden Death timer, after XX seconds both players will gain 100% damage buff to one shot the enemy


If for some reason you prefer the older versions they can be found here:
Pharah 1on1 Practice Tool 3.0: V4VZ8 (you can play as any hero vs the pharah bot)
Pharah 1on1 Practice Tool 2.0: A4K14 (you can play any position of any map against a friend)

For latest updates and my other workshop modes check my twitter Seita_ow

Categories: 1vs1, Practice Mode
Heroes: Pharah
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0.0



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