This mode has not been updated since the Season 9 Pharah flying changes

This mode includes a 1v1 Pharah Arena with a queue and spectating system for up to 6 players and a 1v1 Pharah bot that you can practice against solo. You can give feedback, report bugs or submit replays after beating the bot in my discord:

Mercy Pocket:

You can modify the mercy pocket from workshop settings, these are the default settings:

  • Mercy pocket enabled, this can be also enabled/disabled ingame
  • Healing per second 55 hp/s, damage boost 30%
  • Mercy beam swap delay 0.3s, meaning 0.3s after taking damages/full health proper beam will be active
  • Mercy healing beam will be disabled after 30 seconds of no eliminations so the rounds don't go forever


Pharah Bot:

If you are alone in the game a challenging Pharah bot appears to practice your skills against. If you manage to beat the bot before the bot gets 11 eliminations on default settings (without abusing any bugs or cheese strategies) you can get your name added to the bot, the top 5 scores will also make the highscore list. You can send your replay codes of beating the bot via twitter or discord. Free ground jump jet will be automatically disabled if you are leading by 5 eliminations.

Automatic ground jump jet:

Automatic jump jet will activate and refresh the cooldown of the players jump jet when a player touches the ground, this is to help players who struggle to fly properly but still want to play the mode / play against their friend, this can be disabled ingame or the workshop settings. Automatic jump jet has a 20 second cooldown. You can also use code: HEWAZ to learn how to fly as pharah.

Starting positions:

Default starting position for players is to start the duel up in the air, so the action can start right away and the starting altitute doesn't depend on how consistent the players are on executing starting rocket jumps. If you prefer to start on the ground you can find this option from the workshop settings.

Workshop settings:


Players | 1 - 6
Categories: 1vs1, Practice Mode
Heroes: Pharah
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 2.0.0

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