Official Doomfist Sumo (v 4.4)


This code is over 6 months old.

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Doomfist sumo by Crebos
Idea by Caluminium
Goal: Kick everyone out of the Platform to win the round
Abilities cool downs are set to 60% and rocket punch is 140% knockback
rocket punch and uppercut normally allowed
when 2 players left, 1v1 mode gets enabled: seismic slam (with 2 secs stun) and ultimate (with 3 secs knockdown)

When the game starts all players get into the lobby first
Interact with the Menu bubbles with standing inside and pressing F (Interact button)
There the host Player can select between normal Mode and Team Mode
he / she can select different Score-To-Win types
Then he / she can start the game (you dont have to change any settings, the default is set when you just start the game)

While in game the Host player can press CTRL + F (Crouch + Interact) then in the next round you'll come back to the menu
To toggle display the Killing-Sphere hold Space + F (Jump + Interact) for more then 1 second (to turn off do the same) -> in order for it to work you have to be alive!
To toggle corner spawning, hold Q + F (Ultimate + Interact) -> as soon as 2 players are left, and both have corner spawning enabled, the games holds and each gets teleported into a corner. This was a long wanted feature, for players to have a more fair final fight.
On infinite Mode the Score is the win-rate
On Score-To-Win Mode the Score is the amount of rounds Won

Everyone fights everyone and the last living player wins the round

Teams of 2 Players will be formed and they have to fight all other Players together
You can hit and move your teammate but not stun (with e) or knockdown (with ult) him/her
The game is over when only one Team is alive (either both are alive or just one of the two)
It gets buggy when there are less then 4 players so don't do it please xD

On standard the game is set to infinite (none will ever win the whole game, just rounds)
If you want to play to a certain amount of points (Score to Win)
then you can increase or decrease the amount of points to be played (add 10, subtract 10)
To play to infinite again press infinite bubble
The first Player to reach the amount of points set wins the whole game

The game can be played on King's Row and on Workshop island! There is no need to change anything in the Workshop, just play the game on one of those 2 maps, and the mode will adapt.

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Heroes | Doomfist
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Current version | 4.4


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Why I can't enable allow people in queue to join?

Crebos creator

There is an option in the settings for it I think. Should be no problem to activate it again. I disabled it because there were players constantly joining and leaving, which was not very enjoyable.


I’m having all kinds of issues with the latest patches, people dying at the start and real glitchy behavior, is there an updated one by chance?


I put 3.4.1 into the Wild with some fixes, i need to fix Ulting, in 3.4.2


what is code for 3.4.1


There is currently a bug where there is a race condition between checking if a player should die and when the players are spawned, which randomly kills people when they spawn. This is due to too small of a Wait() in the "Start Round, Ressurect and Teleport". Changing it to Wait(2, Ignore Condition); seems to fix the issue since it delays setting the matchStatus to 1 so it doesn't kill people.

Also, doom sumo uses a sphere as the boundary, which makes for some unfortunate circumstances where you can die when you feel you shouldn't. How do you feel about using a polygon boundary? I believe I've seen one in another workshop before.


With the workshop maps and changes on the PTR, is it possible Sumo could be played on the new Island map?

Crebos creator

Ive looked at it and yea looks pretty good. I will make a new version as soon as it goes live, with multiple maps, and other small improvements. :)


Are there any more versions in the works? Love the gamemode, become a sort of household tradition to play this with friends now!

Would love to see a new map or something, a new arena would be awesome.

Crebos creator

Yes ill sure work on new versions in future

Unfortunately there are no other good maps suited for sumo, and I cannot modify maps to create own arenas.


Would you mind sharing any plans? If I recall, there's a mode called Sigma Dodgeball - that could be a good map for a larger Doomfist sumo match.


Hi, just to say a completely game braking glitch is that if the winner lands a meteor strike just as the game is ending the next round will be in the lobby not the rooftop but none of the functions work anymore.

Crebos creator

Hello thanks for telling
Cant quite retrace what you mean. Are you sure you are using the original Version and not a modified one?
I'd love if you could reproduce and show what you mean. My blizz Tag is Crebos#2206 just add and text me


Btw it’s kinda hard to pull off but happens accidentally surprisingly often


I think I liked the scoring system in 2.5 better. I suppose the new system is more fair with randoms dropping in and out, but when you're with a group of friends is nice to work towards a goal. Which is much harder with the current Winrate score.

Crebos creator

Hello mitsiee thanks for your Feedback. You are totally right, I now added a Configuration option, to easily change it. Check out version 2.7 :)


Hey, really enjoying this mode.
However, I cannot find the option to turn off the match to be infinite.

I changed the deathmatch scsores to win to 1 but it still continues after someone has score 1

Crebos creator

Hello firzen thanks for your Feedback.
I now have added a configuration option in the Workshop, to easily change the mode from infinite to deathmatch mode. Check out version 2.7 :) (how it works is explained on the bottom)


You could try adding something like this to the "Kill Counter" rule:

    Skip If(Compare(Player Variable(Event Player, B), 
Crebos creator

It would work yes

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This code is over 6 months old. This might mean the code has expired and will no longer function.
This code is over 6 months old. This might mean the code has expired and will no longer function.
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