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Mercy Boxing Party is a new take on the original Mercy Boxing gamemode. Each round, the game picks from 17 unique gamemodes that drastically change the way you play, though the main goal stays the same: eliminate the entire enemy team. As usual, the first team to 9 wins will be the winners of the game!


Here are the current 17 games in Mercy Boxing Party:

CAPTURE: Get to the other team's flag to eliminate their entire team.

DESTROY: When you ult you explode! It eliminates any enemy in a 10m radius, but also causes you to self-destruct. Use it wisely.

DETECTED: See the enemy team through walls.

DISTANCE: You can teleport 15m on a 5 second cooldown. Works through walls!

DOME: The giant dome is shrinking. Don't get caught outside of it or you'll burn!

DYING: You're slowly losing health. Eliminate or resurrect someone to heal yourself back to full.

FASTER: Over time, you move faster and faster. When does it stop? Nobody knows.

FLY: The floor is lava, but luckily you have permanent Valkyrie to stay in the skies.

FREEZE: Hold shift to freeze yourself. You're invincible while in this state.

INVISIBLE: Turn invisible by not moving. The enemy can see you for a brief moment every 5 seconds though!

JUMP: Incredibly low gravity. Use crouch to drop to the ground quickly.

LIFE: You get 2 lives. If you lose your first life you'll be less useful, but can still eliminate players.

NORMAL: Just a classic Mercy Boxing round.

PROJECTILE: One bullet. Eliminating someone restores you back to one bullet.

PROTECT: Someone on your team is randomly chosen. If they die, your whole team does!

RESURRECT: Original Mercy instant mass rez! One use only, so use it carefully.

UNSTABLE: Mercy is completely drunk. Good luck!

-=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=-

If you find any bugs, let me know and I'll sort it out when I can.

Have fun!

Categories: Elimination, Minigames
Heroes: Mercy
Maps: Ilios, Lijiang Tower, Nepal, Oasis, Black Forest, and 4 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 3.2.1



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