Hack To Kill


General Information

Hack an opponent to kill them! Really is as simple as that. This gamemode comes with fully functional Sombra AI to fill the space while you wait for other players to join in as well as 4 different gamemodes to choose from by modifying the CONFIG rules.


Dummy Bots

[Default set to enabled but can be changed in the config, see below for more information]
AI controlled Sombras can be optionally enabled to fight against players. These AI will prioritise the gametypes objectives over killing (if the objective isn't to kill) and will attempt to hack unsuspecting players. They are available in 3 different difficulties: easy [default], medium or hard.

Easy Difficulty

AI will simply attempt to hack opponents and not use any other aspects of their kits

Medium Difficulty

  • AI will attempt to hack opponents and use stealth if they cannot see opponents
  • If their hack is cancelled they will either attempt to defend themselves or retreat
  • They use EMP if they detect an enemy is within range.

Hard Difficulty

  • AI will do everything listed in Medium
  • AI will attempt to translocate if they detect an enemy is using EMP
  • AI will attempt to cancel enemies hack attempts with primary fire


[Default set to 1 (FFA) but can be changed in the config, see below for more information]
Aside from regular FFA, this workshop preset comes with unique gametypes to add extra variety. They are titled as follows with the number in the brackets as their gametype ID: (2) Chase, (3) Survival and (4) Assassinate.


  • A player at the start of the match possess a diamond
  • While a player holds the diamond, they passively obtain 1 point every 5s
  • If the player who holds the diamond is killed, the killer steals the diamond off them


  • Each round, players have 1 life and must fight before the timer hits 0
  • If 1 player is alive, they receive 1 point and the round ends
  • If timer hits 0, the round is declared as a draw and ends
  • The game ends once a player wins 3 rounds


NOTE: This gametype will not start until at least 3 players spawn

  • Each player is assigned a target and must eliminate them to earn a point
  • If a player dies to their target, they lose a point and are assigned a new target
  • The game ends once a player earns 10 points

Configuration Options

Found underneath the debugging rules, the host player can change certain settings for this workshop code. The instructions on how to change settings are found on each settings' rule name.


  • This option allows the player to set the gametype for the next match (default set to 1 - FFA)

Enable/Disable Dummy Bots

  • This option allows the player to choose whether to allow dummy bots (default set to true)

AI Difficulty

  • This option allows the player to adjust the AI's difficulty (default set to 1 - Easy)

Dummy Bot Amount

  • This option allows the player to adjust the cap on the amount of dummy bots (default set to 3 - low)

Limit Stealth Duration

  • This option allows the player to choose whether Stealth should have a maximum duration of 6s [default set to true]
  • Optionally, the host could change the number before the wait command if they wish to modify the duration
  • AI will ignore this rule and always have infinite Stealth duration

Known issues

  • Not all maps are compatible
  • AI can sometimes get stuck spinning around each other
  • If the player count in Assassinate drops below 3 after the game starts, the game does not end
    • As such, its possible to get no target in this scenario
  • In rare circumstances, a player could get no target in Assassinate
  • In Chase, if the player who holds the diamond is randomly assigned at the start and sits in hero select, the diamond becomes impossible to change targets and as such allows the holder to win through inactivity
  • In Survival, if all but 1 player is eliminated before 20s have passed, the round does not end until the aforementioned criteria is reached
  • Sometimes when a player exits Stealth just before the maximum duration is reached, they are forced to shoot for a brief moment


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Update Log


Dummy Bot Updates

  • The aim speed of AI now adjusts depending on their difficulty
  • On medium or higher difficulty, AI will reload if they cannot see opponents
    • On hard difficulty, they will only do so if they're far enough from an opponent to lower the chances of being jumped while reloading
  • On hard difficulty, if the AI is close enough to an opponent attempting to hack them they will use quick melee instead of shooting

Map Updates

Added support for the following maps:

  • Horizon Lunar Colony
  • Ilios Well

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where if the player exits stealth just before the maximum timer activates, they are forced to shoot for a brief moment

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Added a shortened link to the information page for this gamemode in the description
  • Added version number in the description

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a bug where Nepal Village was enabled despite no map data existing


  • Fixed a bug where if the holder leaves the game, the gamemode becomes stuck


  • Fixed a bug where it is possible to get an unspawned target
  • Fixed a bug where if a player's target leaves the game, the target does not change
This code is over 6 months old. This might mean the code has expired and will no longer function.
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