It's like Overwatch, but yassified. I've made twenty-two new hero designs, seven tanks, seven supports and eight DPS and each one is absolutely fabulous. Of course, I haven't necessarily balanced them against each other yet, so I imagine the game mode will have a low time to kill, but those are things I can balance out! So, without further waffling about, here's a brief description of each new Pokemon hero!



A close-range wall with a dangerous head bash, Bastiodon is the only Pokemon to wield a barrier.

Primary Fire: Bulldoze
  • Stomps on the ground and deals rippling damage.

Secondary Fire: Wide Guard
  • Erects a wide barrier.

Ability 1: Head Smash
  • Lunges forward, stuns and deals heavy knockback and damage.

Ability 2: Power Gem
  • Fires a barrage of homing gems.

Ultimate: Earthquake
  • Stuns all enemies in a radius.


Farigiraf comes equipped with a hearty snack and a way to lock its enemies down with Imprison.

Primary Fire: Twin Beam
  • Fires two short-range beams consecutively.

Secondary Fire: Endure
  • While holding the key, gains immense damage resistance and becomes slower, at the cost of being able to act.

Ability 1: Hyper Voice
  • Deals audio damage and knockback in front of Farigiraf. While Psychic Terrain is active, Hyper Voice becomes Expanding Force, increasing its damage, range and hits all around Farigiraf.

Ability 2: Imprison
  • Places a cage on the ground that stops enemies caught inside from leaving.

Ultimate: Psychic Terrain
  • Creates a terrain that slows enemies and forces them to the ground, while boosting allied damage.


A ghostly jellyfish with incredible durability, Jellicent preys on its enemies life force.

Primary Fire: Hydro Pump
  • Fires a stream of water that deals critical damage.

Secondary Fire: Shadow Ball
  • Fires a shadowy, explosive orb..

Ability 1: Strength Sap
  • Drains an enemy's health, and reduces their damage dealt.

Ability 2: Water Spout
  • Showers water over enemies, dealing damage in a wide radius.

Ultimate: Destiny Bond
  • Gains extra health. Damage taken will be partially dealt back to enemies in a radius. If killed, kills all enemies in a radius of Jellicent's corpse after a long delay.


Normally a friendly Pokemon who enjoys ferrying humans around, Lapras now unleashes its icy attacks.

Primary Fire: Ice Shard
  • Rapid fire projectile weapon.

Secondary Fire: Hydro Pump
  • Fires a beam of water that knocks back enemies.

Ability 1: Surf
  • Rides a wave forward that damages and sweeps away enemies.

Ability 2: Mist
  • Gains overhealth, reduces damage taken for all allies in a radius and heals self.

Ultimate: Perish Song
  • Sings a song that damages and slows enemies. If the enemies are under 40% HP after a long delay, they are instantly killed.


She eats dreams, and she's ready to crush them too. Musharna is a disruptive force on the battlefield, and one that is incredibly difficult to take down.

Primary Fire: Psybeam
  • Fires a long range beam that deals damage in a cone.

Secondary Fire: Shadow Ball
  • Fires an orb of ghostly energy that briefly disables abilities.

Ability 1: Moonlight
  • Heals self and allies in a radius.

Ability 2: Hypnosis
  • Sleep-inducing beam.

Ultimate: Future Sight
  • Targets an area. After a short delay, enemies in that area take heavy damage and are put to sleep.

Passive: Dream Eater
  • Heals for an amount depending on how many enemies are asleep.

Slowking (Galar)

Slowking spreads sludge around the battlefield, and traps enemies with devastating Future Sights..

Primary Fire: Sludge Bomb
  • Fires a ball of sludge.

Secondary Fire: Future Sight
  • Targets an area, which explodes and stuns enemies after a short delay.

Ability 1: Teleport
  • Teleports after a brief delay.

Ability 2: Toxic
  • Inflicts toxic poisoning that worsens over time. Heals self equivalent to Toxic damage.

Ultimate: Sludge Wave
  • Channels a wave of sludge that knocks enemies away.

Passive: Regenerator
  • Heals over time after being out of combat for a time..


Togekiss soars above the fray and spreads peace and joy... Well, peace after its enemies are gone, anyway.

Primary Fire: Fairy Wind
  • A stream of damaging wind.

Secondary Fire: Air Slash
  • Fires a jet of air that stuns enemies.

Ability 1: Fly
  • Flies into the air.

Ability 2: Roost
  • Heals self, but cannot fly while healing.

Ultimate: Sky Attack
  • Charges up an attack that deals heavy damage and knockback in a straight line.

Passive: Serene Grace
  • Glides through air while holding Jump.



Chandelure blasts its enemies with fire, then Hexes them to take advantage of their suffering...

Primary Fire: Ember
  • Rapidly shoots balls of fire.

Secondary Fire: Hex
  • Hexes a targeted enemy through shields. Damage increases drastically if enemy has a negative condition.

Ability 1: Flame Burst
  • Propels self in the air with fire.

Ability 2: Fire Spin
  • Summons a vortex of fire.

Ultimate: Overheat
  • Unleashes a wave of fire.

Passive: Flame Body
  • Repeated Fire-type attacks will set enemies on fire..


Flygon uses the powers of the earth and dragons to slay its foes..

Primary Fire: Scale Shot
  • Fires a barrage of tough scales.

Secondary Fire: Earth Power
  • Targets an area, then summons a small eruption of earth.

Ability 1: Fly
  • Flies into the air for a short time.

Ability 2: Rock Blast
  • Fires a barrage of large rocks that knock enemies back.

Ultimate: Draco Meteor
  • Summons meteors where it's aiming, dealing massive damage.


Gardevoir fights with elegance, grace and precision to cleanly destroy her enemies.

Primary Fire: Psyshock
  • Fires a fast-moving projectile.

Secondary Fire: Magical Leaf
  • Fires a flurry of homing leaves.

Ability 1: Teleport
  • Teleports instantaneously.

Ability 2: Will-O-Wisp
  • Burns an enemy, cutting attack and dealing damage over time.

Ultimate: Moonblast
  • Strikes a targeted area repeatedly with attacks from the moon.


Glaceon strikes with cool, calculated precision and devastating firepower..

Primary Fire: Ice Beam
  • Long-range sniper weapon. Critical hits freeze enemies. Hold secondary fire to scope in and increase damage.

Ability 1: Icicle Crash
  • Launches self into the air using a chain of ice.

Ability 2: Powder Snow
  • Freezes enemies in a radius.

Ultimate: Blizzard
  • Deals damage and slows enemies in a targeted radius.


Lopunny's fearsome melee combat and mobility make up for its lack of ranged presence.

Primary Fire: Double Kick
  • Kicks twice in front of itself.

Secondary Fire: Fake Out
  • Lunges forward and fakes out enemies, causing them to flinch.

Ability 1: Bounce
  • Bounces on its fluffy tail into the air, striking enemies when it lands. Landing directly on an enemy will stun them..

Ability 2: Magic Coat
  • Bounces back projectiles.

Ultimate: Mega Evolution
  • Mega Evolves into Mega Lopunny, becoming faster and more durable, and replaces Double Kick with Close Combat.

Passive: Agility
  • Can climb on walls.


Raichu's blistering speed and tricky abilities make it a slippery threat..

Primary Fire: Thunder Shock
  • Precise jolt of electricity.

Secondary Fire: Discharge
  • Charges up electricity, then releases it to stun enemies and launch into the air.

Ability 1: Wild Charge
  • Sacrifices HP to charge forward, knocking enemies away.

Ability 2: Wish
  • Wishes for healing. The wish is granted after a short delay.

Ultimate: Thunder
  • Calls down a strong lightning bolt that stuns and slows enemies.


Ribombee flutters around, shedding scales and sticky webs and deals terrifying damage.

Primary Fire: Silver Wind
  • Fires a flurry of scales.

Secondary Fire: Signal Beam
  • Charges up and unleashes a beam of energy.

Ability 1: Quiver Dance
  • Bounces up in the air and becomes faster, and heals self.

Ability 2: Sticky Web
  • Drops a sticky web that slows enemies.

Ultimate: Pollen Puff
  • Fires a sticky puff of pollen that detonates after a short delay.

Passive: Fly
  • Glides through the air.


Zoroark disguises itself among the terrain and ambushes its enemies with tricky Dark-type attacks.

Primary Fire: Night Daze
  • Fires a short-range beam.

Secondary Fire: Shadow Ball
  • Fires a slow moving, explosive projectile.

Ability 1: Illusion
  • While the button is held, turns invisible and moves faster. Marks nearby enemies. While decloaking, marked enemies take damage.

Ability 2: Snarl
  • Snarls at enemies, damaging and lowering their attack.

Ultimate: Punishment
  • Punishes an enemy with heavy damage. Punished enemy draws nearby enemies toward themself, before detonating.



Azumarill uses its life-saving bubbles to protect its allies, while also burning enemies with Scald.

Primary Fire: Bubble
  • Slow-moving, explosive projectile weapon.

Secondary Fire: Bubble Beam
  • Stream of healing bubbles

Ability 1: Aqua Jet
  • Becomes faster, knocks enemies away and heals self.

Ability 2: Scald
  • Fires a beam that burns enemies, cuttng attack.

Ultimate: Surf
  • Channels a wave of water that sweeps away enemies and heals allies.


Clefable protects and aids its allies with its deep movepool..

Primary Fire: Dazzling Gleam
  • Shines a ray of dazzling light at enemies.

Secondary Fire: Helping Hand
  • Briefly empowers an ally.

Ability 1: Cosmic Power
  • Empowers its own defenses, and heals allies.

Ability 2: Soft-Boiled
  • Gives healing eggs to its allies.

Ultimate: Healing Wish
  • Charges up and revives all allies in a radius.

Passive: Magic Guard
  • Is immune to damage over time.


Glimmora sets down its trademark field hazards and bolsters its allies' health, while having a commanding offensive presence.

Primary Fire: Power Gem
  • Fires a barrage of ricocheting gems.

Secondary Fire: Iron Defense
  • Places a Terastal crystal formation that grants all allies in a radius recoverable shields, and heals allies in a smaller radius.

Ability 1: Stealth Rock
  • Places five explosive rocks on the field.

Ability 2: Acid Spray
  • Fires acid that lowers enemies' defenses.

Ultimate: Meteor Beam
  • Targets an area to get attacked by a meteor.

Passive: Toxic Debris
  • Drops Toxic Spikes when killed.


Gothitelle may seem non-threatening at first, but its Psychic gets stronger over time, and it can block healing with Snatch. Then, when you think you're safe, it surprises you with Shadow Tag.

Primary Fire: Psychic
  • Targets an enemy, and deals light damage that stacks with every hit.

Secondary Fire: Heal Pulse
  • Channels a long-range targeted healing beam.

Ability 1: Ally Switch
  • Teleports to a teammate, and deals damage upon arrival. Can target dead allies.

Ability 2: Snatch
  • Fires a projectile that redirects most of the healing affected enemies would receive to Gothitelle.

Ultimate: Trick Room
  • Tricky aura that heals allies, accelerates move speed and cooldowns for allies, and damages, slows and decelerates cooldowns for enemies.

Passive: Shadow Tag
  • If an enemy marked by Psychic stacks moves far enough away or breaks line of sight, Gothitelle can teleport to them by pressing Interact.


Klefki darts around the battlefield, using its wide movepool to annoy enemies and support its teammates.

Primary Fire: Flash Cannon
  • Rapid-fire projectile weapon.

Secondary Fire: Fairy Lock
  • Damages and draws an enemy toward Klefki.

Ability 1: Magic Room
  • Creates a field that heals allies when they deal damage, and deals damage to enemies when they take damage.

Ability 2: Light Screen
  • Reduces damage taken for an ally and heals them.

Ultimate: Steel Beam
  • Fires a high-damage beam. For a time afterward, enemies hit by the beam will take additional damage when attacked.

Passive: Prankster
  • After not taking damage for a time, movement speed is drastically increased.


Leavanny weaves cocoons out of silk to protect its allies, and unleashes its fierce blades on its enemies.

Primary Fire: Razor Leaf
  • Fires a barrage of sharp leaves..

Secondary Fire: Synthesis
  • Fires a concentrated beam of healing with finite resources. Recharges over time and by dealing damage.

Ability 1: Leaf Blade
  • Slashes enemies, healing self for every enemy hit.

Ability 2: String Shot
  • Wraps a cocoon around allies or self, reducing damage taken.

Ultimate: Leaf Storm
  • Fires a barrage of homing leaves that either damage and knock away enemies, or heal allies.

Passive: Leaf Guard
  • Gains damage resistance at full health.


The trickster Whimsicott inflicts various status on its enemies, and speeds up its allies.

Primary Fire: Moonblast
  • Slow-moving, explosive projectile..

Secondary Fire: Stun Spore
  • Fires a spore that paralyzes enemies, and occasionally stuns them..

Ability 1: Tailwind
  • Increases ally's speed in a radius.

Ability 2: Taunt
  • Fires a projectile that disables enemy abilities..

Ultimate: Solar Beam
  • Fires a beam that damages enemies and heals allies. Radiates healing aura.

Passive: Aromatherapy
  • Heals allies when dealing damage.

Passive: Wind Rider
  • Glides on the wind when holding Jump.


This post utilizes other codes either in part or in full. This could be because they remixed them, used parts of them, were inspired by them, or other reasons.

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