New Pokemon Inspired Support Hero: Ampharos

I've returned to making these! Ampharos is a very territorial sheep, boasting many tools to allow its teammates to hold their ground, while also having a strong electrical bite. Simply pick Ana, and jolt your enemies to the grave!

Primary Fire: Thunder Shock

  • Ampharos charges up and unleashes a jolt of electricity, damaging enemies for up to 80 damage. Can headshot. Max charge time is 0.65 seconds with a 0.15 second recovery time. Consumes a max of 10 Charge.

Secondary Fire: Thunder Wave

  • Ampharos releases a gentle wave of electricity to stimulate its allies' recovery, healing them for 55 HP over 0.6 seconds. 0.7 second recovery time. Consumes 10 Charge.

Ability 1: Magnetic Flux

  • Ampharos places a mass of energy that grants all allies in a 25 metre radius 50 extra shields. This generator has 300 HP, and can be moved around with another press of the Ability 1 button. 17 second cooldown when broken. Consumes 40 Charge when initially placed. Press Primary Fire to place it.

Ability 2: Shock Wave

  • Ampharos fires a high-voltage beam of electricty that deals 25 damage and stuns enemies for 0.8 seconds. 10 second cooldown. Consumes 20 Charge.

Ultimate: Discharge

  • Ampharos discharges all excess energy in its body, channeling it into a beam that heals allies and damages and hacks enemies. 50 damage per second, 110 healing per second. 6 second duration. 1960 ultimate cost.

Passive: Charge

Ampharos' unique ammo system. Hold Reload to refill the meter, which will also heal it for 50 HPS. Ampharos cannot use any abilities while recharging. Ampharos can store a max of 150 Charge.

  • Since Magnetic Flux uses an invisible dummy bot to simulate destroying a deployable object, the generator will contest objectives if attacked but not destroyed. It may also move if hit with a knockback effect. It will not contest objectives until attacked.
Players | 1 - 10
Categories: New Heroes
Heroes: Ana
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0.0



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