Sleep 'N Yeet

Sleep 'N Yeet is a super simple yet super fun gamemode that involves throwing enemies off the island! By using Ana's Sleep Dart, you can knock a foe down so that you can pick them up onto the top of your head! Make sure to throw them off the island quickly, or else they will awake from their slumber and escape. Also, you'll have to watch out for other wake enemies, as they may want to steal your prey!

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Project: Phantom

Play as the Phantom, who can go through walls, teleport, and make ghosts to trick those who are helpless against him!

Or play as one of seven survivors, each with a unique playstyle, and survive from the ongoing threat of the phantom. Work as a team to make sure at least one of you stay alive before the timer runs out.

Get some friends, and jump in on this experience!

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