Player Destruction: A TF2 Gamemode

General Gameplay:

This mode is a recreation of TF2's Player Destruction mode. Collect orbs from killing enemy players, then deposit the orbs into the beam (which spawns periodically).
First team to reach the goal score wins!

  1. Each player must collect orbs from the enemy team.
  2. In order to do this, the player must kill them.
  3. Once they die, they spawn an orb with the amount of orbs the enemy player had plus the one they dropped. (Ex. 6 orbs + 1 from death).
  4. The player can deny the enemy team points by collecting their own teammates' orbs.
  5. The points earned from a teammate's orb is just the amount they have collected (i.e. If they had zero orbs, the player will get zero orbs as well).
  6. Eventually, the moving beam spawns. Players must stand in the beam in order to deposit their orbs 1 by 1. This will add to the total team score. This is the only way to earn points.
  7. After some time, the beam will despawn. The next round begins...


Team Leaders and Total Count:

  1. Team leaders are players that have the most orbs of the team (and have at least 1 orb).
  2. When a player is a team leader, they will have an icon above their head along with the number of orbs they currently have and their ultimate charge percentage.
  3. This mark and number can be seen by everyone and anywhere in the map.
  4. Team Leaders essentially become tempting targets for the enemy team.
  5. When the player becomes a Team leader, they also get a HUD text that says "TEAM LEADER!" This way, the player know they are visible to everyone in the game.
  6. Teammates, protect your team leader!
  • The total count of all the orbs for each team can be seen as a HUD text on the left hand side of the screen. Use this to help know if someone is holding a decent load of orbs while not being the team leader.


Important Notes:

  • For those familiar with Player Destruction from TF2, There are multiple differences between this version of Player Destruction and the one in TF2.
  • In TF2, the team leader received self healing and could heal nearby teammates. This does not happen in this version. Due to the flexibility of team compositions, the team should be able to protect the team leader. Instead, healing is granted to the player who manages to kill the team leader.
  • In TF2, each map had different ways to deposit the orbs. (Watergate had a UFO that moved, Monster Bash had bridges that would spawn and lead to the point, etc.) All maps in this version function the exact same way: A moving beam that starts at one point of the map to the other point. No gravity altercations either.
  • In TF2, the game could go on for infinity. In this version of Player Destruction, there is a round system that prevents this.
  • In TF2, there was a set spawn point where players can hide in. In this version, players are given protection for a little bit once they spawn, but afterwards, they are completely open to attack.


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Script Files:

  • If the code is expired, copy the script under "Code Snippet" below and paste it into the custom game lobby settings.


  • Thanks to Ikra#2825 (for scripting assistance for orb collection).
  • Thanks to the original creators of the mode, with details located here: Link to Steam Workshop


Heroes: All
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.2.7



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