Boss Summoners: Hybrid Mode of Control & Boss

Boss Summoners, a hybrid gamemode of control and a boss fight!

The premise of this game is simple. One team must capture the control point, and get kills as the boss. When a team captures the control point, one player of the team becomes the boss. Then as the boss, they must try to get kills before they are killed. The teammates of the boss must aid him by killing enemy players to freeze them in place, in order to make them an easy picking for the boss. Once the boss is eliminated, the next round begins, and the point reopens for capture.

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  1. The rules to the mode are simple; however, there are critical details.
  2. There are two phases: Control and Boss.
  3. First team to 20 points wins the game.
  4. The team composition is 6v6.
  5. The maps are all one part of control maps. The maps included are Oasis University, Oasis Gardens, Oasis City Center, Lijiang Control Center, Lijiang Garden, Lijiang Night Market, Nepal Sanctum, Nepal Shrine, and Nepal Village.
  6. The max time of the match is 30 minutes.


Phase 1: Control:

  1. This is the phase where the game starts.
  2. A summoning point is in the middle of the map, normally in the area where the regular summoning point in Control is located at.
  3. The capture mechanic works differently than in Control. One player must be standing on the control point uncontested at all times in order to gain percentage.
  4. The percentage is earned at 2.5% per second.
  5. The point is considered contested when at least one player of the opposing team is on the point with the capturing player.
  6. The player closest to the center of the control point while uncontested will have a beam connected to them. This beam indicates who will become the boss when the capture is complete.
  7. This beam will move to whoever is currently the closest player to the center of the point.
  8. Percentage earned will not revert until one team captures the point. In that case, both teams capture percentage will revert to 0.


Phase 2: Boss:

  1. When one team captures the point, the player that has the beam connected to them will become the boss.
  2. There are five bosses: Roadhog, Reinhardt, Winston, Orisa, and Sigma.
  3. Each boss has two kits (10 kits total) that they can choose that alters their playstyle. More details about each kit: GUIDE LINK
  4. The boss has the burning status constantly on him.
  5. The boss cannot heal, and his health constantly degenerates over time.
  6. Kills that the boss makes will count to team score.
  7. If a team player of the boss makes a kill, the victim becomes frozen and is bound by a curse (indicated by orange sparkles). This curse keeps the victim frozen for 3 seconds, and if anyone besides the boss attacks the cursed player, the attacker receive the exact same amount of damage.
  8. The player who curses the victim automatically calls out "Group Up" for the boss to know.
  9. The enemy team of the boss is encouraged to avoid the boss, but if they do damage to the boss, they speed up the boss' health degeneration.
  10. When the boss dies, the game reverts to assemble hero phase for 15 seconds.
  11. Now, the cycle repeats.


  • Work together as a team. This is built in mind with the main Overwatch philosophy of working together.
  • If your team gets the boss, make sure to help the boss. Don't try to steal his kills, and if you do get a kill, try to get the boss' attention instead of shooting the player again. You will only hurt yourself this way.
  • Boss, don't be afraid to get in there. Use your ult to create holes to pick off enemy players. Despite that, don't be stupid and be completely surrounded by the enemy team without your allies. You will only end your turn much faster.
  • Boss, watch out for ledges! That can instantly make your huge health pool ineffective.


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Script Files:

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Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 26 more...
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Version: 1.3.1



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