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Sleep 'N Yeet is a super simple yet super fun gamemode that involves throwing enemies off the island! By using Ana's Sleep Dart, you can knock a foe down so that you can pick them up onto the top of your head! Make sure to throw them off the island quickly, or else they will awake from their slumber and escape. Also, you'll have to watch out for other wake enemies, as they may want to steal your prey!

Don't have any friends to share the fun? Maybe you want to host a while-you-wait lobby and gather players over time? Don't you worry, this gamemode has AI. Whenever the player count is less than 8, AI will fill the place and attempt to kill you. They are pretty accurate and very efficient when taking out the trash.

With several workshop settings to customize the experience, this mode could be the perfect gamemode to play while waiting to get into a match, or maybe it can help train your Ana sleep dart aim!

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Update Log (11)


Finally, another update for Sleep 'N Yeet!


  • Community requested feature player stacking is here!
    • What this means that players can now pick up multiple players at a time, and throw multiple players at a time. All the players thrown will count towards the throwing players score.
    • It also doesn't just stack players in the same spot; it stacks players on top of each other.
    • If a player lower on the stack escapes, all the other players above them also escape!
    • If a player gets slept, all the players stacked will drop.
  • New Visual Effects:
    • There are rings that indicate the pick up radius for a sleeping player.
    • There ire gold sparkles around the player in the lead.
  • There is new HUD information:
    • The HUDs have been changed to indicate input binds instead of default keybinds.
    • There is a new AI Enabled hud that tells player how many bots are currently in the match. (Currently not translated, but hopefully will soon)
    • There is a new News HUD that will pop up time to time. When the news is old I will update the code to remove that HUD text. Make sure to copy from code than preset to ensure the latest updates!
  • New Workshop setting values!
    • These allow the average player to adjust gamemode specific values from the lobby settings menu.
    • There is a general section that has:
      • Pickup radius (rings will also adapt to the value)
      • Ultimate charge per elimination.
      • Auto Escape
      • Sleep Duration
    • There are bot values that can be adjusted.
      • Bots enabled/disabled.
      • Max bots that spawn (depending on the players currently in the match)
      • Bot inaccuracy range.
    • Debug HUD


  • Sleep duration is manually applied when the player is put to sleep.
  • Sleep spam reset has changed. Instead of giving ultimate charge, the player respawns.

Potential Bugs:

  • Sometimes the player might get stuck on top of a player and cannot escape. However, using a sleep dart on the player carrying them can reset that.


  • Added anti-sleep spam counter measure. (If the player is constantly slept by a bunch of bullies, he will eventually get his ult to wake up)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed pick up player across map bug
  • Fixed UI indicating to pick up player from anywhere on map


  • Organized more strings under the language rules
  • Added disable inspector recording for increased performance
  • Added more rules/conditions to help optimize certain rules and AI patterns.


  • Bot spawn bug fix for last patch
  • Added message to clarify when a player escaped your grasp
  • Changed the fling message to yeet.
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