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Sleep 'N Yeet is a super simple yet super fun gamemode that involves throwing enemies off the island! By using Ana's Sleep Dart, you can knock a foe down so that you can pick them up onto the top of your head! Make sure to throw them off the island quickly, or else they will awake from their slumber and escape. Also, you'll have to watch out for other wake enemies, as they may want to steal your prey!

Don't have any friends to share the fun? Maybe you want to host a while-you-wait lobby and gather players over time? Don't you worry, this gamemode has AI. Whenever the player count is less than 8, AI will fill the place and attempt to kill you. They are pretty accurate and very efficient when taking out the trash.

Now with many workshop settings, you can do all sorts of tuning for your ideal Sleep 'N Yeet experience! Don't want bots? No problem. Want to be giant? No problem. Want to throw Ana across the universe (figuratively speaking)? No problem!


  • You can leave a comment here, or you can check out the Grandeur Hammers discord and leave feedback there (linked in my profile!)

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Overwatch Contenders Gauntlet 2020 (Timestamp included): https://youtu.be/FmNRj2AgJ2k?t=1197


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Update Log (16)

Bug Fix:

  • Sometimes the leader status can still get unsynced (if leader disconnects, there was a chance it was given to the wrong person if they were in the lobby longer). The bug fix should now prevent that.


  • Added a new map: Workshop Chamber. You may be wondering, how does it work? Well, this map was turned into a hot air balloon basically, and in addition to the cosmetic effects that make it look like one, everyone spawns at the top of the stage.


  • Spawn systems has been reworked. Functionally, players should not notice too much of a difference. It was redesigned for the sake of the new map, since players had to be teleported at spawn. This spawn system attempts to spawn players as far away as possible.
  • Leader. The leader (whoever is in first place) has been changed to be more accurate. So this is kinda of a bug fix, but the leader now has a yellow outline instead of a yellow aura, and the leader has a yellow circle instead of a red one. The leader not is bug fixed to match whoever it actually in first place (before certain conditions would make it inaccurate).
  • The in-world text and HUD look a bit different.

Bug Fixes:

  • Leader status should be accurate now.

1.3.2 Changes:

  • Bug fixed an issue with bots and automatic issues from the result of an Overwatch Workshop bug.
  • Bots should work again.
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