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This project is certified by Grandeur Hammers: https://grandeurhammers.com

Welcome to the horror, survival-based workshop mode Project: Phantom!

Play as the Phantom, who can go through walls, teleport, and make ghosts to trick those who are helpless against him!

Or play as one of seven survivors, each with a unique playstyle, and survive from the ongoing threat of the phantom. Work as a team to make sure at least one of you stay alive before the timer runs out.

Get some friends, and jump in on this experience!




Made with OverPy by Zezombye

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Update Log (10)

1.2.1 Changes:

  • Removed Discord Link. Replaced GH Link with GH discord link.


  • Added new timer: Dynamic Timer.
    • This timer is set based on how many players are in the match at the start of the match. This means that this mode should be fair to groups of any size, instead of being too favorable to the phantom or the survivors. A static timer can be set in the workshop settings.
  • Reworked Hanzo:
    • Passive: Now can see much further in the fog. No longer has outlines, but instead has an eye icon above each Phantom. Other players can see this icon. Icon only appears when Hanzo has line of sight and is viewing them.
    • Instead of sonic arrow, he now has his leap.
  • Fog adjustments: Now it is black. (Due to a lighting glitch, it is still white on Ecopoint, which is perfect). Fog also updates every tick, meaning it is smoother.
  • Survivor Ring adjustments: Tracer and Winston have rings to indicate their grab distance when they use a certain ability. This ring updates per tick, meaning it is smooth.
  • Wrecking Ball nerfed: His force field ability can not longer repel a phantom when in wraith mode. Cooldowns for abilities are longer.
  • Winston grab cooldowns adjusted.
  • Phantom teleportation teleport is now more merciful.
  • Phantom cannot melee as soon out of Wraith as before.

Bugs fixed:

  • Hanzo HP character switch overflow fixed.
  • Several outline application bugs fixed.
  • Tracer's rewind not picking up players.
  • Ghost not wraithing due to internal workshop change.
  • Wrecking Ball ball form respawn fixed.
  • Improper icon deletion fixed.
  • Winston grab bugs fixed.


  • After some testing, it seemed to result from the server being bad for that day. Further tests showed it did not happen like that again, so I am adding Ecopoint: Antarctica back and removing the inferior winter version.
  • If this does happen again, then simply just remove the map from the list and play on the others.
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