Project: Phantom - Horror Multiplayer Gamemode


Welcome to the horror, survival-based workshop mode Project: Phantom!

Play as the monster Reaper, who can go through walls, teleport, and make ghosts, to trick those who are helpless against him!

Or play as one of seven survivors, whose mission is to delay/escape from the Reaper until time expires. You can run, but you cannot hide from the Reaper!

It is best experienced if you just jump in to experience the horror! With foggy weather, Reaper always sneaking up, survivor team synergy, this mode can provide a lot of replayability!

This project is certified by Grandeur Hammers:



  • Why are skins disabled?

    • If skins were allowed, Reaper's ghost ability wouldn't work as players would be able to tell the real from the fake.
  • Why are there only 7 playable survivors?

    • During mid alpha, I wanted to make the survivors more unique, kinda like how TF2 handled their characters. So currently there is only 7 because all of them should be capable of surviving in their own way, and usually can synergize with teammates. I included descriptions in game to help you understand what unique role they fill.
  • Reaper is so OP/UP!

    • If he is OP, you are not outsmarting him enough, or using your abilities wisely. Maybe you need to work with teammates more? If you think he is UP, I think the Reaper is not utilizing his kit to the fullest potential. In my playtests I noticed newer Reaper's don't like using his ghost ability as much as they should.
  • Will there be updates?

    • No updates are current planned.


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Update Log


  • After some testing, it seemed to result from the server being bad for that day. Further tests showed it did not happen like that again, so I am adding Ecopoint: Antarctica back and removing the inferior winter version.
  • If this does happen again, then simply just remove the map from the list and play on the others.

Hotfix coming in!

Map Switch:

  • Ecopoint: Antarctica was swapped with Ecopoint: Antarctica (Winter)
    • Currently the reason is unknown, but it seems that exclusively on that map, the server load average is extremely high compared to other maps. Further investigation of the script does not seem to indicate that anything from the script is causing it. Despite that, the true reason is unknown, and the event version of this map does not have this problem. As a result, it will be swapped (temporarily hopefully) with it.

Character Bug Fixes:

  • All survivors
    • Fixed bug with duplicating UI if character was not changed after respawn.
  • Winston
    • Added a check to prevent an exploit where he can shortened his leap cooldown by repeatedly picking up a person after each leap.
  • Tracer
    • Added an action to reduce her rewind cooldown to 0 after initial spawn.

Update time!

This patch is somewhat big interally, since I moved the project from using the native Overwatch script to OverPy script. But chances are you will not care about that, so here are the rest of the changes:

Grandeur Hammers:

  • If you didn't know, I am a member of Grandeur Hammers. With this patch, it has been certified by Grandeur Hammers, and now has a hud element that indicates this verification and gives a link.


  • Also with this patch, the mode has been renamed from Project: Reaper to Project: Phantom.

Survivor Changes:

  • Fog is closer to the survivor.
  • Survivor is now 90% scale.
  • Survivor HUD and effect system has been reworked to allow for seamless changing of characters at any time. (I.e. you get to see the HUD and stuff for your survivor during waiting for game as a result).
  • Health HUD has been adjusted to be more clear.
  • Survivor now moves at 100% (versus 105% speed before)
  • Cooldowns are now manually set for every ability (that means if Overwatch updates some cooldowns to different values, this gamemode will not be affected.)
  • Nametags are now yellow for easier visibility.

Moira changes:

  • Note: The problem with Moira is that she sacrificed her health in order to heal people. While it might be a neat concept, in play not many people wanted to play her (What a shock people wanted to keep playing the game). AS a result, changes were made to her heal.
  • Her heal no longer damages Moira. It is on cooldown for 60 seconds, and it heals for 1 HP (150 OW HP)

Hanzo changes:

  • Cooldown for sonic arrow reduced from 10 to 9 seconds.
  • Fixed outline not showing for Reaper ghost.

Wrecking Ball changes:

  • Note: Wrecking Ball proved to be better than Symmetra at her job, as was really difficult to push into with two stacked together. As a result, cooldown adjustments were made.
  • Force field ability now has a longer cooldown (20 seconds cooldown).
  • Minefield ult charge now takes much longer.

Symmetra changes:

  • Note: Symmetra needed to be better at her job. One of her core weaknesses is being moved out of her setup, but it seemed a bit too strong for a weakness. Changes were made to her teleport ability to help her adapt to situations better.
  • Teleporter cooldown is now 30 seconds.
  • When teleporter is destroyed, her turret charges are set to 3.

Winston changes:

  • Note: People love to troll with Winston, and I don't blame them. However, I did make some changes to make the trolling as avoidable as possible.
  • When Winston picks up a player, his leap cooldown is set to 3 seconds.

Phantom (Reaper) changes:

  • Redid the teleporting hud and movement.
    • Now, teleport flight is much smoother.
    • HUD now is shown at the position of the cursor.
    • The cursor movement is much smoother.
    • The flight respects controller throttle, meaning flight can use throttles between 0 and 1 instead of just 0 and 1.
  • Cursor is now present at most times.
  • The reason this is is because the ghost is always summoned at cursor position instead of right below the Reaper.
  • Reaper is now 120% scaled.
  • Reaper now moves faster than the survivors.
  • Wraith form now gives a smaller speed increase than before (125% instead of 150% in terms of normal OW speed).

Language adjustments:

  • Updated localization files (ok, I kid, but I did adjust some strings and fixed some typos).

Ok, it is finally time to bring this out of alpha into 1.0. (Yes I skipped beta because it basically turned into a beta).

So, I will be busy due to school, so I decided to polish what I had and release it, since IMO it already was pretty playable and fun, and can contain replayability.

Anyways, here are the patch notes (from what I can recall):

  • A new survivor: Winston

    • He is built around team mobility. Just like DK he can pick up players and throw them!
    • In addition he can leap himself, so he can leap then throw a teammate to scatter them about.
    • Good for when anchors like Symmetra loses her defenses.
  • A survivor replacement: Sigma -> Wrecking Ball.

    • Sigma has a good kit idea, but he wasn't the best template to use.
    • So instead, Wrecking Ball will fill his role.
    • With WB's ult, he can zone an area that makes it difficult for Reaper to push.
    • Just like Sigma, WB also has an ability that can push Reaper away, even in Wraith form.
  • Map Adjustment:

    • Now the only three maps are Eichenwalde (Halloween), Necropolis, and Ecopoint: Antartica.
    • The point of this was to add stable maps and also play well, and can add to the spooky theme.
    • The other halloween maps had issues with NWP (Nearest walkable position) and death floors, so unfortunately removed.
    • The Eichenwalde pick makes sense, but Necropolis is also night and has some eerie sounds. Antartica is solely wind, and the fog turns into a snow storm instead (looks really cool btw).
  • An anti grief system for Winston and Tracer.

    • So they don't go around killing teammates.
  • Reaper has been adjusted a bit.

    • Cooldown adjustments.
    • Has a message that plays for teleport.
    • Ghost has a message that plays when spotting an enemy.
  • Survivor balancing.

  • HUD Adjusted

    • Info added on the top left corner that is toggeable.
    • Has Health and Winston grab pop up.
    • Also contains a tip that only one Reaper exists (mainly since that was the gate between brand new players and experienced players).
  • Small message for Tracer, Moira, and Winston abilties for other players.

    • Tracer warp.
    • Winston grab.
    • Moira heal and death.
  • Mostly all strings have been moved to variables to make for easier adjustment and translating.

  • Time has been adjusted to be default at 4 minutes 30 seconds.

  • Workshop settings have been added:

    • Info enabled by default.
    • Time settings.
    • Debug mode.

Ok, now this mode has a code for live: 8MM16

Unfortunately, due to scaling not making it to the live version of OW now, that is not present in this update, however, a bunch of changes still occurred.

Survivor Changes:

The hero count has been reduced by half, in exchange to making each hero more unique and stronger.

  • Brig: She if the frontline resistance. She has a powerful flail for knockback, and she has her shield bash to go to the frontlines for the team.

  • Moira: In addition to her wall phasing fade, she can now give health to teammates, overheal or not (this may change in the future). Nonetheless, she is the healer of the heroes.

  • Sigma: New character. He has been reworked from his normal OW style to be a barricader. In other words, he can place rocks that float stationary that make it hard for reaper to push. He also has his kinetic grasp reworked that pushes reaper back instead of sucking damage.

  • Symmetra: Hasn't changed much. She is the true anchor for the team.

  • Hanzo: The recon expert. He has sonic dart, his wall climb to escape, and can see reaper through the fog easily.

  • Tracer: She is very good. As a result she is one hit by default. She also has rewinding capabilities, and if her teammates are close enough, she can teleport them to her position after she rewinds.

More characters may be added in the future, but they will have care taken into what role they fit into.

Reaper Changes:

  • Reaper got some adjustments to his Wraith ability, now not forcing forward movement.

Other changes:

  • In addition, UI got reworked a bunch. Now it includes a toggeable info guide that allows you to learn about the characters abilities.
  • Health Adjustments have been made to the characters with shields to prevent the shields from potentially healing back too much.

Ok, another update!

More balance changes to Reaper and survivors:


  • Reaper cannot trap anymore. (Was very situational anyways)
  • Reaper is always moving forward with his wraith form.
  • Teleport allows reaper to no clip everything and fly. Reaper teleports based on where he is looking at instead of his actual position. This means he can teleport without making footsteps.
  • Teleport now allows Reaper to spawn a ghost (formerly called decoy).
  • Ghost now instantly teleports to ground when falling instead of rising from the ground. (Still rises from ground when spawning.)
  • CD Adjustments
  • Reaper is now stunned when dealing a successful hit.
  • Button for spawning a ghost moved to secondary fire to match the button asignment during teleport.


  • Mei received a rework with cryofreeze. Instead of healing, when it ends, it will freeze reaper for a few seconds if he is within los and within a 10 meter radius.
  • CD adjustments.
  • Everyone has melee. (Not that it will serve a meaningful purpose.)


  • Everyone has a melee hud icon.
  • Added a more formatted and informative hud for the gamemode on the right hand side.

Map Detail:

  • Added a dense fog, which makes it harder to spot the Reaper, but not the other way around. Spooky!

Internal Adjustments:

  • Adjusted some of the cooldowns for "new" abilities to use the cooldowns of existing, unused abilities to save on resources.
  • Since trap does not exist, Junkrat no longer spawns, which may cut on server resources.

And potentially more.


Ok, made some changes since the posting last night:

  • Bunch of character balancing. Some examples include 1 mine for Junk now, higher cooldowns for other characters. Reaper got some cooldown adjustments as well.
  • Bug fixes.

Special section for just the decoys of Reaper:

  • Added UI for Reaper Decoy.
  • Added abilities to Reaper Decoy. He now looks at players in his sight and uses Wraith form.
  • Added an ultimate ability for main Reaper to swap with his decoy. Pretty seemless, and their orientations are adjusted too. This will further increase the trickery that Reaper can pull.

Note: I made a bunch of changes without recording them, so this is a general overview of the important stuff.

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