Project: Reaper (Alpha)


Welcome to the horror, survival-based workshop mode Project Reaper (name not final)!

Play as the monster Reaper, who can go through walls, teleport, make decoys, and trap his victims, who are helpless against him!

Or play as one of nine survivors, whose mission is to delay/escape from the Reaper until time expires. You can run, but you cannot hide from the Reaper!

This is still in alpha, everything is subject to change technically but I am not mean.


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Update Log


Ok, now this mode has a code for live: 8MM16

Unfortunately, due to scaling not making it to the live version of OW now, that is not present in this update, however, a bunch of changes still occurred.

Survivor Changes:

The hero count has been reduced by half, in exchange to making each hero more unique and stronger.

  • Brig: She if the frontline resistance. She has a powerful flail for knockback, and she has her shield bash to go to the frontlines for the team.

  • Moira: In addition to her wall phasing fade, she can now give health to teammates, overheal or not (this may change in the future). Nonetheless, she is the healer of the heroes.

  • Sigma: New character. He has been reworked from his normal OW style to be a barricader. In other words, he can place rocks that float stationary that make it hard for reaper to push. He also has his kinetic grasp reworked that pushes reaper back instead of sucking damage.

  • Symmetra: Hasn't changed much. She is the true anchor for the team.

  • Hanzo: The recon expert. He has sonic dart, his wall climb to escape, and can see reaper through the fog easily.

  • Tracer: She is very good. As a result she is one hit by default. She also has rewinding capabilities, and if her teammates are close enough, she can teleport them to her position after she rewinds.

More characters may be added in the future, but they will have care taken into what role they fit into.

Reaper Changes:

  • Reaper got some adjustments to his Wraith ability, now not forcing forward movement.

Other changes:

  • In addition, UI got reworked a bunch. Now it includes a toggeable info guide that allows you to learn about the characters abilities.
  • Health Adjustments have been made to the characters with shields to prevent the shields from potentially healing back too much.

Ok, another update!

More balance changes to Reaper and survivors:


  • Reaper cannot trap anymore. (Was very situational anyways)
  • Reaper is always moving forward with his wraith form.
  • Teleport allows reaper to no clip everything and fly. Reaper teleports based on where he is looking at instead of his actual position. This means he can teleport without making footsteps.
  • Teleport now allows Reaper to spawn a ghost (formerly called decoy).
  • Ghost now instantly teleports to ground when falling instead of rising from the ground. (Still rises from ground when spawning.)
  • CD Adjustments
  • Reaper is now stunned when dealing a successful hit.
  • Button for spawning a ghost moved to secondary fire to match the button asignment during teleport.


  • Mei received a rework with cryofreeze. Instead of healing, when it ends, it will freeze reaper for a few seconds if he is within los and within a 10 meter radius.
  • CD adjustments.
  • Everyone has melee. (Not that it will serve a meaningful purpose.)


  • Everyone has a melee hud icon.
  • Added a more formatted and informative hud for the gamemode on the right hand side.

Map Detail:

  • Added a dense fog, which makes it harder to spot the Reaper, but not the other way around. Spooky!

Internal Adjustments:

  • Adjusted some of the cooldowns for "new" abilities to use the cooldowns of existing, unused abilities to save on resources.
  • Since trap does not exist, Junkrat no longer spawns, which may cut on server resources.

And potentially more.


Ok, made some changes since the posting last night:

  • Bunch of character balancing. Some examples include 1 mine for Junk now, higher cooldowns for other characters. Reaper got some cooldown adjustments as well.
  • Bug fixes.

Special section for just the decoys of Reaper:

  • Added UI for Reaper Decoy.
  • Added abilities to Reaper Decoy. He now looks at players in his sight and uses Wraith form.
  • Added an ultimate ability for main Reaper to swap with his decoy. Pretty seemless, and their orientations are adjusted too. This will further increase the trickery that Reaper can pull.

Note: I made a bunch of changes without recording them, so this is a general overview of the important stuff.

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