Brig's Boopfest



Script Files (English)

스크립트 파일(한국어) 코드: Z57JE


Brigs gather around for an ultimate booping competition. Who will remaining standing in the arena?

  • The objective of the mode is to boop players outside of the box-shaped arena in order to score points. This is a FFA battle. Unlike normal Brig, she has multiple tools to do this in this mode.
  • This mode was designed with the "While You Wait" feature in mind, so it is enabled by default. It is fun quick arcade matches while sitting in a 10 minute DPS queue!


Move Name Description
Self-Boop Self-Boop Now, Brigitte can self boop off of any surface!
Critical Hits Critical Hits If Brigitte hits a target that is airborne, they receive a critical hit and go extra far!
Shield Bash Shield Bash Brigitte's shield travels farther now too! However, it can only take one hit before it has a long recharge time!
Shield Crush Shield Crush Brigitte can crush her foes if they are against a wall. Useful for annoying campers!
Ultimate Ultimate Finally, Brigitte's Ultimate allows her to become completely invincible (except from the arena of course)



  • Thanks to 홀수돚거#3265 for Korean Translation. 한국어 번역을 도와주신 홀수돚거#3265님께 감사드립니다.

Update Log

1.2.0 (latest)


  • Player Cap increased from 6 players to 10 players.
  • Three new maps (Chateau Guillard, Halloween variant, and Havana).
  • New mechanic: Shield Crush. (To prevent people camping in corners).
  • Arena visual changes. (This makes arena easier to see).
  • All maps have been expanded. (To allow room for the 4 new players).
  • Necropolis has been given a unique spawning system to evenly spread players on each side of the map.
  • Bumpers have been removed. (With Shield crush, this system is no longer required.
  • Optimized existing script.
  • Added a timer reset if everyone leaves the match (Useful for dedicated server hosts).

Changes in 1.1.0:

  • First, this mode was optimized using the new actions and rules presented in 1.45.
  • Four new maps added: Volskaya Industries, Black Forest (with winter variation), and Workshop Expanse.
  • Spawn Launch Sequence adjusted. Now player must pick Brig, and all spawn launches require the player to aim.
  • Bumper mechanics adjusted. Now applies impulse to player sooner.
  • Arena visuals adjusted. Now is composed of red bad beams. Also, some orbs were removed as a result.
  • Now mode also has a script for Korean. Code for 1.1.0: S0QZX


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