Zombie Survival

The tale begins with a mysterious signal that reprograms a faction of Omnics, turning them into relentless, zombie-like adversaries. These Omnics are no longer interested in peaceful coexistence; instead, they seek to convert or eradicate all life forms they encounter. The world is caught off-guard by this sudden and devastating turn of events.
Ramattra, once a beacon of hope for Omnic-human relations, has become twisted by an unknown corruption. He believes that his new mission is to cleanse the earth and create a new order where only the strongest Omnics survive. throwing them at the heros to be tested on.

Special features

  • 50+ buyable locations
  • several perks
  • followers with dynamic AI
  • buyable Trap
  • teleporters
  • tons of "workshop setting" options to enjoy
  • boss fights (To Be Announced)
  • objectives (TBA)
  • easter eggs
  • Ai director (TBA)
  • story with audiotapes (TBA)
  • XP system that keeps level even after soft restart (except when "gamemode restarted") (TBA)


Perks All perks only buyable once unless the player dies
Juggernaut Gain double health
sprint burst Gain a stronger sprint when Hit by enemy
healing dealt & health regen sets healing dealt much higher
double-mag reloading only uses half a magazine instead of a full magazine
Self revive revives the player when playing in multiplayer
headshot maniac headshots ramp up damage, bodyshots ramp down damage
pack a punch Players unlock extra abilitys, and do bonus damage

how do i win?

get to wave 30, have 50,000 points and buy the ending!

why is coop different?

adding more players limits workshops potential bot amount, meaning you can have up to 1v18, 2v14, 3v10, 4v6. introducing balance across all groups is a key focus.

whats the replay value?

every playthrough will have, new spawn rooms, new starting hero's you can select, leveling system, buy locations are procedurally generated, and a random Omnic system with over 800 possible combinations!

how do i report bugs?

In the comments or in the workshop.codes discord server and ping me! - dropthatbeat

potential changes

  • hero switching/saves 2 heros to switch between
  • pack a punch effect: replace with echo effect, as the flaming effect can be too much
  • pack a punch: no longer carries between buying a new hero
  • achivements
  • storyline/ radio transmittions (cutscenes pulled player away from gameplay too much)
  • 4 perks max until downed with a hud icon for each perk


This post utilizes other codes either in part or in full. This could be because they remixed them, used parts of them, were inspired by them, or other reasons.

Players | 1 - 6
Categories: Survival, PvE, Hero Adjustments
Tags: zombies pve fun
Heroes: All
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 0.7.3


communicate ult
Throw monkey granade
Buy heros/ locations
communicate ult
Throw monkey granade
Buy heros/ locations
communicate ult
Throw monkey granade
Buy heros/ locations
communicate ult
Throw monkey granade
Buy heros/ locations
communicate ult
Throw monkey granade
Buy heros/ locations



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