1v6 PVP Raid Bosses (playable PVE assets)

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PVP? What is this?

So long story short, i was making another custom null sector raid boss but i came to my senses and said, why not make them playable? So i ended making the Imperial Warmech, Colossal Charger and a new raid boss known as the Devestator all playable raid bosses. All of them having weapons like the robot from the thumbnail and some having weak points that can all be destroyed. There is currently 3 raid bosses so far.

Will this be heavily worked on?

Well now that i have a place where i can just make Colossal Omnic Raid Bosses. It probably will be updated at random points but this mode is to not be taken seriously, this is just a sandbox i created for myself and push the limits of my creativity.

Can i leave suggestions for a Omnic raid boss?

Feel free to leave any suggestion, because who knows i might add them without letting you know...

Just a quick note, These assets can be taken and changed without any consequence as like i said, it's just a sandbox where i dump my ideas and make stuff to kill some time.

(Btw if you are alone, it's possible to play with bots and use a bot to play as the raid boss)

Players | 1 - 7
Tags: raid boss pvp
Heroes:, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Ramattra, and 33 more...
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