1v1 Gauntlet ⚔️

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  • Press Interact to restart the current challenge, if you already know that you lost and want to save some time
  • Hold Crouch + Ultimate to skip the current challenge, this will skip to the next unbeaten challenge
  • Hold Crouch + Jump to lock the current challenge, use this if you want to continue playing against a certain bot even after you beat the bot twice in a row

Game mode:
You need to beat the bot twice in a row to get to the next challenge. The reason why it's twice in a row is because it's pretty easy to kill the bots once or the bot might do something stupid and donate a kill here or there but to kill the bot twice in a row should require some skill.

Fastest time:
I will update the fastest time that players have posted to me in the game mode, you can see it by refreshing the code: D1R1R and not always loading it from saved presets. If you finished the gauntlet please post the screenshot / vod / replay code to me in discord or via twitter

Challenge modifiers:

  1. McCree vs Pharah (Pharah has mercy pocket)
  2. Reaper vs Mei (Mei has unlimited ammo, Freeze lasts longer, Heals faster in Iceblock)
  3. Widow vs Widow (Both players play by the same rules - Bot from code: PYDEY)
  4. Pharah vs Pharah (Both players play by the same rules and have mercy pocket - Bot from code: DKKKD)
  5. Zen vs Zen (The bot doesn't use right click to make it easier for the player)
  6. Winston vs Symmetra (Symmetra has 300hp, unlimited ammo and heals 15 hp/s)
  7. Tracer vs Roadhog (Tracer has faster blink cd and Roadhog does 17% more dmg [Challenge was designed before nerf])
  8. Genji vs Genji (The bot doesn't use right click to make it easier for the player)
  9. Reinhardt vs Reinhardt (Both players play by the same rules - Bot from code: XEEAE)
  10. Doomfist vs Doomfist (Both players play by the same rules)

Thanks to everyone who helped in testing, especially Danny who pointed out a few bugs and suggested skipping the already beaten challenges. Special thanks to CactusPuppy for the trailer.
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Categories: Solo, 1vs1
Heroes: Reinhardt, Winston, Doomfist, Genji, McCree, and 5 more...
Created At:
Updated At:
Version: 1.0.0

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