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Game mode:

  • 1-8 Players
  • Winner stays, Loser goes to the end of the Queue
  • Mei walls separate the players start of each round
  • Accuracy statistics
  • If there are no other players Widow bot will automatically show up
  • The bot is not meant to be hard to beat, more like target practice

Rounds explained, round starts:

  • Mei walls are cast blocking the line of sight from starting locations
  • Players are Spawned to the opposite sides of the arena
  • Players are Hacked for 1 second to give them time to prepare
  • Mei walls start to appear mid match (in settings you can modify the timer or turn the feature off)
  • Winner stays, Loser goes to the end of the Queue and will spectate while waiting -> Winner faces the first player in the queue in the next round


Widowmaker Bot:

If you are alone in the game a Widowmaker bot will automatically spawn to keep you company while waiting for more players, once another player joins the game the score will be reset and the bot will leave the game. The bot is not meant to be challenging to beat, more like target practice. You can also add the bot to queue rotation from workshop settings and he will stay after other players join the game.

New features with v1.1:

  • Mei walls can be destroyed with a charged Widow shot
  • Mei walls appear mid match, this can also be modified or turned off in the settings
  • Statistics, you will see your hit accuracy and the accuracy your opponents have had against you (while first person spectating you will see the statistics of the player you are spectating)
  • First person spectate while waiting, if you liked the old spectating better this can be turned off in the settings
  • If there are 3 players kill cam enabled when third person spectate is enabled
  • Option to add the bot to Queue rotation, as default the bot will only appear when there's 1 player but if you want to put the bot in the queue rotation that's possible as well now

Go to settings and click Workshop Settings and you can modify:

  • Mid match Mei wall timer
  • Spectating style
  • Bot in queue rotation


Widowmaker modifiers:

  • Headshots only
  • Grappling hook Cooldown 25%
  • No ammunition requirement
  • No automatic fire
  • No ultimate ability
  • No venom mine
  • No melee

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Categories: 1vs1
Heroes: Widowmaker
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Last updated:
Current version: 1.1.0

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