1v1 Rein Arena + Reinhardt bot ⚔️

Can you beat the new and improved Reinhardt bot in a "fair" 1v1? Challenge your friends to a 1v1 or take turns against the bot.

The bot has a winning record against multiple OWL main tank players. No video intro, I would imagine it's more fun for the players to challenge the bot without knowing how the bot will react to your moves and make decisions.

Join the discord to give feedback, report bugs and for my other workshop modes: https://discord.gg/DMvpEy3

New features:

  • 1-6 Players
  • Queue System: Winner stays and Loser goes to the end of the Queue, first person spectating
  • You can decide if the Rein bot stays in the queue rotation or only shows up when you are the only player remaining
  • Optional Mei Wall start (only for player vs player)
  • Sudden death: if nobody dies in 30 seconds players will gain increased damage
  • Improved the Reinhardt bot plays: now the bot has different playstyles and openers and will favour the one that has worked the best against you
  • Previously known as Reinhardt Combat AI


This workshop mode has 2 different gamemodes: player vs player and then the Reinhardt bot, by default the Bot mode will activate when you are alone in the game and the player vs player mode will activate once another player joins the server (from the workshop settings you can add the bot to queue rotation as well)

Mode 1: Reinhardt duel (same rules for bot game and player vs player)

These cooldown reductions, ultimate rules and increased health will provide a fluid gameplay experience where both players will have the opportunity to gain ult, counter ult, practice long range swings, firestrike timings etc.

  • Fire Strike cooldown 35%
  • Charge cooldown 70%
  • Health 125%

Ultimate Generation:

  • 22% per Swing
  • 26% per Fire Strike
  • 80% per Pin

You can use this workshop mode to try to learn and master these techniques and principles:

  • Long range swings (corner swings)
  • Not using Firestrike when the enemy has Shatter
  • Not using Charge when the enemy has Shatter
  • Not being too close when the enemy has Shatter so you can still block it and use long range swings to get hits in
  • Improve your reaction time to block Shatters
  • Improve your counter Charge reaction time
  • Getting more comfortable of being in close melee combat
  • Sidestepping Firestrikes

Reinhardt bot mode Controls:

  • Press Interact to Reset score, this will also reset what the bot has learned about different playstyles and openers against you
  • Hold Quick Melee button to change the mode

In it's current form it is possible to beat the bot (without exploiting) if you don't make too many mistakes. The bot has 2 different playstyles and 3 different openers, if you play against the bot without reseting the mode the bot will start to favour the playstyles and openers that have worked the best against you. The bot has custom names, if you want yours to be added in the list send me a replay code of you beating the bot in a first to 20 match without abusing any blatant bugs or modifying the mode.

Mode 2: Earthshatter Blocking Practice

The bot will use Earthshatter in random intervals and you can practice blocking them in different distances. The bot will also sometimes fake and use Swings, Firestrikes and Charge so you can practice not blocking the fakes and maybe using your own Earthshatter against Firestrikes and counter Charge the bots Charge.

Mode 3: Corner Swing Practice

The bot has really good corner swings, the swings have a reach close to max range but the movement tempo of the bot is a bit off, if you can hang in there with the bot you know you are getting around max range for each of your swings, if you can consistently beat the bot in a "ranged hammer fight" you really know what you are doing.

You can modify the following in Workshop Settings:

  • You can enable the bot while other players are playing (so you can take turns against the with a friend for example) or you can disable the bot and the bot will only spawn if you are alone
  • You can enable or disable the Mei walls which only appear in player vs player matches
  • You can change spectating style: First person or in the top corner floating
  • You can change the Sudden Death timer, after XX seconds both players will gain increased damage


If for some reason you prefer the older modes here are codes for those:
Reinhardt Combat AI V2.0: 9DXXK
Reinhardt Combat AI V1.0: PH4PS

For latest updates and my other workshop modes check my twitter Seita_ow

Players | 1 - 6
Categories: Solo, 1vs1, Practice Mode
Heroes: Reinhardt
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.1.0

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