Overwatch Puzzle Challenge 2



Discord server: https://discord.gg/DMvpEy3

  • 11 Heroes, 11 Challenges
  • You need to know Overwatch hero mechanics to beat the challenges
  • All of the challenges have been done in patch 1.44
  • If you play well you can one shot every challenge
  • Puzzle Challenge 1: 51 Total posted finishers, first finish FahL and fastest time WhiteLight (173s) (as of 31.1.2020)
  • Special thanks to Matwoj for being a big help in testing
  • If you can complete all 11, please post a screenshot with your time as a reply here: Seita_ow


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is this still possible to complete given all the patches since it came out? also do you know if it's possible with 90+ ping?

Seita#2315 creator

All of the challenges are possible in the current patch, no idea if ping will be an issue to execute any of the mechanics, I've only tested with 35-60 ping myself but haven't heard that 90 ping would be a problem.


First one was better...
Some of these challenges are extremely hard.

I think even the world's best Sigma players would have a hard time with Sigma's challenge. The models don't spawn in fast enough sometimes + pharah's ult can be so hard to react to depending on where she is placed that it is nearly humanly impossible to react fast enough to pass

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