Heat Street PvE: Victory Edition 2 + 1 sources

If you would like to play the classic HS:VE, you can do so here: RMSXGY

Please note: We have concluded the Beta! Thank you all for playing, bugfixing, feedbacking, and enjoying HS:VE2!

Welcome to Heat Street: Victory Edition 2!

This mod is an extension of HS:VE with a COMPLETE overhaul of the in-game shop. In HS:VE2, the shop allows for complete and infinite customization of your character. Do you want your Reinhardt to soak up all the damage, move fast, have big swings, or be a shining beacon of hope for your team? The choice is yours!

Shop Features:

Tech-tree style pages

  • The shop divides perks into four categories: DPS, Tank, Support, and General. Buy perks that compliment the playstyle you are going for!

Evolve your character

  • As you invest more into buying perks of a certain category, you will unlock higher tier perks on that page, to truly evolve your character the way you always dreamed of!

No more RNG!

  • No more waiting for that perfect perk to hopefully show up, and no more having to save money just in case the next wave has a great perk selection. You'll know where every perk is right from the get-go, so no surprises in the shop!

New perks to explore

  • While many of your favourite classic HS:VE perks are still available, we've added in a whole lot more for you to play with! Each of the DPS, Tank, and Support pages contain 13 perks each, and with the 3 General perks, we have a grand total of 42 base perks. The combinations are endless!

Become a Legend

  • Each game, enjoy purchasing a Legendary Perk suited to your hero and playstyle. These perks are a little bit broken, so only one per customer!

New Active Abilities

  • Two new active abilities to freshen up your gameplay. (Note: These are still in Alpha, so be prepared for bugs if you try them!)

Outside of the shop, almost all elements of the original HS:VE are the same. I will be focusing on other aspects as time goes on, but this version is all about making the Shop into something phenomenal!

Big shout out to my main tester/programmer Vlosk for all the work he put into this build. Seriously, he single handedly ran the Beacon system from scratch. Also shoutouts to my other playtesters GatorTex, JackalNHide, Starlen, ProfChaos, LazyLion, BuyBoomstick, and Teebolt for their inputs and hilarious bug-filled moments (436% Move Speed Doomfist, anyone?) :)


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Players | 1 - 5
Heroes: All
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 2.0

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