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This mod is based on Shingen's original Heat Street PvE game mode that you can play here: CR67F

In the Victory Edition, we've balanced the game out, added new perks, abilities, mutators, AI enemies, and more!

Players seeking a true challenge can also try Legendary Mode, where EVERY mutator is active - all at the same time! Turn on Legendary Mode in the Workshop Settings before you start the game (make sure mutators are enabled as well).

In this game, you work with allies to complete objectives throughout the six maps while an overwhelming force of AI controlled enemies do everything they can to stop you! As you progress, you'll be able to purchase powerful abilities and perks to customize and strengthen your character. Do you want to be dealing all of the damage, or maybe you'd rather be the team's healer? There are endless possibilities for building your character to ensure that no two games will be the same!

(Entries with a (V) before them are Victory Edition exclusive items, added or modified by me!)

The Abilities

These abilities can be bought twice each

  • Headhunter: Critical hits deal 40%/80% additional damage.
  • Charged: Ultimates cost 20%/40% less.
  • (V) Second Wind: Revive yourself when downed. Can only happen once every 90/60 seconds.
  • (V) Flamebody: Damage nearby enemies each second.
  • Haste: Ability cooldowns are reduced by 25%/50%.
  • Binding Heal: Heal yourself for 25%/50% of the amount when healing allies.
  • Quick Fix: Eliminations restore 50/100HP and briefly increase speed by 20%/40%.
  • Heavy Impact: Damage has a chance to stun opponents for 1/2 seconds.
  • (V) Resilience: Take 20%/40% less damage when below 40%HP.
  • Priority A: Enemies are more likely to target you. Enemies targeting you take 15% more and deal 15% less damage.
  • (V) Priority B: Enemies are less likely to target you. Heals are 30% more effective on targets under 50% HP.
  • (V) Priority C: Enemies are much less likely to target you. Gain +30% damage and +20% speed if you have not taken damage in the last 3 seconds.

The Perks

Each wave, only two of these perks will appear in the shop. Get them while you can!

  • Bulletstorm: Your weapon can hold unlimited ammo.
  • (V) Spec Ops: Cause Taser's hack to backfire and shock nearby enemies. Become immune to Grenadier's smoke bombs.
  • Die Hard: Health regeneration delay is halved.
  • Slappers Out (formerly Pumping Iron): While using quick melee you are immune to Cloakers' charge attacks. Your quick melee knocks enemies down (15 second cooldown)
  • (V) Rolling Thunder: Taking damage charges you. At 100%, gain invincibility. Duration is increased by your +Health% bonus.
  • (V) Absolute Zero: Dealing damage charges you, at 100%, freeze all nearby enemies. Duration is based on your +Damage% bonus.
  • (V) Inner Flame: Healing allies charges you. At 100%, all nearby allies gain shields. Shield strength is based on your +Healing% Bonus.
  • (V) Vampirism: Heal for a percentage of your damage dealt.
  • Ascend (formerly Up You Go): You can be revived twice as fast.
  • (V) Beacon: Nearby allies gain 20% damage and move speed, and slowly regenerate health. These effects do not affect the perk's owner and cannot affect a player more than once.
  • (V) Mystery Swap: Periodically swap to a random hero and disable manual hero swapping. Increase health, damage and healing by 10% and retain your current ultimate charge.
  • Sharpshooter: Deal 40% more damage to enemies that are further than 15 meters away

Active Abilities

In this game mode, there are a handful of active abilities you can add to your character to customize their kit!

  • Frenzy: Become invincible and force enemies to target you.
  • Chain Hack: Hack and electrocute an enemy. Can jump to nearby enemies up to 3 times with a shorter duration after each jump.
  • (V) Gargoyle Aspect: (Toggle) While active, incoming damage and knockbacks are reduced 40% and 50% respectively. However, incoming heals and move speed are reduced 60% and 50%, respectively.
  • Sleeping Gas: Launch a grenade that releases sleeping gas. Enemies near the impact are put to sleep.
  • Cloak: Become invisible and cause an explosion when you become visible again.
  • Resurgence: Heal yourself for 300 health per second. If you are at full health, heal a nearby injured ally instead.
  • Stim Infusion: Instantly start health regeneration. Gain +100% damage, +100% healing and +50% speed.
  • (V) Chronoshift: Grant all allies increased movement speed and slow all enemies.


In this mode, the enemy forces have dispatched everything they've got to stop you. Enemies are ranked by Tiers, with Tier 4 enemies being the most terrifying.

Tier 1

  • Trooper: Low damage, low health, low threat.
  • McCree: Low damage but will sometimes roll away from danger.
  • Brigitte: Will use a shield to defend against attacks.

Tier 2

  • Heavy Trooper: A trooper with slightly improved stats and can now throw down a heal station for himself and allies.
  • (V) Zenyatta: Low stats but will throw an Orb of Discord onto his target.
  • Taser: Will hack an enemy, but can be damaged to break the hack.
  • Echo: Can fly briefly to avoid her enemies.
  • Baptiste: Will sometimes try to avoid death with an Immortality Field, and can even resurrect his allies!
  • Spook: Can wraith towards an enemy, avoiding walls and gravity in the process.
  • Widowmaker: Will try to stay away from the fight and snipe enemies from afar.
  • (V) Pharah: Can stay airborne forever. Find a way to bring her down!

Tier 3

  • Grenadier: Launches rockets at enemies. At low health, will release a smokescreen that will blind and sometimes damage players.
  • D.Va: Will try to re-mech, stun or kill her before she can do so!
  • Orisa: At low HP, will Fortify.
  • Roadhog: Massive amounts of HP.
  • Ana: High damage and can Nano Boost herself to become more terrifying.
  • Tracer: At low HP, will drop multiple pulse bombs and blink behind her target.
  • (V) Winston: This little guy moves very fast. Don't make him angry....
  • (V) Mei: Will try and freeze nearby enemies and cover the field in a storm of ice. When low, she will freeze herself and regain her HP.
  • (V) Torbjorn: Very high HP, will try to run up to enemies after putting down a turret. The turret seems to ignore some of the rules of the game, so be careful!

Tier 4

  • Cloaker: Highly skilled trooper that will chase down enemies and tackle them to the ground before unleashing a flurry of bullets into them.
  • Genji: At half HP, he will draw his blade and begin his reign of terror.
  • Hanzo: Will spawn far away from players and unleash the power of the dragons through the field.
  • Reinhardt: Massive HP and a very heavy hitter. If he slams you down he will try to pin you!
  • Bastion: At half HP, he will become a powerful tank to roll through his enemies.
  • (V) Doomfist: The final boss of the game comes with powerful combos and a self-regenerating shield. You'll need good coordination and strategy to take him down!


Mutators add more variety of the game by giving specific buffs to your enemies, or debuffs to your team. Every other wave, a new mutator will be added to the game! While active, your team will earn double money to help take down your powerful foes.

  • Amped: Enemies move faster.
  • Hardwired: Mechanical enemies gain shields and resist fear & electrocution.
  • Berserk: Enemies below 50% health deal 25% more damage.
  • (V) Regeneration: Enemies regenerate health; The heal increases when out of combat.
  • Lock N' Load: Enemies' ammunition clip size is greatly increased.
  • EMP Rounds: Enemies deal double damage to barriers and objects.
  • Tear Gas: Enemy smoke screens damage players inside them.
  • (V) Deep Wounds: Health regeneration is halved.
  • Gear Upgrade: All Troopers are replaced with Heavy Troopers.
  • Last Men Standing: The final enemies take 20% less damage.
  • Advanced Medkit: Medics can revive tier 4 enemies and have less cooldown.
  • Reinforcements: Enemy spawn rate is increased.
  • Mutation: Some enemies spawn with increased strength and size.
  • Promotion: Some enemies spawn as higher tier heroes.
  • Expendable: Dead Troopers are replaced almost instantly.

Gamechanging Mutators:

When Mutators are enabled, Wave 10 will always be one of the following powerful mutators. These are designed to add a high amount of challenge to the mode.

  • (V) Divine Intervention: Enemies will periodically heal for a random amount.
  • (V) Poor Hygiene: Enemies deal damage to nearby players.
  • Storm Raging: Some enemies are enraged, killing them spreads the rage.
  • Adaptive Shield: Enemies below 50% HP gain shields for every nearby player.

I want to give a HUGE thank you to Shingen for his original creation. This mod was based off his original game mode, and I hope this modification of his game does it justice! I also want to thank my wonderful playtesters GatorTex, JackalNHide, Starlen, and Vlosk for all of their input and ideas. And finally, I want to thank the myth and legend Angelichalo, wherever you are. We miss you, buddy.


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Players | 1 - 5
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Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 27 more...
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Current version: 1.0.9

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