Heat Street PvE: Survival - Modified


This edition of Heat Street PvE is a modified variation of the original by Shingen#21859. You can find the original here:

Check out more by Shingen here:


Many of the rules are similar as last time, with the modifications coming from additional mutators, enemies and an entire set of unique perks for every hero. As since this is a modification of the original gamemode, it will not be always up-to-date with the classic version. Currently on version: 2.5.0
What's modified from the original are the following:

New Enemies:

Tier: 2

  • Pharah (Skirmishers): Aerial enemy with high damage and low health.
  • Doomfist (Meteors): Only uses Meteor Strike. Only existent if the Meteor Shower mutator is active.
  • Symmetra (Slicers): Fast, close-ranged and tiny. Low health but high damage potential. Commonly appears in swarms.

Tier 3:

  • Wrecking Ball (Detonators): Slow target with mediocre health. These will roll up to you and blow up, dealing high damage. Limited to 1.
  • Mei (Frigids): High health and mediocre damage. Capable of freezing players if coming within too close of proximity. Limited to 1.

New Mutators:

  • Meteor Shower: Meteor Strikes will drop from the sky
  • Sympathy Gains: Enemies about to die survive and heal a small amount
  • Adrenaline: Enemies will use abilities and ultimates more often
  • Partners In Crime: Duplicates of enemy heroes scale in damage
  • Glass Cannon: Receive and inflict 25% more damage from all sources

Misc. Changes:

  • As of now, only 4 players can be played
  • For Invasion gamemodes, the portal is a Torbjörn bot instead of a Wrecking Ball bot. Instead of summoning mines, the portal will occasionally spew lava
  • Adjusted a few hero arrays for portal spawns and HVTs
  • Mutator mode is automatically enabled
  • Player ultimate cost is increased by 25%
  • Paris and Blizzard World is removed from the map pool
  • New limited offer perk: Nimble - Move faster and regenerate health when not in LOS of any enemies
  • Hero Talents are available to buy every 3 rounds. After being available to offer for 3 rounds, they will be available to buy every 4 rounds.

Hero Talents

Hero Perks are one-time purchaseable talents that each cost $1200. Refunding points will also refund the talents. Each hero has 2 unique talents that will carry over if you switch heroes.


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Sleep Paralysis Slept enemies cannot be woken up from taking damage
2 Multinade Ana throws several Biotic Grenades instead of one


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Wildfire Shooting a burning enemy ignites other nearby enemies on fire
2 Flare Trigger Using Coach Gun damages and stuns all burning enemies


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Corrode Regenerative Burst will damage and poison nearby enemies upon activation
2 Breakthrough Immortality Field health threshold increased to 100%; players inside gain ultimate charge


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Bomblets Sentry bullets are explosive
2 Tesla A mounted weapon automatically attacks enemies


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Heavy Iron Rocket Flail will shortly root enemies struck with each hit
2 Endeavor Gain a health, damage and speed boost whenever your barrier breaks


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Voltage Grid Defense Matrix will damage and root enemies it's casted over
2 Shooting Star Boosters set enemies on fire


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Phase Shifter Doomfist is immune to damage while an ability is active
2 Fissure Meteor Strike leaves the ground beneath him burning, dealing damage to enemies within


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Focusing Optics Focusing Beam damage amplification starts at 90% instead of 50%
2 Streamline Fire many more Sticky Bombs per burst


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Venomous Strike Swift Strike deals bleed damage; heal from bleed damage
2 Dragon's Breath Dragonblade fires out explosive charges with each swing


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Stormbreak Enemies eliminated by Hanzo unleash a storm cloud that strikes bolts of lightning
2 Punch II Storm Arrows deal more damage, and stun and knock enemies back


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Pyromania Explosive attacks inflict fire damage
2 Short Fused Wires Steel Trap detonates multiple violent explosions once triggered, stunning enemies with each blast


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Healing Wave Soundwave heals allies for 30% of their max health
2 Reverse Amp During Amp It Up, the opposite effect of Lúcio's currently played song is inflicted to enemies


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Panic Flashbang puts enemies in fear; McCree deals +120% more damage to enemies in fear
2 Clocked Deadeye deals additional damage and knocks enemies down


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Cold Snap Mei instantly freezes surrounding enemies once Cryo-Freeze ends
2 Icebound While Ice Wall is up, Icicles deal more damage and freeze enemies hit


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Angelic Blessing Healing allies slowly charge their ultimate
2 Holy Light Missiles Launch powerful light charges


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Hose Biotic Grasp heal spray will damage and push enemies back
2 Flourish Biotic Orbs have +150% higher effectiveness


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Immovable Object Become intangible and convert 75% of taken damage into healing
2 Unstoppable Force Halt! will pull enemies while it's flying and will explode once triggered


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Head Trauma Concussive Blast will stun and damage enemies for 30% of their max HP
2 Thunderbird Gain 150 shields and deal 4x the damage to barriers and objects


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Shadow Streak Shadow Step creates a beam that damages enemies who cross
2 Traumatize Reaper stuns and traumatizes all enemies in his sights


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Fire Blast Fire Strike explodes as it hurts enemies, igniting enemies in the blast on fire
2 Epicenter Earthshatter travels in all directions


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Stench Roadhog constantly damages enemies around him
2 Rusted Anchor Chain Hook damage is drastically increased; eliminations will reset Chain Hook cooldown


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Gravity Well Kinetic Grasp forces grants invincibility and forces enemies to attack into the grasp
2 Gravity Channels Gravitational Flux damages enemies fro 75% of max HP instead of 50%

Soldier: 76

Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Triple Threat Fire 3 Helix Rockets in a spread
2 Shoulder Check Sprinting into enemies will damage and tackle them down


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Malware Enemies Hacked or In Fear take +100% more damage
2 Ǵ̴̢͚̮̜͚̘̖̙̬̩̦̭̫͓͍l̶̨̛̠̞͍̘͎̫͐͐̽̾̅̌̑̉́̿͆̚ͅí̸͙͑̅͑̅͂̅͗̐̎̓̃t̸͍͕͔̲͈̺̽̓̒̿̒̈̀͗̅̀̀͐̽͝͝c̵̢̛͕̜̘͔͕̻̠͈̩̙̥͎͎̣̾̍̉̓̈̀̐̕͠ȟ̴̠͕̮̠͇͖̠̓͜ͅ EMP leaves behind a large hack zone behind, hacking enemies straying inside


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 High Voltage Enemies eliminated by Symmetra explode and damage other nearby enemies
2 Energy Source While Photon Barrier is active, all allies regenerate health, gain a damage boost and slowly charge their ultimates


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Lava Armour Armour will grow as Torbjön deals damage during Overload
2 Roots Of Magma Enemies trapped in Molten Core blots are locked in place


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Vortex Recall will damage drags and roots nearby enemies to Tracer's position upon activation
2 Chain Reaction Pulse Bomb inflicts chain explosions on enemies within close proximity


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Kiss Of Death Critical scoped hits will instantly kill enemies under 30% health
2 Epidemic Enemies poisoned by Venom Mine unleash toxic pulses that damage other enemies; Widowmaker also heals by this


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Blast Barrier Barrier Projector will constantly damage enemies inside the barrier
2 Next Generation Eliminations during Primal Rage add +15% ultimate charge towards the next

Wrecking Ball

Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Mirror Ball 100% of received damage will be reflected onto nearby enemies
2 Distortion Activating Adaptive Shields will damage and hack enemies in a close proximity


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Augmentation Gain 50% more health and increase barrier size by 100%
2 Perpetual Energy Particle Beam will inflict burn damage that lasts until the enemy dies


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Vigor The ally under the effect of Harmony Orb is immune to damage
2 Perfect Balance Transcendence unleash powerful energy pulses that inflicts huge damage to enemies

Modifications by LemonAid#11644, Original by Shingen#21859

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Update Log (17)

General Updates

  • Game reduced to 4 players maximum
    • As this gamemode starts to stop mirroring the original version, I'll have to make a few unfortunate rearragements. If there are 5 players present, the game will eventually softlock itself. This is gonna be a side effect into continuing to work on the gamemode.
  • Replaced Deathbed mutator with Sympathy Gains: A lethal blow would be negated and heal the enemy by a small amount
  • Glass Cannon: Reduced damage and resistance modifiers from 30% to 25%
  • Increased cash gain rate
  • Renamed all the dummy bots
  • General health of enemies have been increased
  • Reinhardt's Charge, Roadhog's Hook and Tracer's Vortex talent no longer have an effect on boss enemies

Hero Updates


  • Shadow Streak: Replaces Waste Not Want Not - Shadow Step creates a beam that damages enemies who cross it


  • Angelic Blessing: Replaces Miracle Worker - Healing an ally slowly charges their ultimate
  • Holy Light Missiles: Replaces Aurora - Fire long arms of light that heal allies and damage enemies while in Valkyrie


  • Wildfire: Replaces Taunt - Shooting a burning enemy makes them explode and ignite other enemies
  • Flare Trigger: Replaces Fiery Rage - Use Coach Gun to instantly stun and damage all burning enemies


  • Shooting Star: Now deals bonus impact damage and burns enemies


  • Stench: No longer deals damage through walls


  • Perpetual Energy: Effect only triggers through energy orbs instead of energy beam


  • Melting Point: Replaces Lava Armour - During Overload, unleash fire bursts that burn nearby enemies


  • Vigor: Now permanently active as long as the orb is being used, rather than when it is healing
  • Vigor: The harmonied player will be targetted and be prone to knockback, stuns and tasers

General Updates

  • Updated game to version 2.5.0 of classic version
  • Limited map pool to King's Row, Kanezaka, Chateau Guilliard and Hollywood
  • Players gain a 1sec invincibility when reviving
  • New mutator: Glass Cannon - Deal more damage, but take more damage from all sources
  • Reduced the damage boost for Frenzy mutator from +30% to +25%
  • Reduced the health revival threshold for Deathbed mutator from 40% to 30%
  • Deathbed mutator will remove the brief invincibility when reviving
  • Reduced the damage of Widowmakers
  • Symmetra's will no longer use Photon Barrier

Hero Updates

  • Replaced Sigma's Vacuum perk with Gravity Well: When using Kinetic Grasp, enemies in sight will be forced to attack into the grasp

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Blood Moon Rising would not work properly
  • Reduced server load

General Updates

  • Removed Paris from the map pool (Element limit reasons. Also nobody liked Paris anyways)
  • New Tier 2 enemy: Symmetra - Fast and tiny, high damage and low health
  • New Mutator: Partners In Crime - Duplicates of enemy heroes scale in damage (+10% damage per duplicate hero)
  • Replaced Lifesteal perk with Nimble: When not in Line Of Sight of any enemies, gain regeneration and a speed boost
  • Enemies no longer reload ammo when the Adrenaline mutator is active
  • Renamed GMutator Atrophy to Blood Moon Rising
  • Pharah's will now be able to use Barrage
  • Wrecking Ball's will now be able to use Minefield
  • Reduced server load

Hero Updates

  • Increased damage and healing of Widowmaker's Epidemic talent
  • Reduced visual clutter for Bastion's Bomblets talent
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