This edition of Heat Street PvE is a modified variation of the original by Shingen#21859. You can find the original here:

Currently on version: 3.4.6

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Highlighted components are the modified changes
Heat Street Highways! Play other variations of Heat Street Talents that alter the game so greatly that they're made into their own arcade-esque type gamemode!

How To Play

Fight for survival against an overwhelming force! Your enemies are numerous and are hunting you down. Can you survive all waves? The AI is able to play 24 different heroes, each filled with unique gimmicks and a force to reckon with. Are you worthy enough to power through the intensities and chaos?

This is Heat Street PvE: Talents

  • There are 3 available gamemodes. Complete their respective objectives, and eliminate all enemies that swarm you
  • As you advance later into the game, enemies become more powerful and harder to kill, as well as unlocking new abilities
  • Players automatically start to regenerate HP after 2.5 seconds of not receiving damage
  • Players above 50% health cannot be killed in one shot
  • When a player dies, they are downed until revived by another ally taking 5 seconds on Normal difficulty. If an ally is invincible while reviving, the revival speed will be halved
    • Downed players are able to walk around at very slow speed
  • When a round ends, players have 20 seconds before the next starts. During this, players can switch heroes in between rounds. To do this, the player must hold Reload to die and open the hero menu
    • Players are also able to swap heroes before a game starts
    • The shop can be accessed anytime in a designated spot. While in between rounds, players can access the shop from anywhere by holding Interact.
    • When a player first spawns in, they have 30 seconds to access the shop without being targeted by enemies
    • The shop cannot be accessed when tazed or when under 50% health
  • Enemies get stronger and stronger as the game goes on, with more dangerous tiers

Game Modes


  • Every round, a stationary portal spawns randomly around the map. Players must work to destroy the portal and all enemies to continue.
  • Every 33% of portal health depleted, it will explode and blast all players away from it, and will spawn a set of higher tier enemies from the portal. For several seconds, the portal will receive greatly reduced damage in order to prevent it from being destroyed too fast.
    • In later waves, the portal will have a chance to spew lava, summon a turret or taze players in the explosion.
  • Upon destruction, the portal will close over several seconds and spawn a boss enemy, and all players gain bonus health. This will then be the last wave of enemies before the round ends.
  • Estimated Play Time: 25min (Normal), 45min (Long)

High Value Target

  • Every round, a high value target as the boss will spawn randomly and roam around the map. Players must work to destroy and capture the target, and eliminate all enemies to continue
  • The HVT is less aggressive than other enemies are will actively try to avoid players
  • When the HVT falls below 50% health, it will take greatly reduced damage for several seconds and spawn higher tier enemies as reinforcements.
  • Upon elimination of the HVT, all players gain bonus health and must capture the HVT by remaining near the target until successful. Failure of capture will allow the HVT to resurrect at 60% health.
  • Upon capture, this will then be the last wave of enemies before the round ends.
  • Estimated Play Time: 35min (Normal), 55min (Long)


  • Every round, 2 capture points and 2 guards as slightly weaker bosses will spawn randomly around the map. Players must work to destroy both bosses, capture both points and eliminate all enemies to continue.
  • Guards will remain stationary at their points unless threatened. Guards become aggressive every 20% of health lost, or when it engages against a player. When no longer aggressive, they will return to their point.
  • Upon elimination of a guard, its point will be unlocked to capture. When both bosses are eliminated, all players gain bonus health and must capture the remaining points.
  • Points cannot be captured if its respective guard is still alive.
  • When both points are captured, this will the be the last wave of enemies before the round ends.
  • Estimated Play Time: 30min (Normal), 50min (Long)


  • Kanezaka - H4H7K
  • Eichenwalde - MH9DN
  • Chateau Guillard - KFVAY
  • Hollywood - K3235
  • Dorado - NNNS6
  • Malevento - 8GRV8
  • Route 66 - 3BB68
  • Blizzard World - TRRJN

For the sake of increase for maps, each map will have a separate code. Gameplay remains the same, but adding multiple maps into one code unfortunately is not possible. If you want to change maps, simply import another code from above. You can find each different map code in game while in Spectator mode.
Seasonal variants of these maps will function the same. However, for the sake of eye strain, they are disabled by default as the darker environment mixed with flashing lights could be uncomfortable to look at.

Game Settings

These settings are currently unable to be changed.


  • Turn On/Off for whether you want to play Invasion.

High Value Target

  • Turn On/Off for whether you want to play High Value Target.


  • Turn On/Off for whether you want to play Domination.


  • There are 4 difficulties:
    • Easy: Enemies have 20% less health and deal 20% less damage.
    • Normal: (Default) No changes.
    • Hard: Enemies deal 20% more damage. Players take 6 seconds to revive instead of 5. 4 random Mutators are automatically enabled when the game starts (This causes the Gamechanging Mutator to appear earlier).
    • Apocalypse: Enemies have 50% more health and deal 25% more damage. All Hard Mode changes are active. A new Mutator is added every round instead of every 2 rounds. Higher-tiered enemies spawn much more often.

Money Generation Scalar (In Percent)

  • Alter the money generation rate from 100% to 500%.

Game Length

  • Normal: (Default) Game will last for 15 waves.
  • Long: Game willl last for 22 waves.


Tier 1

Hero Name Effect
Trooper Low health and damage. No special properties.
Gunslinger Low health and damage. No special properties.
Shield High damage at close range. Holds a barrier.

Tier 2

Hero Name Effect
Heavy Trooper Medium health and damage. When below 50% health, the Heavy Trooper will use Biotic Field.
Skirmisher Aerial enemy with high damage, high range and low health. No special properties
Hoverbird Aerial enemy with medium damage, medium health and high speed. No special properties.
Amazon High health and damage. Will protect her team and other enemies with barriers.
Gunrunner Medium health and very high speed. Will constantly swap between songs, allowing enemies to move faster or heal health.
Sniper High range and damage. When Infra-Sight is active, all enemies will aim for headshots instead of bodyshots, and will be able to see invisible players.
Medic Medium health and damage. Can resurrect nearby Tier 3 and below enemies when they die.
Spook High damage at close range. Can wraith through walls to pursue players.
Taser Low damage and medium health. Can tase players, hacking and forcing them to fire their weapon uncontrollably until taken damage. When using EMP, the Taser will flash purple. If any damage is taken during the flash, EMP will be cancelled.

Tier 3

Hero Name Effect
Grenadier Medium health and damage. When below 50% health, the Grenadier will unleash a smoke that blinds players who are too close.
Juggernaut High health and damage. No special properties.
Graviton High health and damage. No special properties.
Aeronaut High health and speed. When out of mech, the Aeronaut will run away and can remech when out of combat.
Bulldozer High health and damage. Frequently knocks players around.
Shrike High damage, healing and range. Will throw a Biotic Grenade that can deny all forms of healing.
Playmaker High speed and damage. When below 40% health, the Playmaker will drop a Pulse Bomb and teleport behind her target.
Subzero High health. Low damage but will slow down players for other enemies to take down. When below 50% health, the Subzero will freeze herself back to full health or place down an Ice Wall.
Detonator Very high health and low speed. When near its target, the Detonator will spew out mines everywhere and burn nearby players until death.

Tier 4

Hero Name Effect
Cloaker High health, speed and damage. When using Tactical Visor, the Cloaker will pursue his target at high speeds, and will knock them over for several seconds, ignoring all other players. The Cloaker will not stop chasing his target until interrupted.
Bowmaster High range, health and damage. When out of sight, The Bowmaster will use Dragonstrike. When below 50% health, The Bowmaster will shoot faster with Storm Arrows.
Shinobi High health, speed and damage. When below 50% health, The Shinobi will use permanently Dragonblade.
Yokai High health and speed. When at low health, the Yokai will start to teleport to escape from danger.
Crusader Very high health and damage. Holds a large barrier. Earthshatter will stun and propel players back, which is followed up by a Charge.

Boss Enemies

Boss enemies are the main threat of the game. They spawn every round and are significantly more powerful versions of enemies, with colossally increased damage, health, resistance and even certain modifications. They are always highlighted by a yellow outline and are incredibly resistant to stuns, electrocution and fear. The only hero that will not appear as a boss is The Detonator.


Mutators are permanent game modifiers that alter the game by making it more challenging, allowing unique compositions and playstyles. A new Mutator is added every 2 rounds. Every 5 Mutators added, a Gamechanging Mutator will be added. These are much more powerful and potentially alter the entire pace of the game.

These are the following Mutators currently in game:

  • Amped: Enemies move faster
  • Hardwired: Mechanical enemies gain shields and resist fear & electrocution
  • Promotion: Higher tier heroes spawn more frequently
  • Advanced Medkit: Medics can revive tier 4 enemies and have a shorter revive cooldown
  • Berserk: Enemies below 50% health deal 25% more damage
  • Regeneration: Enemies slowly regenerate health
  • Deep Wounds: Health regeneration delay is doubled
  • Gear Upgrade: All Troopers are replaced with Heavy Troopers
  • Last Men Standing: The final enemies receive 30% less damage
  • Reinforcements: Enemy spawn rate is increased
  • Expendable: Dead Troopers get replaced instantly
  • EMP Rounds Enemies deal double damage against barriers and objects
  • Mutation: Some enemies spawn with increased strength and size
  • Lock 'n Load: Enemies can use additional abilities and have a higher clip size
  • Counterstrikes: Enemies can retreat from ultimates and can use their own more frequently
  • Swan Song: Boss enemies continue fighting for 5 seconds before they die
  • Bulletproof: Tier 2 enemies gain bonus overhealth
  • Yakuza: Bowmasters, Shinobis, and Yokais spawn more frequently and have more health
  • Heartburn: Healing in combat is reduced by 30%
  • Artful Dodger: Enemies can dodge attacks more often and frequently
  • Low Blow: Enemy knockback attacks double in damage and knockback
  • Adaptive Shield: (Gamechanging Mutator) Enemies below 50% health gain shields for every nearby player
  • Fortified: (Gamechanging Mutator) Enemies resist stuns, knockback and gain extra armour
  • Storm Raging: (Gamechanging Mutator) Some enemies are enraged, killing them spreads the rage
  • Sympathy Gains: (Gamechanging Mutator) Killing enemies will heal other enemies nearby
  • Salvation: (Gamechanging Mutator) Enemies heal themselves a small amount when they are about to die

Hero Notes:

Hero Effect
Roadhog Chain Hook cannot pull boss enemies or portals, and will instead stun them for 1s
Reinhardt Charge cannot affect boss enemies or portals, and will instead stun them for 1.2s and deal 150 damage
Mercy Resurrect can instantly revive a downed ally. This is instant and ignores walls
Sombra Stealth lasts for 20 seconds maximum. Detectable by enemies if too close or if enemy Infra-Sight is active
Widowmaker Infra-Sight slows the movement speed of all enemies by 50% while it is active
Genji Deflect damage is increased by 50%
Zenyatta Enemies attacking allies with the Harmony Orb will miss more often

Abilities & Perks

There are currently 6 types of purchaseable abilities in the game. Stats, Priorities, Passives, Actives, Perks and Talents.


Cheap and straightfoward buffs that increase the stats of the player.

  • +5% Health: ($500) Increase health by 5%
  • +5% Damage: ($500) Increase damage by 5%
  • +5% Healing: ($500) Increase healing by 5%


Priorities affect enemy behaviour towards you, making you either a higher priority target or a low priority target with buffs to compliment them. These are mutually exclusive and does not cost to swap Priorities.

  • Priority A: ($1200) Enemies are more likely to target you. Enemies targeting you deal 25% less damage and take 25% more damage.
  • Priority B: ($1200) Enemies are less likely to target you. Gain +20% damage and speed if you did not take damage in the last 3 seconds.
  • Priorty C: ($1200) Enemies are much less likely to target you. Allies in combat receive 40% more healing from you. Heal by 25% of all dealt healing.


Passive Abilities are always active and available throughout the game. They can be purchased twice to scale its effect.

  • Headhunter: ($800) Critical hits deal 30%/60% more damage.
  • Charged: ($700) Ultimates costs 15%/30% less.
  • Second Wind: ($1000) Instantly revive when downed. This can only happen every 90/60 seconds.
  • Antigens: ($600) Receive 20%/40% more healing. Gain a natural heal-over-time.
  • Haste: ($800) Your cooldowns refresh 25%/50 faster. Does not affect abilities with charges or resource meters.
  • Triage: ($700) Heal 25%/50% more health to allies under 50% health.
  • Quick Fix: ($700) Eliminations heal for 50/100 health and grant a 15%/30% speed boost.
  • Heavy Impact: ($1000) Every hit has a chance to stun enemies for 1s/2s.
  • Resilience: ($800) Receive 20% less damage. Deal 30%/60% more knockback and receive 30%/60% less from all sources.


Active Abilities are powerful abilities that activate upon double-tapping or holding down Melee. They are mutually exclusive and has no cost when swapping abilities.

  • Stim Fusion: ($1200) Instantly start health regeneration and gain +100% damage, +100% healing and +50% speed.
  • Cloak: ($1200) Turn invisible and freeze nearby enemies when you become visible again.
  • Feint: ($1200) Feint into any direction and dodge attacks. Trigger an explosion upon activation and end.
  • Frenzy: ($1200) Become invincible and force enemies to target you.
  • Smoke Bomb: ($1200) Create a large smoke screen that makes enemies less accurate against allies in the smoke.
  • Resurgence: ($1200) Start healing for 300 health per second. If you're at full health, heal a nearby ally instead.
  • Tear Gas: ($1200) Launch a grenade that releases noxious lingering gas. Enemies inside the gas get stunned.
  • Chain Hack: ($1200) Hack and electrocute up to 4 enemies, hack duration getting shorter with each jump.


Perks are abilities that randomly cycle through the shop every wave, only available to by when they're in stock. Once unlocked, they're permanently unlocked unless refunded.

  • Mystery Swap: ($500) Periodically swap to a random hero with a free ultimate. Health, healing and damage is increased by 20%.
  • Bulletstorm: ($1000) Your weapon holds unlimited ammo.
  • Die Hard: ($700) Health generation delay is halved.
  • Brass Knuckles: ($700) Quick melee attacks will knock the enemy down and render you immune to the Cloaker's charge attack. This can only happen every 15s.
  • Vampiric: ($1000) Heal for 30% of all dealt damage.
  • Crash 'N Bash: ($700) Regenerate health when moving faster than 8 meters per second.
  • Golden Hour: ($1000) You revive twice as fast.
  • Supercharge: ($700) Healing allies slowly charges their ultimate
  • Nemesis: ($800) Instantly revive whenever the enemy who killed you has died.
  • Spec Ops: ($600) Gain 50 armour and gain immunity to Grenadier smokes.
  • Sharpshooter: ($900) Deal 50% more damage to enemies more than 20 meters away.
  • Shockproof: ($700) Gain +15% speed and move through enemies. Immune to and reflect Taser attempts.

Hero Talents

Hero Talents are exceptionally powerful one-time purchaseable talents that each cost ($1600). They cycle through the shop every 4 waves and vary for each hero. Swapping heroes will keep the talents unlocked.


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Multinade Ana throws 3 Biotic Grenades instead of 1
2 Sleep Paralysis Enemies slept by Sleep Dart explode and scare other enemies when they wake up


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Black Gunpowder Coach Gun sets enemies on fire
2 Dancing Flames Eliminated enemies explode and burn other nearby enemies


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Corrode Regenerative Burst poisons nearby enemies upon activation
2 Aerial Ace Allow gliding with Exo-Boots charge, and deal more damage while gliding


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Fusillade Fire volleys of rockets when shooting in Assault configuration
2 Trickshot Successfully sticking Tactical Grenade heals health and deals more damage


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Endeavor Gain a health, damage and speed boost whenever your barrier breaks
2 Whiplash Whip Shot generates a stunning shockwave when it deals damage


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Standoff Enemies cannot move once their skull is locked during Deadeye
2 Flashpoint Magnetic Grenade stuns enemies with successful sticks


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Voltage Grid Defense Matrix will damage and root enemies it's casted over
2 Shooting Star Boosters set enemies on fire


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Punch Card Fully charged Rocket Punches deal triple damage
2 Fire Quake Seismic Slam sends two massive waves of flames


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Glass Bombs Sticky Bombs deal double damage to enemies under 50% HP
2 Focusing Optics Focusing Beam damage amplification starts at 90% instead of 50%


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Venomous Strike Swift Strike deals bleed damage, heal for bleed damage
2 Sharpened Storm Double the amount of shurikens thrown at once


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Arrow Rain Fire more arrows per shot during Storm Arrows
2 Stormbreak Kills enable zero-cooldown Storm Arrows for a short duration


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Pyromania All explosive attacks set enemies on fire
2 Trigger Happy Gain +1 Concussion Mine every 4s, up to 4 max

Junker Queen

Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Shout Louder Commanding Shout wounds enemies in the area
2 Grace Period Gracie can pull multiple enemies at once


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Shinobi Tactics Healing with abilities will damage enemies near the receiver
2 Recession Protection Suzu deals damage and freezes enemies


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Chord Cadence Amp It Up triggers twice and adds extra shots to your attack
2 Reverse Amp Amp It Up applies the opposite song effect to enemies


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Cold Snap Instantly freeze nearby enemies when Cryo-Freeze expires
2 Fractical Strike Fire many more icicles at slightly lower damage


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Wings Of Grand Flying by enemies during Guardian Angel knocks them down
2 Holy Light Missiles Valkyrie periodically fires explosive light missiles that heal allies and damage enemies


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Flourish Fade damages enemies and heals allies Moira passes through
2 Catalyst Hold Primary during Coalescence greatly boosts its strength at the cost of speed and energy


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Spinning Shreddies Javelin Spin sends a barrage of shards that knock back enemies
2 Metalhead Energy Javelin stuns for longer and can hit multiple enemies


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Head Trauma Concussive Blast deals damage and tazes enemies below 50% HP
2 Weaponized Storm Every 6th rocket fired flies faster and spawns cluster explosions


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Vile Dominance Move faster and root enemies with every punch while in Nemesis form
2 Nether Sector Heal health and gain bonus ultimate charge for every grounded enemy in Ravenous Vortex


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Wraith Wrath Shooting is enabled during Wraith Form with increased damage
2 Loom Wraith Form instantly frightens all enemies in sight


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Fire Blast Fire Strike explodes every time it deals damage, igniting other enemies
2 Epicenter Earthshatter travels in all directions


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Stench Constantly deal poison damage to nearby enemies
2 Chainsnap Chain Hook damage is quadrupled; cooldown resets with eliminations


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Accretion Disk Accretion flies faster, deals more damage and stuns for much longer
2 String Theory Fire a blast when Kinetic Grasp ends, damage and radius scaling by the amount of shields collected

Soldier: 76

Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Triple Threat 2 secondary rockets are fired alongside Helix Rockets
2 Espionage Biotic Field revives allies faster and become harder to hit


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Stack Overflow Gain a temporary damage boost when exiting Stealth
2 Cyberattack Explode and hack nearby enemies when using Translocator


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Sentry Paragon Each Sentry Turret deals +50% more damage
2 Shield Generator Kills grant bonus damage and speed, and grants shields to all allies


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Heatwaves Unleash waves of fire when Overload or Molten Core is active
2 Foundry While holding Forge Hammer, move 40% faster and deal 40% more damage.


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Vortex Recall drags and roots nearby enemies to the activation point
2 Chain Reaction Pulse Bomb creates secondary explosions that can jump between enemies


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Baiser De Soie Scoped critical hits instantly kill enemies below 30% health and damage others nearby
2 Parting Gift Drop lines of bombs while Grappling Hook is active


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Next Generation Primal Rage damage is doubled and gives back 5% ultimate per strike
2 Quake Landing force of Jump Pack deals more damage and stuns enemies

Wrecking Ball

Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Orbital Strike Piledriver deals more damage the higher you drop
2 Distortion Adaptive Shields damages and electrocutes nearby enemies upon activation


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Combusta-Bubble Barriers explode when destroyed
2 Power Surge Personal barrier instantly grants energy upon use


Perk # Perk Name Info
1 Stress Relief Fully charged orb volleys deal 50% more damage
2 Perfect Balance Transcendence damages enemies in the area of effect

Modifications by LemonAid#11644, Original by Shingen#21859

Known Bugs

The following are bugs or issues that are still in the game. They will continue to be worked on.

Portal and HVT health won't be visible sometimes
Lifeweaver is not playable
Haste ability will not affect certain abilities
Bulletstorm perk cannot affect Junker Queen, Sojourn, Kiriko, Ramattra, and Lifeweaver
HUD text is very wonky
Cloakers will not initiate their charge attacks
Enemy Kiriko's may use their teleport sometimes even if stunned
Game crashes


This post utilizes other codes either in part or in full. This could be because they remixed them, used parts of them, were inspired by them, or other reasons.

Not on
Players | 1 - 5
Categories: Survival, PvE, Hero Adjustments
Heroes:, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Ramattra, and 32 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: v.3.4.6


Hold + Reload
Swap Heroes When In Between Rounds
Hold + Interact
Open Shop When In Between Rounds
Double Tap/Hold + Melee
Use Unlocked Active Ability
Hold +
Swap Heroes When In Between Rounds
Hold +
Open Shop When In Between Rounds
Double Tap/Hold +
Use Unlocked Active Ability
Hold +
Swap Heroes When In Between Rounds
Hold +
Open Shop When In Between Rounds
Double Tap/Hold +
Use Unlocked Active Ability
Hold +
Swap Heroes When In Between Rounds
Hold +
Open Shop When In Between Rounds
Double Tap/Hold +
Use Unlocked Active Ability
Hold +
Swap Heroes When In Between Rounds
Hold +
Open Shop When In Between Rounds
Double Tap/Hold +
Use Unlocked Active Ability

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