This edition of Heat Street PvE is a variation of the Talents edition. You can find the main code here:

Currently on version: 3.4.2

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Highlighted components are variations exclusive to this game mode
Heat Street Highways! Play other variations of Heat Street Talents that alter the game so greatly that they're made into their own arcade-esque type gamemode!

  • Refer to the original mode for more information. Anything from the original site not included on this page have received no changes.


Really the only main enemy that exists

Hero Name Effect
Crusader Is randomly a Tier 2, Tier 3, or Tier 4 enemy.
Non-boss Crusaders will not hold up barriers normally
Flying players receive 40% more damage
Crusaders can start using Earthshatter at Round 9
Health and damage is greatly reduced to compensate for the abundance of them

Boss Enemies

Boss enemies are the main threat of the game. They spawn every round and are significantly more powerful versions of enemies, with colossally increased damage, health, resistance and even certain modifications. They are always highlighted by a yellow outline and are incredibly resistant to stuns, electrocution and fear. Boss enemies will still follow the regular order of enemies and will not all be Crusaders.


Mutators are permanent game modifiers that alter the game by making it more challenging, allowing unique compositions and playstyles. A new Mutator is added every 2 rounds. Every 5 Mutators added, a Gamechanging Mutator will be added. These are much more powerful and potentially alter the entire pace of the game.

These are the following Mutators currently in game:

  • Amped: Enemies move faster
  • Tempered Steel: Crusaders are resistant to fear and electrocution as long as their armour is up
  • Advanced Medkit: Medics can revive tier 4 enemies and have a shorter revive cooldown
  • Berserk: Enemies below 50% health deal 25% more damage
  • Regeneration: Enemies slowly regenerate health
  • Deep Wounds: Health regeneration delay is doubled
  • Ultimate Defense: Crusaders will use barriers to block ultimates
  • Faint Winds: Enemies receive 30% less damage from flying players
  • Last Men Standing: The final enemies receive 30% less damage
  • Reinforcements: Enemy spawn rate is increased
  • EMP Rounds: Enemies deal double damage to barriers and objects
  • Lock 'n Load: Enemies can use additional abilities and have a higher clip size
  • The Calvary: Playmakers spawn and drop Pulse Bombs more frequently
  • Swan Song: Boss enemies continue fighting for 5 seconds before they die
  • Mutation: Some enemies spawn with increased strength and size
  • Bulletproof: Tier 2 enemies gain bonus overhealth
  • Third Degree Burn: Crusader Fire Strikes burn players and slow their movement speed
  • Heartburn: Healing while not in combat is reduced by 50%
  • Artful Dodger: Enemies can dodge attacks more often and frequently
  • Low Blow: Enemy knockback attacks double in damage and knockback
  • Adaptive Shield: (Gamechanging Mutator) Enemies below 50% health gain shields for every nearby player
  • Fortified: (Gamechanging Mutator) Enemies resist stuns, knockback and gain extra armour
  • Storm Raging: (Gamechanging Mutator) Some enemies are enraged, killing them spreads the rage
  • Creeps: (Gamechanging Mutator) Enemies violently explode upon death, explosion strength scales by tier
  • Sympathy Gains: (Gamechanging Mutator) Enemies heal themselves a small amount when they are about to die
  • Close Quarters: (Gamechanging Mutator) Enemies cannot be killed unless a player is nearby

Hero Notes:

Hero Effect
Roadhog Chain Hook cannot pull boss enemies or portals, and will instead stun them for 1s
Reinhardt Charge cannot affect boss enemies or portals, and will instead stun them for 1.2s and deal 150 damage
Mercy Resurrect can instantly revive a downed ally. This is instant and ignores walls
Sombra Stealth lasts for 20 seconds maximum. Detectable by enemies if too close or if enemy Infra-Sight is active
Widowmaker Infra-Sight slows the movement speed of all enemies by 50% while it is active
Genji Deflect damage is increased by 50%
Zenyatta Enemies attacking allies with the Harmony Orb will miss more often

Abilities & Perks

There are currently 6 types of purchaseable abilities in the game. Stats, Priorities, Passives, Actives, Perks and Talents.


Cheap and straightfoward buffs that increase the stats of the player.

  • +5% Health: ($500) Increase health by 5%
  • +5% Damage: ($500) Increase damage by 5%
  • +5% Healing: ($500) Increase healing by 5%


Priorities affect enemy behaviour towards you, making you either a higher priority target or a low priority target with buffs to compliment them. These are mutually exclusive and does not cost to swap Priorities.

  • Priority A: ($1200) Enemies are more likely to target you. Enemies targeting you deal 25% less damage and take 25% more damage.
  • Priority B: ($1200) Enemies are less likely to target you. Gain +20% damage and speed if you did not take damage in the last 3 seconds.
  • Priorty C: ($1200) Enemies are much less likely to target you. Allies in combat receive 40% more healing from you. Heal by 25% of all dealt healing.


Passive Abilities are always active and available throughout the game. They can be purchased twice to scale its effect.

  • Headhunter: ($800) Critical hits deal 30%/60% more damage.
  • Charged: ($700) Ultimates costs 15%/30% less.
  • Second Wind: ($1000) Instantly revive when downed. This can only happen every 90/60 seconds.
  • Antigens: ($600) Receive 20%/40% more healing. Gain a natural heal-over-time.
  • Haste: ($800) Your cooldowns refresh 25%/50 faster. Does not affect abilities with charges or resource meters.
  • Triage: ($700) Heal 25%/50% more health to allies under 50% health.
  • Quick Fix: ($700) Eliminations heal for 50/100 health and grant a 15%/30% speed boost.
  • Heavy Impact: ($1000) Every hit has a chance to stun enemies for 1s/2s.
  • Resilience: ($800) Receive 20% less damage. Deal 30%/60% more knockback and receive 30%/60% less from all sources.


Active Abilities are powerful abilities that activate upon double-tapping or holding down Melee. They are mutually exclusive and has no cost when swapping abilities.

  • Stim Fusion: ($1200) Instantly start health regeneration and gain +100% damage, +100% healing and +50% speed.
  • Cloak: ($1200) Turn invisible and freeze nearby enemies when you become visible again.
  • Combustion: ($1200) Instantly explode. Explosion damage and cooldown speed scales the lower your health.
  • Frenzy: ($1200) Become invincible and force enemies to target you.
  • Smoke Bomb: ($1200) Create a large smoke screen that makes enemies less accurate against allies in the smoke.
  • Resurgence: ($1200) Start healing for 300 health per second. If you're at full health, heal a nearby ally instead.
  • Tear Gas: ($1200) Launch a grenade that releases noxious lingering gas. Enemies inside the gas get stunned.
  • Chain Hack: ($1200) Hack and electrocute up to 4 enemies, hack duration getting shorter with each jump.


Perks are abilities that randomly cycle through the shop every wave, only available to by when they're in stock. Once unlocked, they're permanently unlocked unless refunded.

  • Mystery Swap: ($500) Periodically swap to a random hero with a free ultimate. Health, healing and damage is increased by 20%.
  • Bulletstorm: ($1000) Your weapon holds unlimited ammo.
  • Die Hard: ($700) Health generation delay is halved.
  • Brass Knuckles: ($700) Quick melee attacks will knock the enemy down and render you immune to the Cloaker's charge attack. This can only happen every 15s.
  • Vampiric: ($1000) Heal for 30% of all dealt damage.
  • Crash 'N Bash: ($700) Regenerate health when moving faster than 8 meters per second.
  • Golden Hour: ($1000) You revive twice as fast.
  • Supercharge: ($700) Healing allies slowly charges their ultimate.
  • Nemesis: ($800) Instantly revive whenever the enemy who killed you has died.
  • Spec Ops: ($600) Gain 75 armour and gain immunity to Crusader charge attacks.
  • Sharpshooter: ($900) Deal 50% more damage to enemies more than 20 meters away.
  • Shatterproof: ($700) Gain +15% speed and move through enemies. Gain resistance to Earthshatter attacks.

Modifications by LemonAid#11644, Original by Shingen#21859


This post utilizes other codes either in part or in full. This could be because they remixed them, used parts of them, were inspired by them, or other reasons.

Players | 1 - 5
Categories: Boss Mode, Survival, PvE
Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 27 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: a.3.4.2

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