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Welcome to Hack The Planet!

This game mode is a 4v4 death match lasting 4 minutes long where 2 teams take a turn on each side to compete for the most points! The game consists of two sides: Survivor and Hacker. Both have abilities, but have different objectives.

Goal Of Each Side
As a Survivor you prevent the Hackers from obtaining hacks using your weapons and abilities. Survivors have the opportunity to kill Hackers to gain points for their team. 1 kill is 1 point. Survivors are composed of several different characters with unique abilities.

The goal of a Hacker is to use their abilities to obtain hacks for their team. 1 hack is 1 point. You cannot hack enemies who are already hacked. Hackers have similar abilities and mechanics. Your gun does not damage enemies, it is only used to destroy enemy traps and barriers.

That's just the basics. Not all the information can be shared with the lmited character limit. For more information please view my document!

Players | 2 - 8
Categories: Team Deathmatch
Heroes: Roadhog, Sigma, Ashe, Cassidy, Doomfist, and 16 more...
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Last updated:
Current version: 2.4

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