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The sequel of a sequel to a... sequel?

Do these even count as sequels?

Taken from the FFA variant but put into a Team Deathmatch gamemode, changing up the game aspect into teamplay! The main difference of this edition vs. the FFA, is that the objectives have been removed, and has been simplified to the primary goal of being the team to earn the most kills. Many talents have been adjusted accordingly to integrate them into team play instead of individuality. Here is the FFA Variant.

Similar version by Bonkorn:

The Game

Fight in a 4v4 Team Deathmatch with 3 out of 5 selectable talents for each hero. Brawl it out in the map with varying talents for everybody, and the team coordination to help spice things up.
When selecting a hero, you will be brought to a screen where you will be able to select 3 out of 5 available talents. After you have made your selections, hold INTERACT (default key F) for 1.5 seconds to enter the game.
In order to win, the game follows the classic Team Deathmatch rules; first team to get the most set amount of kills wins the game.

Because this is a team game, while you're in the Talent Selection Screen, a button at the top left lets you cycle through your teammate's talents. Utilize this to coordinate your team's talents and combine them to maximize teamplay, or infiltrate through your enemy's plans!

Hero Talents

There are 5 selectable talents for each hero. So far, not all heroes have been added, and will be subjected to change in the future. If you do not choose 3 talents, you will not be able to entire the game.
Some heroes will have an additional 6th talent. This is due to how certain talents will tend to overlap, making one of the overlapping talents unusable. Instead, the overlapped talent is replaced by a 6th talent.


# Talent Name Info
1 Nano Bolster Nano Boost lasts twice as long and grants a bonus speed boost.
2 Malaise Biotic Grenade inflicts overtime damage and healing.
3 Still Got It Biotic Rifle shots deal more damage the further away the enemy is (150% damage at 50m max).
4 Airspring Boots Gain several leap charges that allow you to leap mid-air.
5 Disrespect T-Bag a sleeping enemy to plant an explosive on them, dealing large damage.


# Talent Name Info
1 Trigger Flares Using Coach Gun instantly damages all burning enemies in LOS.
2 Play With Fire Shooting a burning enemy ignites other enemies.
3 Service Bell B.O.B. costs 50% less ultimate charge.
4 Fiery Rage While burning, gain a large boost in damage, speed amd healing.
5 Viper Jaws The Viper fully reloads by reloading 2 bullets.


# Talent Name Info
1 Corrode Regenerative Burst inflicts poison to enemies in the area of effect.
2 Blasted Boots Fully charged Exo Boots damage enemies and heal allies upon landing.
3 Flinching Healing Bombs damage enemies around allies that are healed by it.
4 Reinforcements Instead of Immortality Field, launch a gadget that applies 50% damage resistance to allies.
5 Second Wind Regenerative Burst radius is larger and applies a bonus speed boost.


# Talent Name Info
1 Helicopter Hold Jump while in Sentry form to fly and start hovering, consuming a resource meter.
2 Bomblets Sentry Configuration bullets are explosive.
3 Tempered Steel Heavy Duty armour prevents you from falling under 1 HP.
4 Orbital Strike Instead of Tank Configuration, call in a powerful targetted blast from the sky.
5 Robust When at critical health, gain 25 armour for every nearby enemy.


# Talent Name Info
1 Endeavor When your barrier breaks, gain a boost in damage, speed and health for several seconds.
2 Lodestone Waves Shield Bash creates a slow-moving shockwave that damages and pushes enemies back.
3 Extra Chain Gain an additional charge for Whip Shot.
4 Hammer Throw Hold the Whip Shot button while using to grapple forwards.
5 Hope Inspire automatically triggers every 12 seconds.


# Talent Name Info
1 Headlock Double tap or hold melee to throw a homing grenade that follows your reticle.
2 Salvaged Bullets Primary fire shots will refund the bullet if they hit an enemy.
3 Smoke Bomb Flashbang creates a smokescreen that hids you when inside.
4 Kickdraw Combat Roll resets Flashbang's cooldown.
5 Clocked Refund 25% ultimate charge for every enemy hit by Deadye.


# Talent Name Info
1 Voltage Grid Defense Matrix damages and slows enemies it's casted on.
2 Shooting Star Boosters deal more damage and set enemies on fire.
3 BAD Self Destruct's explosion ignores barriers and walls.
4 Macro Missiles Dealing damage with Micro Missiles replenishes health and Defense Matrix resource.
5 Compressed Cutters Micro Missiles has a bonus set of lasers that deal additional damage.


# Talent Name Info
1 Phase Shifter Receive 75% less damage when using an ability.
2 Fissure Meteor Strike leaves a large mass of hot flames behind.
3 Momentum Cooldowns are reduced by 1sec.
4 Tremour Weaken and slow enemies with each ability strike.
5 Perfect Defense Damage cannot exceed your shields in one burst.


# Talent Name Info
1 Focusing Optics Focusing Beam bonus damage starts at 75% HP.
2 Streamline Fire more Sticky Bombs per burst.
3 Neural Net Teammates share your ultimate charge rate in Duplicate.
4 Spark Recoil At half health, unleash a massive pulse wave that slows and blinds enemies.
5 Air Support Start to regenerate health when airbourne.


# Talent Name Info
1 Venomous Strike Swift Strike inflicts bleed damage; heal for bleed damage.
2 Dragon's Breath Dragonblade fires powerful ranged charges with every swing.
3 Perfect Parry Deflected attacks deal double damage.
4 Lightning Fast Allow triple jumps and gain a speed boost after using an ability.
5 Assassinate Shurikens deal +80% more damage from behind.


# Talent Name Info
1 Stormbreak Storm Arrows create a thundercloud for each enemy hit.
2 Dragonhearted Fire 3 Dragonstrike bolts instead of 1.
3 Sojiro's Guidance Arrows that hit enemies detected by Sonic Arrow seek other detected enemies.
4 Firebolt Charging an arrow for +3s turns it into an explosive bolt of flames.
5 Punch II Arrows, lightning and spirit dragons inflict root and pushback.


# Talent Name Info
1 Hot Feet Landing from a Concussion Mine boost triggers an explosion.
2 Sticky Wicket Explosive attacks slow enemies down with tar.
3 Grenade Parade Instead of Steel Trap, drop a series of Total Mayhem grenades.
4 Cannonballs Gain more frags; attacks are heavier and deal 10% more damage.
5 Bombs Away Regain a Concussion Mine every time it hits an enemy.


# Talent Name Info
1 Reverse Amp Amp It Up inflicts the opposite effect of his currently played song to enemies.
2 Fortissimo Each enemy hit by Soundwave adds additional projectiles to the next Sonic Amplifier Volley.
3 Power Skating Soundwave's damage and knockback scales based on your forward speed.
4 Mashup Both songs play at once during Amp It Up.
5 Vivacissimo Instead of Sound Barrier, greatly boost all allies move speed and damage. Your cooldowns are also reduced during this.


# Talent Name Info
1 Cold Snap Chill all nearby enemies when Cryo-Freeze expires. Enemies too close will be frozen.
2 Hypothermia Blizzard instantly kills frozen enemies below 100 HP.
3 Snowball Effect Continue rolling during Cryo-Freeze, damaging enemies you roll past.
4 Glacial Glaze Instead of Ice Wall, spawn a frost nova that chills and freezes enemies.
5 Icebound Spraying ice at the ground will allow you to slide and move faster.


# Talent Name Info
1 Angel Wings Glide allows you to hover instead.
2 Sleeping Beauty The next melee attack will put the enemy to sleep before going on cooldown.
3 Angelic Blessing Healing an ally at full health boosts their damage and speed by 30%.
4 Holy Light Missiles During Valkyrie, periodically unleash missiles of light.
5 Huge Rez Resurrect channels faster and revives multiple allies at once.


# Talent Name Info
1 Distillation During Coalescence, surges of energy are fired down the beam.
2 Fatigue Automatically sap the health of a nearby enemy.
3 Thrive Automatically regenerate the health of a nearby ally.
4 Blurred Lines Fade is faster and allows free flight.
5 Deprivation Biotic Grasp can latch onto 3 enemies at once.


# Talent Name Info
1 Immovable Object Armour can absorb 50% more damage.
2 Unstoppable Force Halt! carries enemies as it flies, and explodes when triggered.
3 Repulsion Systems Instead of Supercharger, unleash many pulse waves that knock enemies away.
4 Conductive Nearby enemies are weakened and damaged during Fortify.
5 Power Surge Double-tapping melee launches a sword charge that disables attacks and shatters barriers.


# Talent Name Info
1 Head Trauma Concussive Blast damages enemies for 20% of their max HP.
2 Pressured Cannons Hover Jets are disabled; Rocket knockback is greatly incrased and self damage is disabled.
3 Bird's-Eye View Inflict 20% more damage and receive 20% less against enemies below you.
4 Ground Zero Instead of Concussive Blast, launch a rocket that locks onto an enemy near its flight.
5 Rocket Fuel Rockets fly 25% faster; Jump Jets damage nearby enemies.
6 Neva-Miss Targeting (Replaces Talent 1, only available if Ground Zero is selected) Ground Zero now automatically starts to seek when an enemy is in line of sight.


# Talent Name Info
1 Shadow Streak A beam is created from both Shadow Step points, greatly damaging and blinding enemies who cross it.
2 Soul Watching Nearby enemies can be seen through walls.
3 Shadelight Become almost invisible and gain freeflight during Wraith Form.
4 Metal Blossom Gain immunity to damage and extreme speed during Death Blossom.
5 Withering Roses Create 2 swirling energy waves that damage and slow enemies.
6 Creepy Harvest (Replaces Talent 1, only available if Withering Roses is selected) Build up a damage boost as Withering Roses hurt enemies.


# Talent Name Info
1 Crusade Use M1/M2 to boost left/right, and Charge can pin multiple enemies at once.
2 Fire Blast Fire Strike explodes as it deals damage, igniting other enemies nearby.
3 Epicenter Earthshatter travels in all directions.
4 Amplification Field Allies shooting from behind your barrier deal 50% more damage.
5 Overhead Smash Every other Rocket Hammer strike deals more damage, speeds up cooldowns and heals health.


# Talent Name Info
1 Stench Nearby enemies take damage, size and damge scaling when using Take A Breather.
2 Rusted Anchor Hold the Chain Hook button while hooking to pull yourself to the enemy instead.
3 Stored Fat Using Take A Breather at full HP overheals into temporary armour.
4 Gluttony You cannot fall under 1 HP unless an enemy is nearby.
5 Juggernaut Use Take A Breather while CC'd to cleanse them and gain a short invincibility.


# Talent Name Info
1 High Density Nearby enemies are slowed and gain greatly increased gravity.
2 String Theory Kinetic Grasp pulls enemies towards you, then launches them away.
3 Accretion Disc Accretion flies straight and its strength scales by distance travelled.
4 Gravity Harness Kinetic Grasp damages and slows all recently damaged enemies.
5 Orbit Holding JUMP while airbourne allows you to hover.

Soldier: 76

# Talent Name Info
1 Athleticism After sprinting for 2.5s, reload your weapon and run 40% faster.
2 Shoulder Check Sprinting into an enemy will knock them down before going on cooldown.
3 Airdrop Biotic Field can be deployed at a distance and will damage enemies.
4 Live Rockets Helix Rockets burn enemies, and explode in a larger area if they don't hit anything.
5 Field Superiority Nearby allies receive 40% less damage (has no effect on self).


# Talent Name Info
1 G̵̱̥͚͇̗̙͓̍̋̀͑͂̒̐̓̃̚l̴̛̲̥̣̤͎̭͈̮̣͈̂͛̓̌͂͜ì̵̖̖̖͚̦͍̪͇̘̮̮̀̏̑̈͆́͋̄̄̆ţ̵̧̹̞̭̰̻̯̥̫̄̄͒c̴̠̾͋͑̽̕ḥ̷̊̈́͑͝ ̸̛͔͙͎̿̾͌͒̈́̕͜͠I̴̧̡̛̗̖̬̘͍̾͛̿̉͆̏n̴͓͕̼͛͗̒̋̌͋̀͑̇͌̄̆̀̈́ ̵̜̫̝̘̲̪̮̤̙̤͎̣͌̀́͑̔̉̈͑̐͒̂͂̕͝͝T̴̫̙͎̞͊̃̚̚͝h̵̢͇̱̼̯̻͎̬̦͚̙͈̋̂̓͑͒̊̓͛̈́͗̕ͅe̶̪̝̫̱̋̈́̎̈́̂ ̵̧̺̙̙͂̊̈́M̴̡̡͈̗͙̣̺̹͍͍͍̉̚͝ā̸̧̧̗̫̥̼̙͕̃̀̋̓͝t̴̛̅́̇͗̀̈́̉̒͝͝ͅṟ̷̣̲͖͚̇̄̒́̒͌̉̆͑̍̄̾̽͘̕i̸͖̟̻͓͆̎͋̋x̷̛̠̱̊͆̈́̿̉͝ EMP leaves a large lingering hackzone behind.
2 Buffer Regenerate health while in Stealth, and decloak duration is instant.
3 Syphon Funding Successful hacks grant a speed boost, +10% ultimate and healing.
4 Firewall When at critical health, activate a firewall that shields you from damage for a short duration.
5 Data Breach When Translocating, explode and hack nearby enemies. This will not work while stealthed.


# Talent Name Info
1 Shield Generator Instead of a Teleporter, create a Shield Generator that grants shields to allies inside. Decays over time; decays faster if enemies are standing on it.
2 High Voltage Each Sentry Turret deals 25% more damage.
3 Shock Instead of Sentry Turrets, launch a long-ranged lightning bolt.
4 Refraction Photon Projector's beam ramp has been increased by 1 level.
5 Energize Killing blows boost speed, damage, resistance and enhance abilities.
6 Jouncing Jolts (Replaces Talent 2, only available if Shock is selected) Shock bolts jump to enemies who are not in your line of sight.


# Talent Name Info
1 Foundry Forge Hammer deals 70% more damage and briefly slows players.
2 Heatwave Unleash powerful flame bursts when using Overload or Molten Core.
3 Melting Point During Overload, your Turret deals 50% more damage.
4 Scrap Shields Gain extra shields that replenish once depleted and out of combat for 5 seconds.
5 Dual Embers Instead of a turret, launch 2 fire charges forward that explode and burn enemies on impact.
6 Melting Point (Replaces Talent 3, only available if Dual Embers is selected) Fire damage from Dual Embers is doubled.


# Talent Name Info
1 Vortex Enemies are pulled to the activation point of Recall and snared.
2 Chain Reaction Pulse Bomb creates chain explosions on other enemies who get hit by them.
3 Flash Blinking through enemies will damage them.
4 Adaptive Reload Using an ability will instantly reload Pulse Pistols.
5 Time Lapse Automatically gain +1 Blink charge every 5 seconds; capped at 6.


# Talent Name Info
1 Très Toxique Enemies infected by Venom Mine are slowed and spread the effect to others nearby.
2 Baiser De Soie Scoped shots deal +25% more damage.
3 Aurora Scoped critical hits bounce from enemy to enemy at 75% damage.
4 Plague Venom Mine is now a straight projectile that explodes on impact, also blinding enemies.
5 My Parlour Receive 15% less damage for every enemy in your line of sight.


# Talent Name Info
1 Next Generation Each Primal Rage strike adds +5% charge to the next ultimate.
2 Grand Slam Use your barrier hotkey during Primal Rage to leap and slam into the ground, tremouring enemies.
3 Ballistic Barrier Barrier Projector damages enemies in its radius, and explodes when expired.
4 Quake Jump Pack landing force deals more damage and stuns enemies.
5 Amped Eliminations grant you +25% damage bonus, and can stack up to +100%.

Wrecking Ball

# Talent Name Info
1 Mirror Ball Reflect 50% of received damage during Adaptive Shields.
2 Billiards Rolling into enemies consecutively build up by 25% per hit.
3 Crash Landing 3 adjacent grenades fall around you when using Piledriver.
4 Eruption Adaptive Shields send lava flares to surrounding enemies, creating a fire pool underneath each.
5 Extension Cable Grappling Claw has 3 charges.


# Talent Name Info
1 Augmentation Player health, barrier health and barrier size is increased by 25%.
2 Plasmathrower A reticle-seeking blast is periodically fired alongside Particle Beam.
3 Particle Engine Particle Barrier temporarily boosts Particle Beam range and damage.
4 Pop Barriers explode when they expire.
5 Surface Tension Particle Barrier and Projectile Barrier grants mini barriers to nearby allies.


# Talent Name Info
1 Vigor When shields break, immediately start regenerating them at an increased rate.
2 Heavy Discordance Double-tap or hold Melee to spawn a mega Discord Orb, applying the effect to enemies around it.
3 Spirit Link Orb of Harmony instantly heals 45% of missing health every time it's applied.
4 Spirit Salvo Fully charged Orb Volleys unleash additional projectiles.
5 Perfect Balance Transcendence damages enemies in the area of effect.


This post utilizes other codes either in part or in full. This could be because they remixed them, used parts of them, were inspired by them, or other reasons.

Players | 1 - 8
Heroes:, Doomfist, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, and 27 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.9

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