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Overwatch 2 PvE Talents Fight

Paladins-like gamemode, fight with talents from both Overwatch 2 PvE and unofficial ideas.

Keep in mind talents are modified or not available for balancing reasons & due to workshop limitation.

Full Team Deathmatch Version:


While You Wait Version:

→ NAV43

Talents Overview:

Flash Beta Gameplay:

Details about heroes and changes (as of 19/11/29):


  • Flash: Blinking through enemies damages and slows them down.
  • Chain Reaction: Pulse Bomb causes secondary explosions on enemies that are damaged by it.
  • Vortex: Enemies are pulled toward the point of Recall and snared, becomes slowed down after.


  • Fire Burst: Fire Strike explodes every time it deals damage, lighting nearby enemies on fire.
  • Epicenter: Earthshatter deal more damage and travels in all directions.
  • Amplification Field: Nearby allies deal twice more damage when Barrier is deployed.


  • Cold Snap: When Cryo-Freeze ends, nearby enemies are instantly frozen.
  • Snowball Effect: Continue to move after using Cryo-Freeze, rolling, knocking down enemies.
  • Frostbite: Frozen enemies take twice more damage (including from allies).


  • Healing Wave: Soundwave heals allies for 30% of their maximum health.
  • Mashup: Both songs play and healing increased when using Amp It Up.
  • Power Skating: Soundwave's damage significantly increased based on your movement speed. A damage indicator will be displayed.


  • Shockwave: Enemies are stunned when damaged by Jump Pack landing.
  • Berserk: While using Primal Rage, you deal twice more damage.
  • Electricity Field: Enemies continuously taking damage within Barrier Projector.


  • Angelic Ascent: When using Guardian Angel close to an ally, you ascent to a higher attitude.
  • Huge Rez: Resurrect revives all dead allies instantly within 15 meters radius.
  • Weakening: While using Valkyrie, all enemies' deal less damage and take more damage.


  • Venomous Strike: Swift Strike causes enemies to lose their health over time.
  • Dragon's Breath: While using Dragonblade, your slashes create a large, piercing projectile.
  • Assassinate: You deal twice more damage behind the enemy.

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