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It's not coming, so why wait?

Even after Blizzconline, it is not confirmed when Overwatch 2 is coming. Being able to customize your hero kit is gonna have to be delayed.

But why wait?

Introducing Overwatch 2 as a Free-For-All game, 8 players max. Out of 5 unique talents for each hero, you can select up to 3 to play with at once (this can be changed in the settings). That's a total of 160 unique talents and 320 different combinations! Brawl it out in the map with varying talents for everybody, and different objectives that help spice up the gameplay.

When selecting a hero, you will be brought to a screen where you will be able to select 3 out of 5 available talents. After you have made your selections, hold INTERACT (default key F) for 1.5 seconds to enter the game.

Why not bother playing around with insane character customization? Brawl in chaos and server-crashing potential abilities and talents against other players and different objectives, forcing you to be pissed and cry and rage in one way or another. Experience toxicity, imbalance and playing against players who abuse their talents too much or have no idea what they're doing. Literally everything in a gamemode happens here in OW2FFA!

How To Play

Simple FFA! Choose your hero and customize them by selecting 3 out of 5 different talents. Health is greatly increased for all heroes to increase Time To Kill as everything deals so much damage.
Killing blows earn 3 points. Eliminations earn 1 point. Killing an enemy with more points than you will steal 1 extra point.


To win, you must be the first player to reach 100 points. Simple as that. However, to spice things up, every so often, a new objective will be active for all players. These objectives will allow you to win additional points, and will last for several minutes before another objective will be active.
The available objectives are:

  • Vanquish
    • Similar to Bounty Hunter, a priority target will be marked to everybody. Successfully landing the killing blow on the priority target will make you the priority target. Landing kills as the priority target grants 3 points instead of 1.
    • If there is no priority target available, then the next player who lands a kill will be the priority. Self kills will remove the priority status from you. Not killing anything for 45 seconds will also remove the priority.

  • Leading Light
    • A large aura of light will start to slowly phase around the map, granting all players inside 1 point every 6 seconds, ignoring line of sight.
    • A beam will indicate the path of the light aura. The movement of the aura is randomized.

  • Bedlam
    • All players gain +5% ultimate charge every 2s. Ultimate-based talents are heavily recommended to use. This is definitely a good idea!
    • There are no extra mechanics for gaining points in this objective.

  • Bounty Hunt
    • Each player has a different target highlighted to them that they need to kill
    • Upon eliminating (killing blow is not required) the target, players will receive another random bounty and gain 15% ultimate charge

Note: It is recommended to start the game for the best possible experience! While you can have it waiting for players, the game will just be in a skirmish state and objectives will not grant points. There is a voting system to start the game if enough players would like to play.


Aforementioned before, each hero has 5 different hero talents, and are able to select 3 maximum to help them fight. If you do not choose 3 talents, you will not able to enter the game.


# Talent Name Info
1 Nano Bolster Nano Boost lasts 2.5x longer and grants a bonus speed boost.
2 Multinade Throw multiple Biotic Grenades instead of 1.
3 Still Got It Biotic Rifle shots deal more damage the further away the enemy is (200% damage at 50m max).
4 Airspring Boots Gain several leap charges that allow you to leap mid-air.
5 Disrespect T-Bag a sleeping enemy to plant an explosive on them, dealing large damage.


# Talent Name Info
1 Play With Fire Shooting a burning enemy forces them to explode and ignite others.
2 Sharpshooter All attacks deal 30% more damage from more than 20m away.
3 Viper Jaws Reloading 2 bullets refills the entire magazine.
4 Black Gunpowder Coach Gun burns enemies, then instantly damages all visible burning enemies.
5 Coiled Snake Consecutive rifle shots continuously rack up in damage.


# Talent Name Info
B Bio-Bombs Secondary fire can be used as a ranged explosive attack.
1 Combat Stim Immortality Field boosts primary attack speed and resistance while under the effect.
2 Corrosive Burst Regenerative Burst inflicts poison damage to surrounding enemies.
3 Second Wind Regenerative Burst lasts 40% longer and grants a speed boost.
4 Double Dose Bio-Bombs explode twice and have infinite ammo.
5 Cloud 9 Hold JUMP after fully charged Exo-Boots to fall slower.


# Talent Name Info
B Band-Aid Repair Packs can be used to instantly heal 25 HP.
1 Endeavor When your barrier breaks, gain a boost in damage, speed and health for several seconds.
2 Whiplash Whip Shot generates a slowing shockwave at its endpoint.
3 Extra Chain Gain an additional charge for Whip Shot.
4 Anchor Shot Hold the Whip Shot button while activating to launch forward.
5 Concussion Wave Shield bash range, knockback and damage is increased, and slows enemies.


# Talent Name Info
1 Flashpoint Flashbang explodes into expanding slowing clusters.
2 Salvaged Bullets Primary fire shots will refund the bullet if they hit an enemy.
3 Smoke Bomb Flashbang creates a smokescreen that hids you when inside.
4 Kickdraw Combat Roll goes further and halves Flashbang cooldown.
5 Standoff Deadeye increases speed, defense and greatly slows all visible enemies in sight.


# Talent Name Info
1 Voltage Grid Defense Matrix damages and slows enemies it's casted on.
2 Shooting Star Boosters deal more damage and set enemies on fire.
3 Zero Explode when mech is destroyed. Increased damage and speed in Pilot Form.
4 Macro Missiles Dealing damage with Micro Missiles replenishes health and Defense Matrix resource.
5 Compressed Cutters Micro Missiles has a bonus set of lasers that deal additional damage.


# Talent Name Info
1 Focusing Optics Focusing Beam bonus damage starts at 75% HP. Heal for Focusing Beam damage.
2 Under My Wing Using Flight sends 2 wingblades that seek and slow enemies.
3 Adaptive Mainframe Gain 10% damage, and -1s on Sticky Bombs and Focusing Beam while above 50% HP. Gain 15% speed, resistance and -2s on Flight when below 50% HP.
4 Spark Recoil Tri-Shot critical hits add more bombs to the next Sticky Bombs attack.
5 Air Support Start to regenerate health when gliding.


# Talent Name Info
1 Venomous Strike Swift Strike inflicts bleed damage; heal for bleed damage.
2 Dragon's Breath Dragonblade fires powerful ranged charges with every swing.
3 Perfect Parry Deflected attacks deal double damage.
4 Lightning Fast Allow triple jumps and gain a speed boost after using an ability.
5 Assassinate Shurikens deal +75% more damage from behind and heal for dealt damage.


# Talent Name Info
1 Stormbreak Each Storm Arrow spawns a cloud of thunder that zaps bolts of lightning (1 cloud per player).
2 Dragonheart Fire 3 Dragonstrike bolts instead of 1.
3 Sojiro's Guidance Sonic Arrow shoots a bolt at enemies in its detection range.
4 Firebolt Charging an arrow for +3sec will supercharge it and turn it into an explosive bolt.
5 Punch II Attacks inflict pushback that scales through damage.


# Talent Name Info
B == Much More Mayhem== Deal 50% more damage to barriers and objects. Drop more bombs on death.
1 Incendiary Frag Launcher deals fire damage.
2 Satchel Charge Regain 1 Concussion Mine every time it deals damage.
3 Hot Feet Landing from a Concussion Mine boost sets off an explosion.
4 Winner Takes All Heal health and explode with every Concussion Mine detonation.
5 Cannonballs Increased clip size and damage. Frags bounce and fly further and faster.


# Talent Name Info
1 Reverse Amp Amp It Up inflicts the opposite effect of his currently played song to enemies.
2 Fortissimo Each enemy hit by Soundwave adds additional projectiles to the next Sonic Amplifier Volley.
3 Power Skating Soundwave's damage and knockback scales based on your forward speed.
4 Mashup Both songs play at once and are more effective.
5 Wave Riding Use Soundwave downwards to boost upwards with bonus speed.


# Talent Name Info
1 Cold Snap Chill all nearby enemies when Cryo-Freeze expires. Enemies too close will be frozen.
2 Sublimation Hitting 4 icicle shots adds a freezing snowball to the next attack.
3 Snowball Effect Continue rolling during Cryo-Freeze, damaging enemies you roll past.
4 Avalanche Hitting icicle on a frozen or chilled enemy will create a falling ice nova.
5 Sheer Cold Icicles chill and shed 10% of enemy health of non-frozen enemies.


# Talent Name Info
B Guardian Angel Use to gain a sudden horizontal boost.
B Resurrect Use when dead to resurrect on the spot.
1 Winged Guardian Gain 1s of controlled flight after using Guardian Angel.
2 Phoenix Feathers Pistol strength gradually increases while gliding.
3 Halo Gain a second chance when hit with a fatal attack.
4 Guiding Light Use Damage Boost beam to fire a seeking light attack.
5 Holy Beacon Gain increased ammo and resurrect faster with a holy explosion.


# Talent Name Info
1 Catalyst
2 Mitosis Each Biotic Orb is followed up by the opposite.
3 Volatile Flask Press primary to launch an explosive flask that cripples enemies.
4 Loom Fade is faster and damages enemies.
5 Covalent Bond Biotic Orbs don't move but inflict much more damage and healing.


# Talent Name Info
1 Head Trauma Concussive Blast damages enemies for 15% of their max HP.
2 Air Flares Block up to 50 damage every time Jump Jet is used.
3 Bird's-Eye View Take 25% less and deal 25% more damage against enemies below you.
4 Weaponized Storm The last rocket in the clip is faster and creates mini-explosions.
5 Ground Zero Hold Crouch while airbourned to aim a powerful ground pound attack.


# Talent Name Info
1 Breath Of Hades Swing a leeching scythe when using an ability; Damage nearby enemies when in Wraith Form.
2 Soul Watching You can see nearby enemies through walls. Crouch speed increased.
3 Wrathful Wraith Shooting is enabled in Wraith Form with decreased damage.
4 Jumpscare Explode and cripple nearby enemies when an ability ends.
5 Sinister Smite Double-tap melee to throw blinding grenades that are gained through damage.


# Talent Name Info
1 Crusade Use M1/M2 to boost left/right, and Charge can pin multiple enemies at once.
2 Fire Blast Fire Strike explodes as it deals damage, igniting other enemies nearby.
3 Epicenter Earthshatter travels in all directions. Resistant to damage and stuns when armour is up.
4 Electric Fence Move faster while holding your barrier and repel enemies away from it
5 Frenzy Every other Rocket Hammer strike deals increased damage and reduces cooldowns.


# Talent Name Info
1 Rusted Anchor Hold the button down when hooking an enemy to drag yourself towards them instead. Kills reset its cooldown.
2 Stench Inflict poison damage to nearby enemies; size scales during Take A Breather.
3 Stored Fat Take A Breather can overheal into bonus armour when at full HP.
4 Gluttony You cannot fall below 1HP unless an enemy is nearby.
5 Juggernaut Stuns and knockbacks are less effective.


# Talent Name Info
1 Newton's Limits Enemies nearby are slowed and have high gravity.
2 Inertia Influx Kinetic Grasp fires a vortex that pulls enemies in when it ends.
3 Accretion Disk Accretion flies straight, and strength and stun scales through distance travelled.
4 Stellar Collapse Direct Accretion hit creates an unstable high-gravity zone.
5 Orbit Gain increased projectile speed and the ability to hover.

Soldier: 76

# Talent Name Info
1 Shoulder Check After sprinting for 1.5s, reload your weapon and knock an enemy down.
2 Guerilla Warfare Press Crouch to slide while sprinting and deal 30% more damage when crouched.
3 Airdrop Biotic Field can be deployed at a distance and will damage enemies.
4 Rocket Assault Rifle Spend 6 ammo to fire slightly weaker Helix Rockets when off cooldown.
5 Spec Ops Critical hits deal 25% more damage. Fire 2 mini-rockets with Helix Rockets


# Talent Name Info
1 Light Destabilizers Instead of Sentries, hold and launch slowing charges.
2 Reflection Break reality when teleporting, exploding and turning into an apparition.
3 Diffraction Fully charged photon blasts unleashes an additional lightning bolt.
4 Refraction Photon projector beam attack is increased by one level.
5 Business Resilience Gain extra shields and unlimited ammo.


# Talent Name Info
1 Foundry Forge Hammer deals 40% more damage and run 40% faster when holding it.
2 Metal Saw A burning spinning blade surrounds you during Overload.
3 Melting Point Equip a Jetpack.
4 Scrap Shields Gain 50 unhealable armour that replenishes every 10s.
5 Surgical Strike Instead of a turret, launch a fiery sprig that sticks and slows enemies.


# Talent Name Info
1 Vortex Enemies are pulled to the activation point of Recall and snared.
2 Chain Reaction Pulse Bomb creates chain explosions on other enemies who get hit by them. Quick melees are more powerful.
3 Flash Blinking through enemies will damage them.
4 Adaptive Reload Using an ability will instantly reload Pulse Pistols.
5 Time Lapse Automatically gain +1 Blink charge every 5 seconds; capped at 6.


# Talent Name Info
1 Baiser De Soie Scoped shots inflict poison and reveals enemies hit.
2 Felt More Alive Gain smoother aerial scoping and increased aerial scoped damage by 40%.
3 Infestation Fully charged scoped shots will bounce from enemy to enemy.
4 Très Toxique Venom Mine is now an explosive projectile, inflicting blind, slow and spreading between enemies.
5 My Parlour Gain a second hook charge and receive 15% less damage and deal 15% more for every visible enemy.


# Talent Name Info
B Thunderbolt Hold secondary to charge up an explosive lightning attack.
1 Next Generation All damage during Primal Rage adds 5% charge to the next use.
2 Golden Coils Thunderbolt charges faster and direct hits zap twice.
3 Ballistic Barrier Barrier Projector damages enemies in its radius, and explodes when expired.
4 Quake Jump Pack landing force deals more damage and slows enemies.
5 Lightning Arrestor Fully charged direct Thunderbolt hits boost its damage by 25% up to 4 times.

Wrecking Ball

# Talent Name Info
1 Mirror Ball Reflect 50% of taken Adaptive Shield damage. Radius increased by 25%
2 Billiards Consecutive roll strikes add 25 more damage per hit.
3 Crash Landinig Piledriver spawns 3 falling stars around you when used.
4 Magma Flares Adaptive Shields creates a pool of flames underneath each enemy nearby.
5 Extension Cable Grappling Claw has 3 charges.


# Talent Name Info
B Gravity Grenade Fire a charge that locks enemies in zero gravity and slams them down.
1 Combusta-Bubble Particle Barrier regenerates health and explodes when it expires.
2 Weightless Structure Bubbles and particle bombs lower gravity and increase speed.
3 Feel The Force Gravity Grenade slam effect deals damage and slows for longer.
4 Plasmathrower Periodically fire reticle-targetting energy bolts alongside Particle Beam.
5 Voltage Surge Particle Barrier greatly boosts attack range and damage for a period of time.


# Talent Name Info
B Snap Kick Quick Melee deals 50% more damage and deals knockback
B Perfect Balance Transcendence deals damage and applies anti-heal.
1 Heavy Discordance Use Harmony Orb to spawn a Mega-Discord Orb that affects enemies in sight.
2 Wall Kick Use Melee against walls to kick off of them.
3 Grudge Discord Orb automatically fires shadow missiles at enemies while inactive.
4 Salvation Shields trigger an automatic regeneration and damage boost when broken.
5 Spirit Salvo Fully charged Orb Volleys fire additional projectiles.

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Players | 1 - 8
Heroes: D.va, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, Winston, and 23 more...
Created at:
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Current version: 3.3.1

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