Murder AmongUs

This is a rapid-fire hybrid of Among Us and Murder Mystery made for the ELO Hell Jam

A group of Widowmakers are trying to stay alive in the Chateau, but one of them is secretly a Sombra trying to kill the rest.

All players lose health at a steady rate and must play around healthpacks to stay alive.
If players group up their health drains faster.
Melee is one-hit-kill, but if a Widow punches another innocent Widow the attacker dies.

Each round is 90 seconds, any surviving Widows gain 2 points; Players respawn at the end of the round.



  • Primary Fire / Melee: Melee
  • Ability 1: Grapple


  • Primary Fire: Melee
  • Secondary Fire: Hack
  • Ability 1: Grapple
  • Ability 2: Translocate
  • Interact: Destroy Translocator
  • Reload: Wave (as Widowmaker)
  • Melee: Melee (as Sombra)

Hacking players prevents them from using Melee attacks and slows them by 10%
Players are invulnerable for a few seconds after spawning

Defaults to Chateau Halloween, can be used on any map; Deathmatch maps recommended.
Workshop Settings allow for other heroes, but these have not been tested yet.

Players | 2 - 11
Categories: Minigames
Heroes: Sombra, Widowmaker
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