Rock, Paper, Sigma

All players are Sigma, and all combat is based on Rock Paper Scissors!

Use Primary Fire, Ability 1, or Ability 2 to queue up that ability.

Melee an enemy to 1v1 them - both your abilities are unleashed after 3 seconds, the winner survives:
Spheres beat Rock, Rock beats Grasp, Grasp beats Spheres - Dupes doesn't kill, it just stuns both players.

You can see your enemy's queued up action, so go for mind games.

The mode also has movement changes for Sigma: Hold jump to float, hold crouch to fast fall, hold secondary fire to float. Melee blasts you forward a short way.

Designed for DM but works in any mode; try Elimination for a tourney or Control/CTF for madness.

For the March 2021 ELO Workshop Jam; Every action has a reaction.

Categories: Minigames
Heroes: Sigma
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Last updated:
Current version: 0.9



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